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Not even 24 hours in--Hell, no even 12 hours after the FCC vote to repeal Net Neutrality, I hear the news that the attorney general of New York City is launching a multi-lawsuit against FCC chairman and public enemy Numero Un; Ajit Pai, for disobeying his direct order to postpone the vote until the fake comment investation was settled.

I looked at that and went "...IT BEEEEEEEEGIIIIIIIIIIINS!!!"
So the FCC vote to repeal Net Neutrality has come and gone and the FCC is now working to repeal N.N. and we won't see the result of that as early as January of 2018. And while some are still discouraged by these events, I and some actually qualified legal experts are still convinced that this vote was just the easy part and getting it through court will be wildly difficult at best or impossible at worse for the FCC chairman; Ajit Pai.

And part of the reason why I think it'll be diffiicult for Pai is because he hasn't made his case once in the entirety of the 2 weeks he's been doing this.

I've said this before and I'll say it again: Pai has done nothing but lie to the public and be incredibly condescending about other people's concerns about freedom or speech. While at the same time, trying to paint himself as a nice and relatable person. And the biggest example of that came just a day before the vote. Pai did an online video called "7 Things you can still do after I basically kill the internet", or something along those lines. And the video consists of Pai making fun of Americans, claiming that all we care about is being able to take pictures of our food, watch videos, take cute puppy videos and do the Harlem Shake.

No, I am not kidding. An elective official used the term "Harlem Shake" to relate to other people. Look, say what you want about Clinton dabbing on the Ellen Show, but at least Dabbing was still a thing when she did it! :facepalm:

But, like all of his attempts to get people to like him, this may lead to something that'll backfire horribly in the future. For one thing, he doesn't address any of the actual concerns that people have regarding blocking people's free speech or charging money for things people use on the daily like email and social media. Because of course he didn't. If Pai had any evidence to what he was saying, he would've said it at this point. The closest thing he has to an argument is claiming that ISPs won't screw us over if they repeal N.N. (something everyone knows he's saying while crossing his fingers behind his back) and claiming how they never did anything like that before, which is just another lie.

To paraphrase 
Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw: if Pai really wants to win this fight, he needs to stop regarding his opponents with such giggling contempt. And as he keeps lying and resulting to memes so old that they existed before the word "meme" meant what it means today, contempt is this guy's standard. And it will lead to his downfall.

The other thing that harms Pai's case with this video is the fact that one of the people in the background of his video was a woman known for the Pizzagate Conspiracy Theory. Because of course she is: most of Trump's best men are people who associate themselves with white supremacists, 
bigots, racists, nazis and Conspiracy Theorists.

Going back to that friend of mine from college: she pointed out that a lot of Trump's lackeys are people who looked at the fact that he got into the Oval Office and think that's a sign that anyone can be a politician and be in charge of any part of the government and screw it over for the rich and get away with it, and that using the alt-right to fuel your progress is a smart idea. When in reality, Trump got elected because his opponent was someone that a lot of people in the country hated for no good reason and a lot of people voted against her or for Trump as a sign of protest.

That mentality of thinking already backfired for the woman in charge of the Department of Education who is likely a high school dropout, the man in charge of the Department of Energy whose competence has been in question, and the fact that the Republicans tried to push a bill to cut taxes for the rich, but pulled out the numbers of how much it'll provide for people out of their asses, and even pushed it out with the kind of speed I do when I realize I have a multi-paged essay due in exactly 3 hours. And was graded just as well. :roll:

What I'm saying is, what Pai did here could be the start of his version of that scenario. This could be the beginning of his downfall.

The only other things I can say regarding the vote is the fact that the livestream the vote took place in was interrupted at that point to raise security (Which, to me, seems like someone tried to resort to drastic measures :B) and the fact that after the 2 female commissioners tried to make their case regarding the vote, a lot of people described Pai and his lackeys' reaction as laughing and saying "Women, am I right, fellas?".

All in all, there really isn't that much to say at this point. And no, it's not because this is over. People are still fighting against this, there are still congressmen who hate Pai and and Maloney's bill is still going through the works. Like I said to a good friend of mine last night, nothing in the government happens overnight. and like one of the FCC commissioners said; the FCC itself doesn't have the final word with what happens with the internet. Which should be kinda obvious, because if they did, they would've gutted the internet back in the summer. :hmm:

The real reason why I don't have anything else to say on the manner is because this is a "Wait and See" scenario. The only way we can find out what happens next is exactly when it happens. And like I, and every other actual legal professional has said over and over again, nothing happens over night. By the time these rules get into court, it'll be 2018. And when that does happen, Pai will be against all of the enemies he's made in just 2 months, which include the protesters, big budget internet companies, his own members of the FCC and congress. Which, again, isn't gonna be easy for him.

So, all I can say at this point is that I'll keep my eyes open on the news and continue to let you guys know what happens when it happens. I know that sounds like a B.S. answer, but the only way I can know for sure what would happen is if I had a crystal ball, a time machine, a way of communicating with Miss Martian or some other 4th option that allows me to see the future before it happens.

I don't know, you don't know, not even Pai knows how this repeal is actually going to effect the world until it goes into effect. All we can do is fight forward, continue calling congress and prepare ourselves.

I will end with this: remember how I keep saying that this N.N. repeal would lead to Pai's downfall? That might be true for the entire republican party. A lot of people are putting this along with ever other screw up that Trump has done could be the perfect path for any democratic elective, even Hilary "Pokemon Go To The Polls!" Clinton to win in a landslide. Simply with the tagline, "Vote for me because I didn't screw up the country".

Until then, keep fighting for the internet and keep calling your local congressmen. Pai may have won this battle, but he hasn't won the war.
Not only is the FCC vote to kill Net Neutrality still happening, but it's happening live on a video stream.

Come see for yourself:
With the last 24 hours to the FCC's net neutrality repeal vote counting down by the second, the number of people against are constantly counting up. Leaving to a scenario where FCC chairman; Ajit Pai, is up against congressmen, senators, big time internet companies, the investors of the internet itself, the president of the internet itself, Anonymous, hackers, death threat makers, his own board members and the thousands upon thousands of people that have been against the idea of repealing Net Neutrality. Because without Net Neutrality, internet and cable companies can basically do whatever the hell they want with our information and internet freedom.

And despite all of that, Pai is still hellbent on getting the vote tomorrow. Thinking that this'll be the time he finally gets away with it.

Now, I've said before that Pai can go on with the vote as much as he wants and it won't change the fact that he'll have to push this through court. And at this point, it's not going to be easy for him. Firstly because several attorney generals, especially the one from New York, have urged the FCC to delay the vote so that they can look into the 2 million-ish fake comments submitted onto their site. Along with several republican senators and congressmen, adding more names to the list of "People you'd think would be on Pai's side, but aren't because he's that much of a prick". And like I said before: if Pai thinks that disregarding their demands is good idea, he must also think the best way to put out a fire is with a flame thrower.

Also, thousands of protesters and internet companies have gone out and said that if the FCC keeps this shit up, they'll happily sue their asses in court. Which is a scenario that isn't good for anyone's ass. And since Pai is a person who likes to say direct lies to people without bothering to back it up, he doesn't have a good lead in the race.

I've also heard that Anonymous: that wicked scary protest group. They've gone out and said that if Pai goes through with this vote, he'll suffer the consequences. Now, here's the thing: remember how during one of my first Net Neutrality News posts, I paraphrased one of my favorite internet stars; William Haynes? That was from an episode of Sourcefed; an online news show he was a part of, and the episode that I got that quote from was, oddly enough, about Anonymous as well.

And to paraphrase Haynes' news partner in that episode, Steve Zaragoza: I don't know what Anonymous to Pai, but based off of their track record, it isn't going to be anything simple.

Also, a friend of mine from college (who I think I mentioned earlier in these posts) told me today that she heard that a bunch of hackers or saying "If Net Neutrality gets repealed, we'll happily buy the search histories of various Republicans and post them online for the world to see". So, along with Anonymous, people who understand how the internet actually works are against the FCC.

But that mostly comes from the fact that the FCC supposedly doesn't understand how the internet works. Various people who have been in control, worked for and even invented the internet have come out and said that Pai's plan is based off of a version of the internet that either doesn't exist anymore, or never did at all. :B

And lastly, there's Representative Sean Patrick Maloney's recent bill from nearly a week ago that'll finally stop the FCC from constantly trying to pull this shit, despite the fact that no one wants them to. And like I said before: if there's anyone who is more sick and tired of the FCC's constant attempts to unplug the internet, it's Congress. Simply because they're the ones who have to deal with it, since we're the ones calling them over and over again to tell them to stop Pai. And the fact that if Pai gets his way, they'll be the one to suffer from it. Luckily, more and more congressmen have gone against Pai's plan and Maloney's bill is going through the works as we speak.

Meanwhile, the only thing that Pai has done is the only Pai knows how to do: lie to the general public and dismiss any at all voices against what he wants. But if this post is evidence of anything, that might be his ultimate downfall. It is more likely at this point that Pai's vote is going to on as scheduled tomorrow. He's made his point that he isn't gonna listen to reason.

But I think I've made my point that giving the looming amount of people against him, getting the vote will be the easy part.

Or to put as poetically as I possibly can; Pai's vote could be the end of the battle, but the very next day will be the beginning of the war.

So join in the war by going to and fight as hard as you can.
For today's Net Neutrality News, I'll let Doug "The Nostalgia Critic" Walker take the wheel.

And give you another reminder to use this number 202-930-8550 to call your congressmen and tell them about Representative Sean Patrick Maloney's bill to save Net Neutrality once and for all. It has gotten a lot more media coverage these past few days, but I still think it needs more.
I know I already did a Net Neutrality news on the Open Internet bill; a legislation done by Representative Sean Patrick Maloney in an attempt to block the upcoming FCC vote to repeal Net Neutrality. And I know I already asked you guys to call your congressmen by using this number: 202-930-8550 But there's another major thing that I need to just get off of my chest right here and now.

I've been doing these 
Net Neutrality news for a while now, and I do them to keep people inform with the FCC's progress (and sometimes, lack there of) of getting rid of N.N. for good. However, there have been a few times where this job is a bit stressful. One thing is stressful is the pressure I feel on my shoulders given from the usual group of people you know who you are. People who come to me directly to ask about the progress on the war for free internet. Asking me questions about what the supreme court or congress think on the subject.

And here's the thing: you know you're currently on the internet, right? You could just ask Google for this information. Especially since there's where I get my info from.

Now, I'm not saying "leave me alone", "go away" or, more poetically, "sod off, you pissing wankers" because that would be rude. Especially since I brought this on myself for doing these posts in the first place.

What I am saying is that if you have questions about how the FCC fight is going or what you could do in order to help, asking me is fine, but I'd rather if you just clicked here:…

But those people are just minor peas in stew. Because the real broth of the problem are just the flat out idiots I have to deal with. :facepalm: One of the most annoying things for a internet content creator is to have a comment on your work be done by someone who clearly didn't absorb all of what you put out. You know what I mean? Commenters who ask questions that could've been answered if they actually read all that you wrote.

Like if you write a post about how cupcakes are great, but then you add a paragraph in the middle about how they're not exactly good for you, and the first comment is "But, Ruben, cupcakes are bad for you and they're not part of your balanced meal!~ :dummy:". Yeah, that kind of idiot. I've been dealing with those people for a while now. People who try to inform me about the FCC things that I already talked about before. :stare:

And, freaking, finally, I really hate how I get a lot of comments from people who say "Oh, let's just hope this all blows over" or "I have faith this'll be alright". Here's an idea: how about you take some, freaking, action?! Why the hell do you think I give you links and phone numbers to congressmen contacts and protesting positions?! For the sake of alliterations?! :pissed:

We are just 3 days away from the infamous vote. If you have called, written a letter, protested or any other actual course of action to help the cause, then I don't wanna hear about you wishing upon a star and hoping that this all goes well. You wanna know why?

Because fill one hand with hope, fill one up with dog shit and let me know which one feels heavier. :stare:

We didn't win all of he previous net neutrality wars because people rubbed a magic lamp and was chanted "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo". It's because people took, mother fucking, action and protested. According to one of the first articles I read during the beginning of this whole ordeal: had about 14,000 calls made out during this summer's FCC fight. And there are days where I visited the site and the "Calls Made Today" section of the counter has more than that! Let alone the currently +800,00 calls made in the Total section!!!

That right there is what we need: actual action. Not idiots who don't read the whole post about net neutrality before they comment, not people who don't want to do anything besides hope; we need actual, fucking, action if we want to save the internet. And tomorrow's your chance to.

Tomorrow, is planning an "Break The Internet To Save The Internet" movement, where we all post against the FCC repeal in the most creative way we possibly can. The movement will be happening on sites like Pintrest, Reddit, Discord, PronHub(?) and even!

So go here to this site:… if you want more information on how to partake in the protest.

And if you want even more information on how to save the internet, then use the internet, while you still can, to figure it out yourself.
One of the biggest chances for us to stop the FCC from repealing net neutrality has come before us.

Representative Sean Patrick Maloney introduced a legislation to help stop the FCC and it's heartless chairman; Ajit Pai, from his constant attempts to silence the country and ruin the internet for his phone and cable company overlords. This legislation blocks the FCC from using a process in their vote called A notice of proposed rulemaking, or simply "the N.P.R.M. process" as it's stated in the Maloney's bill. The N.P.R.M. process is a process that some government officials go to when they want to pass a bill that'll effect an existing law. And to go back to an earlier metaphor; saying that's what Pai is doing is like saying Ash is training to be the best Pokemon-er: an obvious statement at best.

So, this bill, if pass, will either stop the FCC from screwing over the internet or stall them long enough for the whole fake comment investigation to strengthen.

Some of you may be saying "But, Ruben, you low fat microwave oven: the FCC vote is this Thursday! Isn't this thing too little too late?". Nope, because;

A. As I and actual law experts have said before, the more likely thing to happen on Thursday is they make the vote and pass it through court, which could take months if not years.

B. The bill was introduced on the 8th (3 days ago, at time of writing) and it already has a few endorsements.

And Q. It'll only be too little too late if we let it be.

This is the phone number that uses to connect you to your local congressmen: 
202-930-8550 I want you all to use it and call to as many congressmen as you can and not only tell them to stop the repeal, but to talk to them about Representative Sean Patrick Maloney's Save The Open Internet bill.

For more information about the bill, including which congressmen specifically that you should call, I suggest this:…

Truth be told, this bill will be a relief for everyone, but if there's one group of people it should be the relief-est for it's the congressmen. I mean, think about it: every time Pai and the FCC try this N.N. repeal, they are the ones flooded with thousands of calls and letters everyday. They are the ones that are pressured to fix this mess. And, according to a New York Times article I read a while back: they are the ones that will suffer the punishment if the repeal goes through.

So call your local congressmen and women  and not only tell them about how you don't want the FCC to repeal 
net neutrality, but also tell them about Sean Patrick Maloney's Save The Open Internet bill. Like I said, this is the biggest chance we have to not only stopping the FCC from killing the internet now, but possibly ever again. 
Ajit Pai never runs out of chances to make himself look like such a bellon.

A few days ago, there was this sort of social gathering at D.C. and Pai was there to do another speech to make his case on the upcoming vote to repeal net neutrality and allowing cable companies to basically rule the internet. And, once again, instead of actually doing that, he just used a smokescreen attempt. Only this time, he didn't just make fun of celebrities, he tried his best to make a joke out of the fact that he's trying to kill the internet.

It was way worse than you think. :facepalm:

He told jokes about how he's a puppet to Verizon, how he's a shill and other things that people have been saying about him since he announced the vote during Thanksgiving. But none of the jokes landed. Most likely because no one is on Pai's side and therefore no one thinks that what he's doing is something to be laughed at.

It'd be like Darth Vader making a joke to the princess about how he blew up her home planet.

This isn't the first time Pai has done something like this before. Since Pai is working with the idea to do something that is widely unlikable from both sides of the political spectrum and gets a tidal wave of hatred from every single person across the nation and the world every second of every day, he tries his best to get around that with the smokescreen tactic. Using methods like flat out lying to us and thinking we're too dumb to figure out the truth, changing the subject to things like the fights he has with celebrates and companies who are against him, and trying to make himself look like a likable and relatable person. Remember how Pai tried this shit earlier during the summer? Back then, he tried to make himself seem likable by constantly talking about how he drinks from an over-sized Reese's mug. And the only effect that had on us is the fantasy of wanting to bash that stupid mug (cup) across his stupid mug (face). And nowadays, he's trying to make himself likable by joking about how he's a horrible person.

Take it from, folks: badly done self-deprecation humor doesn't make people laugh, it makes people want to give you the number of a psychotherapist. :roll:

So, to summarize: Pai is working hard to make N.N. be repealed, but he is ignoring the fact that pretty much everyone on the planet is against him. And with his ignorance of the public's opinions, the actual implications of repealing N.N. that his own board members can see, and the fact that he's getting himself into more and more legal trouble thanks to the looming fake comment investigation; any attempt that Pai does to make himself likable is undone by all of those things and more.

And is the real reason why so many people want to see him resigned or dead, I'll let you decided on which one you'd prefer.
We interrupt this Net Neutrality News for a Brainstorm Bulletin!

Some of you may remember that December 8th (AKA, yesterday) was suppose to be the end of my Request Rest; my self appointed holiday from requests that I do at least once a year so I can calm down and focus on my own work. Unfortunately, I can't open the requests back up right now for 2 major reasons.

First and foremost, I'm in the middle of my college finals and I have too much work to do in order to deal with the piles of requests I'm going to get once I open the gates.

And 2ndly, and this is a biggie: my computer has been bugging out like an ant farm for weeks now. It's been doing this thing where it starts up the loading screen and literally everything just goes black. I've done everything I could to fix it, including this method of virus deletion my older brother showed me how to do where we wipe literally everything clean from my computer and give it a fresh start.

And I know that sounds like saying "The best way to get rats out of your house is to burn your house down", but it works! At least when he does it. :lonely:

Anyways, because of this, I don't have access to my scanning and coloring equipment. I obviously have access to my internet; thanks to my laptop, but it's very basic and it doesn't have a lot of the stuff I need in order to do Deviant Art.

If that literally wasn't the case, I've done at least 10 pictures up at this point. :grump:

So, yeah, I am in no way ready to open up requests. Give me another week or so and I'll announce the requests are open, AND explain my new method of organizing requests so I don't end up overwhelming myself and having them all be overdue.

And now back to our regularly schedule programming: Ajit Pai is horrible, and everyone in the world wants him to be fire. Whether literally or metaphorically isn't relevant.
We are less than a week away from the FCC vote to repeal net neutrality and make it so that the phone and cable companies can control what you see and do on the internet. And day after day, more and more people rally against it and its chairman: Ajit Pai. People like various celebrities, internet companies, the president of the internet association, thousands of protesters that are clogging the city streets outside of every Verizon store they can find.

And most recently, Pai's own hero.

Nick Offerman is an actor that starred in Parks and Recreation as Ron Swanson; the park's director who hates government officials who abuse their powers and uses them to screw over innocent people for their own greed. And using those words to describe Pai would be like using the words "square and yellow" to describe Spongebob. One thing that Ron Swanson was known for is a thing called the Ron Swanson Pyramid of Greatness; a sort of inspirational poster that had different levels of qualities someone had to be in order to be a good person.

And when a reporter saw that Pai kept showing off that Pyramid in his office during an interview, so the reporter set off to find Nick Offerman himself to get his opinion on Pai.

And I could tell you what he said, but let's let Nick do it himself:…

Wooooooooooooooow!~ :la: Nick must be a waiter in his spare time, because Pai just got served! Can you image how bad that would feel? To have someone you admire just walk up to you and say that what you do and who you are as a person is despicable? That'd be like if Dr. Seuss came back from the grave just to look at my artwork and tell me that I suck at drawing.

Meanwhile, while more and more people are revolting against Pai's revolting-in-the-other-sense-of-the-word repeal, he has less and less credibility on his side. There's the fact that he is doing the exact opposite of what the FCC is suppose to do, he's ignoring people's claims, he's doing actually illegal stuff like going against the attorney general's ongoing investigation into the fake comments, to the point where they were asked for evidence by the general and they flat out said "no" and the fact that Jessica Rosenworcel; FCC Commissioner gone rouge, is suing her own agency for fraud, and most of all: Pai just keeps lying to us and thinks we're too stupid to know the truth.

For instance, he keeps saying things like how N.N. cripples investment and somehow damages the sick and disabled. Not only are neither of those things true and Pai does his trademarked "brings up a random bullshit fact that he has literally no evidence behind" thing, but some simple research can show that the opposite is true. This, along with the looming number of people against him, is just more evidence that once Pai brings this into court, he has a very slim chance of winning. Not only does he not have any evidence (because liars never do) but he's trying to do the impossible by saying that internet ISPs won't screw people over if N.N. gets repealed, while trying to repeal N.N.; one of the few rules of the internet that stops ISPs from doing exactly that scott free.

You can't make the case that you're not a horrible  person while trying to pass a law that'll help that exact kind of horrible people be able to do their horrible things with no punishment. That'd be like Roy Moore saying "No, I'm not a pedophile. And on an unrelated note, I think the age of consent in America should be 13 years old".

I could go on (and trust me: I could) but it's safe to say that the odds are against Pai. And that more and more people are going to fight against his plans; including the government, the law enforcers and people who should be on his side in the first place.

However, this doesn't change the fact that we need to keep fighting against Pai throw out this week and beyond. We've won the fight against the FCC before because we never stand down.

And now is the time to not stand down.
Want to do more for the fight for Net Neutrality other than just signing petitions and making phone calls? Then I suggest joining an actual protest.

According to, there are going to be live protests in front of various Verizon stores all across the country. Based around the fact that 
Ajit Pai; the FCC chairman who wants to gut Net Neutrality and doesn't give a damn about what anyone else thinks (including the law, the government and people in his own board) was a former employee of Verizon. On drop on will lead you to a map of the US with various gold stars; each one representing the location of a protest's location: some in Verizon stores, some in legal buildings like town halls.

If you want to do more to help save Net Neutrality, I suggest going onto that map, find your address and see if there are any protests happening near you. The Verizon protests start tomorrow on December 7th: one week before the FCC vote to gut Net Neutrality. Let's hope the protest will be the final nail in the coffin.
Just when I think Ajit Pai has hit rock bottom, he manages to pull himself even deeper down. 3 times in one day.

The first bit of Net Neutrality News I have for you today is the fact that Pai was going to have a secret meeting about the upcoming FCC plan to vote to repeal net neutrality. A meeting with who, you may ask? Verizon. Which, may I remind you, is the phone company that Pai originally worked for before he became the chairman of the FCC. And Pai is using some sort of bullshit loophole called "the Chatham House Rule" that claims he's aloud to have the meeting in privacy and not have any reporters or press in the room when it happens. And when asked for a reason as to why Pai would want something like that for his meeting, he shut the door on him.

I will admit that this is a worrying factor, what with Pai trying to have a meeting behind closed doors and in secrecy with his evil phone company overlords, but I gotta ask: what the hell could they possibly be talking about? Pai has been about as successful with dealing with the protests regarding his new net neutrality repeal about as well as my dog handles trigonometry homework. The only thing that Pai could possibly be planning is some sort of big finale for the court case for his repeal.

But right after I thought of that being the case, I wondered why Pai wouldn't have pulled that kind of card at the start of all of this? Pai has lied, ignored the public, disobeyed the attorney general of New York's orders and quite recently tried to file in a series of documents regarding the repeal but decided not to add in the section dedicated to all of the comments against the repeal and when asked for them, he said to fuck off.

And to repeat something I said in a previous post; I'd give another example of Pai's meddling into the political system, but Reddit did that for me.

Earlier today, Reddit's homepage was filled, yet again, with posts regarding the N.N. repeal. Only this time it was regarding the fact that several political elected officials basically sold out to the phone companies in favor of the FCC's new repeal. And as you'd imagine, people weren't happy about that. Tons and tons of protests gave off the identities and positions of all of these elected officials and they're now getting their inboxes and voice-mailboxes filled with hateful complaints.

But why does Pai keep doing this? Why lie to the people with fake "Myths Vs. Fact" charts when he could just give them the actual facts on his side? Why focus on Twitter fights against celebrities when he can talk about the people that are on his side? Why bribe elected officials to let him pass the bill when could just talk about all of the credible and powerful government officials that are honestly on their side?

Oh, that's right: BECAUSE THERE ARE NONE!

During the recent news of asking the FCC to postpone the vote (which I will get to later), Pai described the protesters as "getting desperate". Which I call bullshit because of the words "psychological projection". I think Pai is the one that's desperate. I think he's the one who's cracking under the pressure. His attitude of ignoring people could be compared to a kid plugging their ears and singing "La!~ La!~ La!~ I can't hear you!~ I can't hear you!~", he keeps talking about his Twitter fights instead of making an actual case, more and more people are going against him, including people who are suppose to be on his team, and the only people who are on his side are the big phone and cable companies who want the internet to be deregulated because they think it'll mean TV will be popular again and almost every attempt he's had to try to even the playing field involves tactics that I'm pretty sure are illegal.

And when Pai shouts at us about being desperate, he is throwing rocks in his own glass house.

As for the vote to postpone the FCC's vote; that was started because the FCC's website was plagued with fake comments and when asked to help in the investigation, Pai told the attorney general "Nope" and ran. Which just added wood onto the fire that is list of reasons why Pai is using illegal tactics. And now the number of people calling for the postpone of this vote has grown only grown even more: the attorney general, the FCC commissioner; Jessica Rosenworcel, and 28 senators who are on our side and can't be bribed. Not to mention more and more democrats and protesters who were against this vote to begin with. This delay of the vote is meant to fuel the investigation that Pai might have, as the general put it, "stonewalled" the comments in his attempts to block out the voice of the American people.

As for that secret meeting: if I'm to be honest, I can't help but look at that the same way I saw the recent Republicans' attempt to push a tax bill over night, at 2 am, and give it to the Democrats in a matter that was filled with spilling errors and massive mistakes.

In short, I see it as a last attempt to get what they want. That the pressure is getting to them. That they are the desperate ones. And the fact that they bribed those officals just means they added more names on the list of people who America will hate after December 14th. Whether N.N. gets repealed or not.

This is why I keep pushing for Ajit Pai's resignation. And why that whenever I end this posts with the usual "Keep on fighting, writing, calling and brawling" paragraph, I'm going to keep including these petitions that, if have enough signatures, will call for the White House to fire him.…… Because even though I still think this N.N. repeal is going to be either instantly dead or just held up in court, it doesn't change the fact that as long as Pai is in charge of the FCC, it'll keep happening again and again.

The best way to stop this is to nip it in butt. And Pai is nothing if not a butt.
Several internet officials, along with the attorney general of New York City, sent a letter to the FCC asking them to postpone their upcoming vote to repeal the net neutrality rules that allows the internet to be an open and equal source of information that anyone can use.

And Ajit Pai; chairman of the FCC and the shill that phone companies hired to do this whole shebang, did exactly what you think he'd do and disregarded it completely.

I say that's something you'd expect him to do because if you're paid actual attention to anything I've said during these Net Neutrality News posts, you'll know that Pai has had the habit of flat out ignoring what other people say about the possible repeal. He's tried his best to have press conference after press conference about it, but it always amounts to him crying about celebrities and internet companies going against him, as appose to actually making a point for his case. Which is on the list of reasons why a lot of people, including myself, don't thin Pai is going to win when he eventually brings this into court. This one article on a site called The Next Web worded it best when they described Pai's tantrum's as a smokescreen. A distraction. Something that Pai throws at you so he can try to get away.

But like the last time I mentioned the general of NYC; if Pai really thinks that was a smart move, he must be from Bizarro world.

Let me put a scenerio in your head: if a cop pulls you over and does the whole "You know how fast you were going?" routine as he writes you a ticket, which do you think is the better course of action: compiling to the officer's demand and take the ticket, or hit the gas and run?

If you said the 2nd option, you're about as dumb as Pai is. I already mentioned before that when the NYC general asked to partake in the investigation of the fake comments on the FCC's website, Pai disagreed in a suspicious speed that backfired and made him a suspect in the investigation. And now he's going against the general's request? I'm pretty sure that's illegal! :facepalm:

Pai has shown time and time against that he's not going to stop from trying to repeal net neutrality and he does not give a damn about hearing the words of the American public; the very first step in passing any sort of law or bill. And whenever he responds to the backlash he gets, he always paints himself as the victim despite the fact that no one is buying it.

To put it bluntly and in a way that paraphrases one of my favorite internet stars, William Haynes: you've done a great job showing the world you don't give a shit about social norms, Pai, but wait until the world realizes it doesn't give a shit about you. :unimpressed:

Something that the world might have already realized, considering how many people want Pai to resign.……
Just when I think I didn't have any Net Neutrality News, something pops into my head. ^^;

There are only 2 major people that are in favor of repealing N.N.

A. The alt-right blog posters who got kicked out of Twitter and think that getting rid of people's internet freedom means they'll get to say the word that start with "N" and rhymes with the name of that bouncing friend of Winnie the Pooh.

And Z. Cable and phone companies who so jealous of internet being the main inovation in people's lives that they want to drag us back to the stone age so that they'll be in the limelight.

And despite the fact that they keep telling us that "No, we totally won't take advantage of it all and make you our bitches", no one is buying that.

Proof of that is in AT&T. Which, at this point, I think stands for "Amateur Traitors and Tricksters".

You see, way back in 2010, AT&T blocked the feature of FaceTime: you know, that feature on your phone that allows you to see who you're talking to, on their cellular devices. This was a violation of a, simply put, no-blocking rule that was in placed so companies can't block 3rd party features. And many other companies like Free Press straight up called AT&T out on it.

And now, after there's a chance that Ajit Pai; a former cell phone company employee now turned the chairmen of the FCC board, is pushing for a vote to repeal N.N. in less than 2 weeks, we're suppose to take AT&T's word that they won't take advantage of the lack of rules that'll stop them from screwing people over? A reporter even tried to ask this question to an AT&T spokesperson, but the ironic thing is that that person didn't spoke about it and avoided the question entirely.

Here's a quick tip: if you try to ask someone a question like that and they avoid answering it entirely, assume the worst. :stare:

This is why I keep pushing for Ajit Pai's resignation. And why that whenever I end this posts with the usual "Keep on fighting, writing, calling and brawling" paragraph, I'm going to keep including these petitions that, if have enough signatures, will call for the White House to fire him.…… Because even though I still think this N.N. repeal is going to be either instantly dead or just held up in court, it doesn't change the fact that as long as Pai is in charge of the FCC, it'll keep happening again and again.

The best way to stop this is to nip it in butt. And Pai is nothing if not a butt.
This is usually the time of the day where I blabber on about Net Neutrality and how the FCC is being run by a man who's both evil and idiotic ("evilotic" is the term, I believe) but I don't really need to today.

Mainly because Reddit has already done it for me. :D

In all serious, Reddit practically exploded today with thousands and thousands of posts in protest ("posttest" is the term) of the upcoming 
Net Neutrality repeal vote. And this might be one of the biggest and best kinds of protests I was hoping to see. Whenever something big like this N.N. thing happens online, tons of websites usually go in protest against it by practically shutting down their websites. They did it with SOPA, they did it when Time Warner Cable had a hair up their ass earlier this year, and I was really hoping they'd do it again this time.

Grant it, several websites have gone against the N.N. repeal: Netflix, Hulu and Pornhub just to name a few. But this kind of protest is the first I've seen in a while, and I do hope to see this again. Because Pai can bullshit around fake comments on his website all he wants, but something like this isn't really something you can fake.

Meanwhile, Pai has been having tantrum after tantrum whenever he tries to make his case, his own members of the board have gone against him, more and more celebrities and tech giants have denounced him, he keeps getting death threats of all things and earlier today, and I find this to be kinda funny, one of the FCC's oldest members just quietly and shamefully quit his job because he got in trouble for looking at porn during work hours. :giggle: And the only people who are actually on Pai's side during this whole ordeal are cable and phone companies who are dumb enough to think America isn't gonna hate them after this whole repeal thing blows over (be it pass or not(hopefully not)) and members of the alt-right who think that getting rid of N.N. means they'll be able to say the "N" word again and make their "Hitler Rules, Jews Drool" posts again. :grump:

But I personally think the biggest hole in his argument is trying to point to Twitter of all places as the main reason why N.N. needs to go away. Saying it's part of the problem. Saying how it's offensive and racist nature is bad for marketing and the internet as a whole.

Pai, I'm gonna poke a massive hole in that argument by asking a simple question: which racist, incompetent, short-minded, incompetent, emotionally temperamental, did I mention "incompetent" yet?, basket case of a president is known for constantly tweeting on Twitter?

Oh, that's right: the one you work for! :stare: And is probably the key factor into the reason why Twitter blocked all of those alt-right jackasses from the site in the first place, because Trump's pollution in the election spread into the social media webs and made a lot of people think that being a fascist and a racist is ok.

So, you can't really condemn Twitter for something that your boss is the direct cause of. "That'd be like Harley Quin blaming Batman for all of the crimes Joker committed" was the best analogy I could think of. :B

This is why I keep pushing for Ajit Pai's resignation. And why that whenever I end this posts with the usual "Keep on fighting, writing, calling and brawling" paragraph, I'm going to keep including these petitions that, if have enough signatures, will call for the White House to fire him.…… Because even though I still think this N.N. repeal is going to be either instantly dead or just held up in court, it doesn't change the fact that as long as Pai is in charge of the FCC, it'll keep happening again and again.

The best way to stop this is to nip it in butt. And Pai is nothing if not a butt.
Here's a riddle for ya: what do I and Blue's Clues' very own Side Table Drawer have in common?

The answer: we both have a drawer full of notebooks. :giggle:
Like I said before, one of the biggest ways for us to save Net Neutrality from the FCC is to get the FCC board members on our side. We currently have 2 out of the 5 board members on our side, both are commissioners. The first is Jessica Rosenworcel. The other is Mignon Clyburn. And earlier today, the latter lady paved another road to stopping Net Neutrality's repeal.

One of the things that makes Ajit Pai a classic Trumpeteer is the fact that he thinks he could flat out lie to the general public and that we'll just buy everything he's selling. And I think part of the reason why he can't do a press conference regarding his N.N. repeal, without going off on a tantrum tangent (a double tan, if you will) about the celebrities and companies and every expanding amount of oppositions to his repeal, is because he knows that people know he's lying to them. But, along with that, he keeps trying to pull the wool over our eyes with bullshit "Fact Vs. Myth" sheets involving what we think is going to happen versus what he says is going to happen.

As for what Clyburn did, she just added more wood to ever expanding fire that is Pai's rep as a liar. #unintentionalrhyme

See, Clyburn released her own Fake Vs. Fact list earlier today, and it pretty much displayed an open window into how much of a liar Pai is, as if we needed more information.

Just to give you a taste: one lie that Pai likes to tell is that there will be new broadband universal service fees assessed, meaning that they'll have to pay money just like the rest of us do. But in reality, there is no fees in the repeal plan, and that fact is shown through basically reading the repeal bill.

This whole experience is just more and more evidence that Pai is just lying his way through this whole repeal plan and no one is buying it. Not the internet companies, not the common consumers, not the president of the Internet Association; Michael Beckerman and not even 2 of the 5 members in his board.

Which is why I want to push for his resignation. Enclosed is the link to another White House petition entitled "Replace Ajit Pai on FCC, Restore Net Neutrality, Make Last-mile Networking a Public Utility, and Stop Corporate Abuse":… . What this petition does is literally written on the tin. The last time I brought up a White House petition, it was the one for his resignation and that exceeded the 100K signature requirement for the White House to take it seriously. This petition may be about firing Pai as well, but it's also for getting the FCC's shit together and getting someone competent in charge.

I urge you viewers and readers to sign that petition and to spread word about it as much as you can any way you can. If we really want this constant FCC N.N. BS to stop, we need to grab it by the through and pull its ass back into line.
And we're back to Net Neutrality News: the only news show that says "If you're sick of me constantly talking about the fact that the government wants to take away the internet and replace it with a series of expensive packages in order for you to pay expensive prices for the basic things that the internet provides like email and social media and freedom of speech and to make it easier for companies to sell your personal information, steal your identities and even your money from your bank accounts, then happily fuck off".

In all serious, one major move in order to stop the upcoming vote for whether or not the FCC should repeal 
Net Neutrality (and in case you're, fucking, stupid: I'm on the "not" side, as is a majority of Americans) is going to be settled by the 5 members of the FCC board. 2 of which are on our side and want Net Neutrality to stay how it is while the other 3 want to get rid of it so that cable and phone companies can dictate what people do online. All that's needed is to get at least one person on our side in order to uneven the playing field.

And I think I know who's going to be the next person on the list. Ajit Pai.

Now, some of you might be saying "Ruben, you bill on capital hill: Ajit Pai is the Trump elected FCC Chairmen that started this whole Net Neutrality bullshit and has been getting harassed by protesters all week! Why the butter nut banana nuggets would he be the next person to go on our side?!"

Ok, let me rephrase that: he's not the next person to go onto our side. He's the next person to get fired.

See, earlier today, I had a conversation with a good friend of mine in college. A good friend who is just as concerned about the FCC's scheme as I and hopefully the rest of you are, if any of you have been paying attention. At some point during the conversation, she pointed out to me that the government can only really pay attention to a petition by the people, if it hits a certain amount of signatures. Specifically, 100,000 signatures. Literally 5 minutes after our conversation, I look on my news app and find that the White House needs to respond to a petition regarding the FCC.

But unlike all of the petitions I've seen so far that just focused on "don't repeal Net Neutrality", this petition was calling for the resignation of Ajit Pai.

This needs to happen. Pai has showed us time and time again that he doesn't give 2 iotas of a shit about the common man and just wants to do this whole thing for the sake of money and giving power back to the cable and phone companies, who feel as if their limelight was stolen by the internet. Proof of that is the fact that Comcast seemed to be on board on Net Neutrality, until literally one day after Pai announced this new repeal.

Also the fact that Pai use to work for the phone companies. :stare:

Anyways, this petition could be the biggest move to save Net Neutrality. If we get Pai off of the chairmen's man chair, we'll never have to deal with him again. So, I urge you interneters to go to this link… and sign the petition (and do the email confirmation bit that's very important). And to spread word about said petition so that we can get this filthy rat off of the FCC for good and work on getting someone who isn't a hypocrite back on.

Meanwhile, let's continue to write more comments, make more calls, send more emails and protest more...protests, in order to get it through the FCC's thick skull that they won't get away with getting rid of Net Neutrality.

And like I said at the beginning of this post: if you're one of the idiots who commented on how me constantly talking this is bothering you; oh, well, I'm sorry. I'm just spreading word about how the government wants to screw this entire country over and get rid of a basic necessity that everyone in this country uses on a daily basis and needs in order to function. :sarcasm: But if you have a personal problem with that, kindly fuck off a PewDiePie gaming stream.

While the rest of us works our asses off to save Net Neutrality and keep the government out of it.
The only Net Neutrality News I have today is something that's actually kinda funny.

To put it bluntly, Ajit Pai had a tantrum and started crying at the people who were against his new bill. Namely famous celebrities like Cher and famous companies like Twitter. He even tried to make the case that Twitter's blockage of conservative users' accounts. But then never gave any real evidence as to which accounts he was even talking about.

First of all; the fact that he brought this up but didn't bring any real evidence is itself evidence that once Pai eventually has to bring this into court, he is going to lose because he has no evidence. Like everyone else in Trump's circle of misfits, he thinks that he could simply get away with this without any real evidence or preparation. That and the fact that he thinks he could just flat out lie to people about what the bill is actually about, what it does for people and what kind of implications it'll have on the world in the future.

But the funny thing is that during his speech, he just started yelling at random celberities and companies that are against his bill. Like I said, the list starts with Cher of all people and then George Takei, 
Alyssa Milano and Mark Ruffalo. Like I said, he's just doing what every other Trumpette does, only this time it's about getting a tantrum when they don't get what they want.

I'm still convinced that once Pai brings to court, which he needs to do, it'll backfire on him. There just isn't any evidence on Pai's side to just let this slide. No one in there right mind in a courtroom is going to see his plan and then look at the hundreds of companies and people protesting against it, the extended amounts of petitions and complaints against it, how Pai cheated with those bots of fake comments, and above all: the current internet rules we have nowadays that the Obama federation fought for so long and hard for and think "Yeah, let's go with the new plan".

And that's another thing: former FCC chairman; Tom Wheeler, said that the courts are most likely going to take one look at the new plan and think "Wait, isn't he repealing something that America fought so long and hard for to get?" and the writing will be on the wall.

Despite all that, I still plead to the people of the internet to stand up against Pai and his idiotic hypocritical plans disguised behind that giant plastic fake smile of his. I urge people to get protesting and petitioning and commenting and calling against the FCC's plan until the voting day of December 14th so we can stop it once and for all.

And the funny thing is: Pai having this tantrum might be evidence that it's working.
And we're back to Net Neutrality News: the news show I do when I can't think of anything else to post about.

Like I said last time, the fight against the FCC's B.S. rules for the internet has been going strong. Most noteworthy is the petitions that have been set out on this cause. Almost every petition site you could think of has a petition that focuses on the issue with exceeding amounts of signatures.

And despite the fact that we've done so much already, we need to do more.

As mentioned last time, FCC chairmen; Ajit Pai tried to make the case that a lot of the comments against his new 
Net Neutrality are fake and has discarded them completely, claiming they might be bots. Now, like I said before: I personally do not believe that those messages really were fake or bots. Not just because they're the comments that are on my side of this debate, but because I saw that Pai tried to pull this shit earlier in the summer.

But on the very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very slim chance that it's true (it's probably not) this just shows us there is no shortcut in this.

In other news, Pai has been filing reports of protesters at his house; yelling at his kids and harassing his family. And I'm gonna make this as clear and as blunt as possible: Do not do that. :stare: You think you should, but you shouldn't. Because harassing someone like that isn't a great way to make a point. At all. Especially given the fact that this makes all Net Neutrality fighters look bad. Also, why even harass his family? Pai's wife and kids have as much to do with his new bill as Dick Dastardly does. All you're doing is harming young kids and innocent people. And look, I'm not saying that because Pai isn't that bad of a guy. He is as bad as every single one of Trump's lackies and deserves all of the hate he gets on a regular basis. But unless Pai's kids and wife had an actual part in making the FCC's Net Neutrality repeal, they don't.

But if you think that all of this harassment and the accusation of fake comments might give Pai the upper-hand, I've 2 rebuddals to that.

Firstly, out of the 5 main people that are needed in order to file in the final vote for this change, 2 of them are against the Net Neutrality repeal. The first one is Jessica Rosenworcel; an FCC commissioner that we talked about just yesterday and in between then and now, there's been a 2nd one come over to our side. All we need is just one more person on our side to uneven the playing field.

And the 2nd rebuttal comes from the fact that Pai bringing this repeal into court might be the equivalent of bringing Dracula to the beach. See, one of the most basic things about court can be summed up in 8 letters: "E-V-I-D-E-N-C-E"! And a lot of news stories have pointed out that Pai doesn't have a lot of that in his favor. There is no real concrete evidence that Pai's new plan is better than what we have now. Especially given a lot of key factors we've gone over already: the internet is used for a lot more than just entertainment, charging people for things like social media and email throws a wrench into the whole "freedom of speech" thing, the current internet rules allows small time businesses to thrive more than they ever could, and, more importantly: it's a very blatant attempt to undo Obama's internet rule for the sake of money and racist spite.

But that does beg the question: did FCC's previous attempts at 
Net Neutrality neutering fail because we the people revolted against them, or because they always lost the second they brought it into court? Personally, I think it's a combination of both. Hell, us revolting would be evidence against the FCC in court.

There's also the assumption that if they did bring it into court, and if Pai did have very little evidence in his favor (both are pretty big "If"s) the case might stretch to a couple of years. So many years to the point where Trump is either voted out of office, impeached or some other 3rd option that involves him not being the president anymore.

But don't like any of what I said so far give you the idea of either given up or laying back thinking this is all over and in the bag. Like I keep saying: that's the mentality that led Trump into the oval office in the first place. A lot of people I knew that were involved in the election just quit the game and didn't take it seriously. Either voting for Trump as a protest against Hillary for no clear reason, voting for Trump as a laugh or not voting at all because they didn't have enough shits to rub against each other. Skip one day later and all of these pretentious pricks were panicking like...poltroons and I was the one who had to address to them that they had no one else to blame but themselves for not taking it seriously.

Do you want to end up being a person who stops in the middle of a fight, pretentiously say that it's in the bag before it's even over? Do you want to be the hare in a race against a tortise?

No? Well then get out there, call your congressmen, tweet at Pai and the FCC and use every other resource you can think of to save Net Neutrality!

This shit ain't over until the fat, orange, fried chicken sucking president sings!
Ladies and Skeletons, Boys and Pearls, my name is Ruben Falcon and if you’re a regular fan of me, you know that I love the Magic School Bus.

Starting out as a series of educational children’s books and becoming an educational cartoon series in the 90’s, the Magic School Bus is, as I said at least 3 times in the entirety of this sentence, a science educational series. The stories follow Valerie Frizzle (voice by the lovely Lily Tomlin in the TV series); the strangest elementary school teacher that you’ll ever see. Her clothes all have these weird designs, her personal assistant is her pet lizard and, uh, what am I forgetting?

Oh, yeah, the fact that she took her class on this magical school bus that could change its shape, size and do next to anything…that’s a thing that occurs. :B

Yeah, the titular magical bus is the driving point of the series (I'm not sorry for that pun), because the bus’ ability to shape shift and shrink allowed the class, and the audience, to see science in ways that most people could only dream. Giving a very in depth and firsthand looks into different forms of science. From the planets in space, to how molecules make up the world around us, to how animals live in the wild and much, much, more. I loved this series as a kid, not just because of the amazing visuals and hilarious characters, but because the fact that it taught me more about science than my actual elementary school. And when the show ended, I ended up going into my own studies of science. And it might of ending up paving the path for other educational shows like Wild Kratts, Ready Jet Go and other programs you see on PBS Kids nowadays. So, when Netflix saw just how popular this series was, decades later on their streaming service, it gave them the idea to make a modernized revival series for it, like they did with other classic cartoons. So does this revival series hold a candle to the original, or is something that makes you wish you stayed home today?

Let’s find out as we take chances, make mistakes and get messy with The Magic School Bus Rides Again. Also, buckle in because this is gonna be my longest review ever.


Now, let’s start off with the fact that this revival series went through a lot of changes. When it was first announced, the series was simply called “The Magic School Bus 360”, and its main pitches were:

A. Being in CGI 3D animation, instead of the traditional 2D hand drawn animation that the original had.

And Z. Giving the Bus a sort of sci-fi styled makeover, giving it high tech gadgets.

Out of those 2 things, the latter is the only that actually made it from the “360” draft of the series to the “Rides Again”. And instead of CGI animation, the final product was animated in Flash. And like I said in my first impressions of this revival series, I personally do not care about the animation of ANY cartoon show, good or bad. Because it is, in my opinion, not the main selling point. No one in their right mind should watch a TV show or movie solely on the basis of “It looks nice” and only that. But, for the sake of argument, I’ll talk about the animation of this reboot. :roll:

The animation is set to Flash and it’s done by 9 Story; a popular flash animation company that’s known for doing work for PBS Kids. Which makes sense, because the original Magic School Bus was either a show that was on PBS Kids or feels like it should’ve been. What with it being an educational series based off of a book. I know a lot of people like to get on TV shows’ cases for being set to Flash (obviously some extremely thick people who don’t how difficult it is to even animate someone’s lips, let alone their whole damn body) but it’s not like the original's animation was completely perfect.

First off, the original was in hand drawn animation. And the main reason why digital animations like Flash and CGI are replacing is because hand drawn animation was incredibly time consuming and money consuming. And most TV shows don’t start with a gigantic budget so they have to cut corners. This leads to tricks that require reusing animations. And I bring this up because the original MSB had this. If you pay attention to when some characters talk, you could see their heads repeatedly nodding back and forth. There are other tricks like this in the show like reusing animations over and over again. Like the Bus’s signature transformation sequence (or as I like to call it, The Squash and Spin) or the classic “Endless Background” technique.

Also, a lot of people like to complain about Flash because they claim it has a lot of animation errors. Meanwhile, the Original Magic School Bus’s animation was filled with animation and sound errors. And just to name some on the top of my head: Colors being in the wrong places, things being in the wrong layer, this one time where Arnold’s voice came out of Ralphie’s mouth and the piece de resistance: the moment in the digestion episode where the Bus is passing down Arnold’s throat and Arnold is somehow inside of the Bus while the Bus is inside his throat. TWICE. Now, that’s not to say that this reboot’s Flash animation doesn’t have errors, of course it does. From minor errors like outlines overlapping or major errors like the MSB logo straight up vanishing for a second on Fiona’s suit. But that doesn't mean that Flash is a bad sense of animation. And here’s why:

Show me a TV show or movie that doesn’t have a single animation error in it and I’ll show you a TV show or movie that’s most likely not animated at all. :stare: Animation is a tedious and difficult career and it’s a lot more work that a lot of motherfuckers who complain about the style will like to believe. And this is why I don’t really talk about animation style in my reviews because I feel as if it’s just a petty detail. But for the sake of this review, all I can say is that the reboot’s animation looks like an updated version of the original’s style. And the original's style wasn’t even that original to me. At least when it came to how they drew humans. I’ve heard a lot of critics say that the kids in the reboot version all have the same face. But I’ve said before that I got the exact same vibe from the original’s kids, and that was mainly because the original was drawn in a style I’ve seen in dozens of other shows in between the 80’s and 90’s. Shows like Carmen Sandiego, Thundercats, TMNT, Dinosaucers, Captain Planet. Hell, there’s this internet theory that the original MSB kids grew up to be Captain Planet kids, soley based off of the fact that the characters look alike.

“Yep, never mind the fact that these are 2 different sets of characters with different names, different sets of personalities and the fact that the kid with the Heart ring doesn’t like any of Ms. Frizzle’s kids: nope, these kids grew up to be these kids solely because they look alike. That just makes more sense! :dummy:

Meanwhile, the reboot’s animation looks a lot cleaner and newer. Which is good, because that’s literally the whole point of it. This is meant to be a newer version of the MSB, so of course they’re going to use cleaner and newer animation. And the models don’t look as stiff as most Flash haters would like to think. Especially since shows like Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends, My Little Pony, Jimmy Two Shoes and other shows that could be described as “lively” are animated in Flash.

So, to summarize, the animation looks alright in the reboot. It just looks, to me, like a newer version of the original's animation and that was the whole, goddamn, point.

And now, we venture into the elephant in the room when it came to this revival series: the introduction of a new Ms. Frizzle.

The very first episode of the revival starts off one school year after the original school year. Everyone is getting ready for a new school year that’s supposed to be exactly the same as the last one. Only for a surprise to literally drop down at them: the new Ms. Frizzle. Fiona Felicity Frizzle (voiced by the equally lovely Kate McKinnon) is Valerie’s younger sister and she is introduced as the new Ms. Frizzle because Valerie has been promoted to “Professor Frizzle” and while Fiona takes care of the kids, Valerie will be travelling the world on her own adventures. The kids go on their first field trip with Fiona and learn about scientific changes. Specifically how a new creature or plant brought into a stable ecosystem can throw it all off and they learn the difference between good changes and bad changes.

This was the perfect way to start off this new series, for 2 major reasons.

The first and most obvious reason is that, as I'm sure you’re all aware of, the most common reaction to the idea of reboot an old series is uptight fan boys with wild hairs up their asses whining about how the original was better, simply for it being the original. Romanticizing an old show and not accepting the newer version is something about fandoms I’ve hated ever since I was a kids and it’s the reason why I coined the phrase “Steve and Joe Syndrome” after my experience with Blue’s Clues. But the fact that they addressed that in the first episode is a major gold star in my opinion. If you’re going to make a major change in a TV show in a reboot or some sort of revival, you need to let us know up front why we should give a damn about it and like it as much as the original. And this series starts off with doing exactly just that on both an emotional and educational level.

And speaking of education, the 2nd reason why this is so genius is because, like I said before, MSB is an educational series. But the thing I always liked about the show isn’t just that. See, the major thing that separates the MSB original books from the original series is that the latter manages to be education in a way that actually tells a story. The books were just Ms. Frizzle’s original class of, say, 20 kids going on an adventure, but most of the educational parts were made of graphs and other visual displays in the edge of the pages. And they just moved from one page to another just for the sake of putting more and more education in your face. Meanwhile, the series had episodes where one of the kids or more would have a major problem that either involved a science topic they didn’t know about or could be solved by it and the kids had to piece together how it could be solved by learning more and more about it as the story progressed.

Like the episodes involving dinosaurs, bats and spiders that start off with the kids thinking that those animals are nothing more than monsters.

Or the episodes involving how computers, wires and car engines work because the kids need to fix those things and they have no idea how.

Or the episodes involving gravity, body mechanics and plant growth because those things helped solve a problem the kids had.

And like I said, starting a revival of the old series with the subject on how ecosystems are affected by change is a great idea. Not only because it fits with the emotional theme of adapting to a big change in your own life, but it also helps with the idea that not all changes are bad. Yes, sometimes a new plant or animal can cause an ecosystem to break, but there are a lot of animals in our everyday lives that started out as invasive species but are a great benefit to that. And it makes a great argument against that stupid #killedmychildhood argument by showing an actual devastating change in an ecosystem that actually hurts people and plants on a serious level.

So the first episode ended up being great. But before we move on to the other episodes, let’s take a look at the characters and see what has changed for the better and worse about them. Starting with Fiona Frizzle herself.

The first thing that slapped me in the face about this character is the sign that Kate McKinnon is not phoning it in with her. When voicing Fionia, Kate is very witty and energetic compared to Lily Tomlin when she voiced Valerie. And that’s because Kate is known for her work on Saturday Night Live; a comedy show. So of course she’s like this, it’s more or less the reason why she’s considered a great actress.

And like I said, her personality really differs from Valerie. Because Valerie always seemed like a very motherly person. Yeah, sure, she launched the kids into space and got them eaten on the regular, but the thing that really creeped me out as a kid about Valerie is that as she was doing that, she had a straight face and smiled the whole time. Making her motherly tone seem almost creepy. But, still, I gotta give props where props are due to Valerie because, despite all the times she put the kids so dangerously close to the line of danger, she never slacked around when the kids actually were in danger. Catching the kids in a net, swooping them into the Bus before they got squashed, enlarging one of the students so he can tell a Tyrannosaurus Rex to sod off; Valerie did all of these things and much, much more because she cared about the kids and didn’t want to put them in any actual danger. And Fiona does the same thing, in the very first episode alone; where she literally saved Arnold by the seat of his pants.

Meanwhile, Fiona is extremely quirky and adds her own little one liners to almost all of the lessons. She almost feels like a cross between a grown up version of Gravity Fall’s Mabel Pines and a female version of Aladdin’s Genie. Which gives her her own personality that differs from Valerie, but there are some elements that show that these 2 characters are still similar to each other. The only real catch phrases I can remember Valerie having on the show were times when she quoted her extended line of family members and friends, or the alliterative statements like “excellent observation”. And that’s another thing: Valerie wasn’t really a common teacher. And, yes, I mean outside from the obvious. :roll: I mean in her teaching methods. Valerie knew that going out into the world and looking at science first hand is the best way to learn it. That’s why her main real catch phrase is the most memorable quote in the show: “Take Chances, Make Mistakes, Get Messy!”. And Fiona takes these traits and roles with them in her own way. Her energetic and quirky attitude lets her use these traits in her own and unique way.

Valerie and Fiona even dress the same...kinda. Ok, you know how in Blue’s Clues, Steve had a green striped shirt while Joe had a shirt with the one stripe and a pattern of squares along it? That’s kinda like how Fiona’s outfits work; you can tell they’re suppose to be like the original’s but they’re also unique in her own way. Valerie always wore dresses that had visual patterns that mirrored the educational topic of the episode, right down to her high heels and earrings. And speaking of earrings, those tend to flash a little, at an attempt to be a warning sign for weirdness. Meanwhile, Fiona’s outfit consists of a skirt that is designed to fit the episode’s theme, while her shirt and shoes stay one color and a necklace is around her neck to be in place of Valerie’s earrings. Also, that’s not the only outfit Fiona wears. She tends to walk into class with even weirder outfits that fit the theme of the episode: space suits, hazmat suits, hula outs, etc.

I brought up the comparison of Blue’s Clues’ Steve and Joe with Fiona because I honestly can’t help but see her as a new version of Joe: a younger sibling meant to be a replacement for the original, but comes off as a character that has its own charm to it while it mirrors as much as the original as it could.

But I don’t just like Fiona because she’s a lot like Joe/Steve or Valerie. I like her because she’s a funny quirky kinda girl and she proved to me, from episode one of this revival, that she’s worthy of being the new Ms. Frizzle.

Next up is the class of kids. Now, every character seems to have gotten through a major makeover: Ralphie’s shirt doesn’t have an R on it, Dorothy Ann and Keesha basically swapped hairstyles, Carlos looks like he got his sweatshirt from Marco Diaz’s closet, etc. And none of the changes look too bad. :shrug: Heck, the hairstyle for Tim looks better in the reboot than it did in the original, in my opinion. But enough about cosmetics. What I did have problem with are the voices. Now, obviously, they couldn’t have gotten every single voice actor from the original to voice their respective characters. And even if they did, they wouldn’t have sounded exactly like they did 20 years ago. The biggest piece of evidence to that is the fact that they got Lily Tomlin to reprise her role as Valerie, and she sounds a little different compared to how she was in the original show. And I'm not saying that the actors they got to play the roles of the kids are bad actors. My main problem is that the first episode also addresses the fact that this is supposed to be a new school year. Therefore, the kids are supposed to be slightly older than they were in the original. And they do look the part: some of the kids are even taller than the others. But some of them don’t sound the part. At least 3 of the kids’ voice actors; namely Carlos, Tim and Ralphie, I have a bit of a nitpick with.

Not with the fact that they sound different, but the fact that they sound slightly younger instead of older. ^^; But that’s just me.

But the one thing that needs to be focused on a revised version of a character is whether or not they hold old to their originals. And in that case, most of the class already does that simply by being there.Ms. Frizzle’s class were an octet of kids, mostly with one note personalities and simple catchphrases. The main thing that kids had to do on the show was to piece together the educational topics, ask questions and solve the main problem on their own. Like I said before, Valerie had a teaching method of giving the kids a gentle push into the subject and letting them figure it out on their own. Sure, there are multiple moments in the original series where Valerie pushed a button on the bus and made something magical happen, but that only happened after the kids said, out loud, what was needed to solve the problem. And as I said even earlier, the format of most of the episodes, if not all of them, revolved around one of the kids having a problem regarding a science topic they didn’t know. This allowed one or more of the kids to be the main characters in the story. But everyone else, and let’s be honest here, might as well have been a hive mind. Aside from the typical catchphrases, any kid that wasn’t in the spotlight barely contributed much. To the point where there were various moments on the show where all of the kids said the exact same line in unison, like a, freaking, hive mind.

Either way, let’s focus on each of the characters in Ms. Frizzle’s class from Valerie’s version of the show and see how they hold up in Fiona’s version. Because it’s not like this review is long enough as it is. :faint:

Let’s start off with the fan favorite of the group: Arnold “I knew I should’ve stayed home today” Perlstein. Arnold was known for being the cynical kid who never really wanted to be on the field trips and was always the most terrified regarding the magic that always happened. That’s why I think it was a great idea to make Arnold the feature character in the first episode in the revival; if there’s anyone in the class that would’ve been worried about a new teacher, it would be him. Because Arnold’s whole trait is to be wary of the unknown and the unusual.

To paraphrase one of my favorite YouTube Critics, Lily Peet: the meta plot of the episode could’ve been summed up with Arnold looking at the audience and saying “You don’t like the idea of a new Ms. Frizzle? Yeah, neither do I.”.

But Arnold does warm up to Fiona, much like he eventually did with Valerie. In later seasons of the original, Arnold was seen less skittish about the adventures and, while there are still moments he wished he stayed home, he’s at some times actively enjoyed himself. Like that one time he got zapped into a chicken’s egg and came out with a daddy complex.

But does this mean that Arnold spends the rest of the reboot being chill and actually likes being there? No. He’s still as skittish as ever. Worrying about the falling out of Earth’s orbit, putting on an excessive amount of safety belts, regretting the fact that Fionia pushed the volcano button: Arnold does all of these things and more during the following episodes of the reboot because the point of the first episode was to make Arnold comfy with the idea of a new teacher. Not be comfy with the field trips. Because the second Arnold stops regretting not staying home 100% of the time, his whole purpose as a character disappears.

The only other thing about Arnold that comes to mind is his interest in Geology and his twin cousin; Janet. Both of which are in the revival. His interest interest in Geology during an episode regarding the rock cycle and he basically takes lead in the lesson more so than Fiona, and there was this one episode where Fiona takes the kids to a mountain of magnetite and he geeks out a bit in the cutest way Arnold possibly could. As for Janet, she get’s special mention. Arnold’s cousin was introduced in one of the original books and in the very first episode of the original series as a snobby, self-centered prick who wanted to talk about nothing but how much better she was than everyone else. The original series took this fact about Janet and made it that main cause of the episode’s plot. Which, again, is something that it did better than in the books because in said book, Ms. Frizzle just goes into space and without being the direct cause of that, Janet’s role could be summed up as “just being there”. And Janet’s role of being the direct cause of a field trip didn’t stop once they came back from Pluto, there are tons of episodes where Janet just walks into a situation, brags for a moment and it causes the class to go on a field trip. Saying they should make the bog beast the new school mascot, coaching a muscle man of a teacher to win in a race against Ms. Frizzle, having a smell that she thinks could win a smell judging contest; Janet’s been the cause of all of these field trips and more, whether she was in the bus, or if the bus was inside her.

And she does that in the revival twice; once bragging about how the effects for their play is not convincing and how her volleyball team is going to beat theirs.

Next up on the character showcase: Dorothy “According to my research, this is my full name” Ann. Or just D.A. for short

D.A. was known as the class’ bookworm. While everyone else was learning from the observations of experiences that came with the field trip, Dorothy Ann simply looked into books and said facts out loud. And what I considered to be the best episode featuring D.A., both in the original series and in the revival, is the episode that addresses that and helps D.A. learn that data and books aren’t the only way to learn; which is the main point of the Magic School Bus’ existence as a franchise. But the difference is the episodes’ plots.

In the original series’ volcano episode; D.A. loses her book-bag and needs to go off after it because she thinks that without it, she’s travelling blind in the science world. But after seeing more and more about what is going on at the bottom of the sea, she makes the big breakthrough of how volcanoes make islands, on her own and without her books.

In the revival series, the class goes to a field trip to a gigantic glacier because D.A. is having trouble telling a story without going into scientist mode and can’t even say “once upon a time” without breaking out the carbon dating equipment. But when they all fall into the glacier’s deep canyon-like interior (which was D.A.’s actual fault) she learns how the glacier tells the story of global warming and becomes so fascinated by it that she manages to tell a story through that data.

Whether it’s the original or the revival, D.A. goes through the lesson that science is a lot more than just facts and figures. It’s an important part about her and it’s something that stays with her.

Next up is Keesha “Oh, Bad. Oh, Bad. Oh, Bad Bad Bad.” Franklin. And the one thing that stuck me out about Keesha is that she was the straight man (or is it “straight woman”?) of the group. She was more mature and level headed out of most of the kids. But she was also very, very stubborn and her episodes usually centers around her completing an important goal. And most of those cases was to prove someone wrong.

In fact, you guys know how a lot of people like to ship Keesha with Ralphie? That’s because most of the time, Ralphie is the character she’s trying to prove wrong. Saying things that start off with the words “No, Ralphie” and ends with “You’re not Weather Man”, “Ms. Frizzle isn’t a vampire”, “You can’t make a robot to do your chores for you” and so on and so on. Every other episode that involves Keesha trying to prove someone wrong involved Janet trying to make everyone think there was a ghost, Keesha suing Ms. Frizzle for potentially stealing her cucumber or episodes where Keesha tries to make a point very clear like how you shouldn't throw money into something if you don’t 100% know what you’re gonna get, how air is a lot more interesting than it seems and how the right movie needs the right star.

That last one gets special mention because there’s an episode in the revival that’s similar to that. In the original; the class had a project where they made a movie about ants. In the revival, the class was part of a performance of a sequel to the Three Little Pigs. Both situations involves Keesha playing the part of the director and failing to do so. The main difference is that in the original episode, Keesha got frustrated in finding the right kind of ant to make a star and all of the pressure got to her to the point where she just ran out in a fit. In the revival, the problem is that Keesha is putting too much pressure on the others to make the play perfect to the point where they just flat out quit and want to go home. Then Keesha makes it clear that reasons she was so pressuring about the play is the fact that the aforementioned Three Little Pigs sequel is a story her parents told her ever since she was a baby.

There’s even an revival episode where Keesha is shown to have an interest in becoming an astronaut and spends the whole episode trying to get a picture of herself in space to use in her application form. I’d argue that it’s weird to paint Keesha as a space nerd, since we never noticed that in the original and she’s been in space a few dozen times before, but then I remembered that Keesha is one of the few students that didn’t really have a dream job or anything like that, unlike Arnold and D.A. and the fact that she probably fell in love with the space field trips so much, she wants to keep doing it after she eventually graduates out of Ms. Frizzle’s class.

Keesha is at her best when she’s debating against someone or trying to drive a point home. And both the original and the revival do that with her in spades.

Up next is Ralphie “is it just me or did you already mention me?” Tennelli. Ralphie was always known as a bit of a day-dreamer. And as I said before, he had a lot of weird ideas that he just jumped into without thinking: reading too many comics and thinking Ms. Frizzle was a vampire, thinking he could make a robot to do his chores, pretending to be a superhero, things a literally just mentioned. But to add onto the list: he took D.A.’s book without asking and used it as a first base in Baseball. He also had the habit of making bad judgments regarding animals, like when he thought bats were nothing but monsters and how he thought animals couldn’t survive in the city. But all of these traits mix into Ralphie being the kind of person who tends to lead the class whenever Valerie isn’t around.

And that dreamer/leader aspect is shown in the revival. Remember when I said that revival Janet said that her volleyball team was gonna win? Her main selling point to that was because they had a great cheer-leading team. Which gives Ralphie the idea to make a gigantic cheer-leading robot, and put himself in charge of it. And since he kept calling himself “The Brain of the operation”, this lead the episode into learning how about the brain actually works; one of the rare topics that the original series didn’t cover. Ralphie is at his best when one of his weird ideas are the driving point of the series and the revival recognized that.

Also, remember when I said that Ralphie’s original voice actor had a part in this revival? Turns out he’s the producer. Who’d a thought, huh? :shrug:

Alright, let’s finish these kids off with a lightning round.

Tim was a kid who always sat in the back and doodled in a sketchbook. The one episode that took this to heart was one where Ralphie wanted to be a weather based superhero and Tim was drawing the comic in between all of times they got, as he put it, Frizzled. The revival series took that comic side plot and made it the main plot, causing an episode where all of the kids in the class become rock-cycle-based superheroes. I would complain that this revival kinda broke the canon because it implies that Weather Man was an existing comic book hero and that Tim had nothing to do with its creation, but it's a minor nitpick, really.

Carlos was always known for being a class clown in the original: saying terrible puns and making everyone groan and shout his name at him as they laugh. And during the very first episode of the revival and various episodes afterwards, they address that Carlos is still the class clown. And he and D.A. still have an interesting dynamic, like the one episode of the reboot’s first season where she is hanging out with him at the beach.

And let’s end this class concentration on the topic of Phoebe “At my old school, we never Netflix and chill” Terese. And that’s because she is flat out not in the revival series. They make it clear in the first episode that Phoebe went back to her old school. And in her place is a brand new character.

Thus leading into the introduction of Jyoti Kaur: the new class techie.

Jyoti is a girl that is known for her inventions and gadgets. This ties in the whole idea that the revival is suppose to have a sci-fi almost futuristic look with both the Bus and the smartphones and tablets everyone has. But the thing about Jyoti is that the second she was announced, fanboys kept calling her a Mary Sue; a bullshit buzzword that people like to say when they think a character has no flaws. In this case, they think that Jyoti’s ability to build almost anything makes her a character that can pull any solution out from her ass.

And here’s the thing: yes, Jyoti has made a lot of futuristic inventions over the course of the revival. But almost none of them end up working.

And no, I don’t mean that in the Jimmy Neutron sense where she builds something in a very irresponsible manner and it ends up causing the main conflict of the story. I mean in the sense that most of the inventions she makes don’t get in the way of the story.

Yes, Jyoti made a little smart house for a fish which had security cameras and a working TV. But the fish was so disinterested in it, it might as well have made of lego.

Yes, Jyoti made a camouflage cloak that changes its color. But it didn't stop her from getting eliminated from the extreme hide and seek contest.

Yes, Jyoti’s biggest accomplish is making an actual living robot that she treats as a little sister. But it’s not like the robot can think for itself! It runs on verbal instructions! And there’s even a point where we learn it isn’t all that smart because it misunderstood Jyoti to the point where it caused the main conflict of the final act of one episode!

Any invention that Jyoti made that actually works to solve the problem is made at the last minute. Sometimes at the start of the final act, sometimes after a massive time skip.

So you can’t really say Jyoti is a Mary Sue. I mean, you can, you’ll just be wrong.

Another trait that Jyoti has is...kinda hard to explain. Follow me here: if you were a student that was brand new in Ms. Frizzle’s class and little to no idea what was in store for you once you got onto the bus, how do you think you’d react on your first field trip?

Speaking as someone who was practically raised on this franchise, I speak no hyperbolism when I say I’d be screaming my ass off, hiding under my chair, accusing Ms. Frizzle of being a she-devil and doing other things that would make even Arnold look at me a go “Dude, get a grip”.

Jyoti on the other hand? Yeah, she loves it. Since the first episode of the revival, Jyoti was more and more excited about the Bus’ magic and how it transformed itself, and the class, to the point where I think her catchphrase is “Don’t you love it when the Bus does its stuff?”. And to the point where Jyoti is more willing to literally jump into adventure more so than the original kids. She is almost an opposite to Arnold.

But we get ahead of ourselves: let’s focus back onto Phoebe’s overall character and as to why she got replaced. And we’re immediately shown why because the thing about Phoebe is that she didn’t really have a character.

Like I hinted at earlier, the one thing most people remember Phoebe for is that her only catchphrases was talking about how her old school was nothing compared all of the weirdness that is Ms. Frizzle’s class. And that’s the only real trait she had that no one else did. And before anyone pulls up the defense that she was tree hugger, that leads onto our last member of Ms. Frizzle’s original class; Wanda.

Wanda “What are we gonna do? (times 3)” Li was a bit of tomboy in the class. She was known for being loud, brave and a hell of a toughie. Always willing to go into danger to save the day and calling the class “Weasley Whimps” for being behind her. But what most people don’t remember about Wanda is that she had a soft side: whether it was with her younger brother, her interest in the Nutcracker Ballet and lastly, and this is a biggie, her love for animals.

I mentioned earlier that people would argue that Phoebe is the animal lover because of the episodes focusing on the desert and spiders; both of which involved Phoebe dragging the class by its collective shirt collar so she could try to save some animals. But the thing is, Wanda had an episode where she did that long before Phoebe did. The frog episode was about Wanda wanting to turn the classroom into a habitat for her pet frog, Bella. And she did that for the same reason Phoebe went into the desert to look for animals or went into a B-Movie to help a giant praying mantis: it’s because neither of them thought the animals could live on their own.

And the revival did that perfectly with Wanda. She stars in an episode where the class goes to the ocean and she tries her damnedest to guard a widdle fishy from being eaten: getting into a fish sub that Bus provides, get Jyoti to build that aforementioned smart house and getting herself in trouble with a goddamn shark. And the major difference between that and either of the times Phoebe tried to save an animal’s live is because she tried to take the peaceful approach: giving out food and water to the animals. While Wanda tried to get her hands dirty in the mess. The closest thing Phoebe ever did to that was convincing Ms. Frizzle to turn the Bus into a giant spider. Which is not the same thing.

And, no, I’m not saying that Jyoti was a great character and Phoebe was a boring character because I hate her. I don’t really hate any of the characters on the show. Not even the one shot villains or even Janet for that manner. And I will admit that I do miss Phoebe’s charm and if they brought her back for at least one episode, I’d watch that shit in a heartbeat.

What I am saying is that if there was any character in the original cast that could’ve gotten replaced, Phoebe is the one. Because the one thing that made Phoebe unique is something a previous character had and they just gave it to her. The only other thing about her would be a catchphrase that would’ve clashed with the whole idea that this is suppose to be a new school year.

Last on the list is the Bus and Liz.

Liz is Valerie’s pet lizard and while she left the school to go on adventures, Liz was left to be assisting Fiona with the field trips. Liz was always a bit of silent comic. Does that make sense? Probably not. Well, most cases she was seen in the background doing something funny and using facial expressions in order to, well, express herself. Even in moments where she was left in charge and had to drive the bus. And that happens in the revival. And Liz helps Fiona drive the Bus since she’s not 100% sure how it works. ^^;

Speaking of the Bus, it’s futuristic makeover is astonishing! The Bus went from looking like a cartoon vehicle in the original to looking like the kind of bus you’d see rolling down the street with it’s sharp black lines along the side, larger lights on the back, being more boxed shaped instead of round shape, having one of those big mirrors that start from the top of the bus but curve downward, almost like an angler fish’s light and more details in the Bus’s face. And that’s just the exterior. The inside of the Bus, at times, looks like a goddamn spaceship. Even during the moments when isn’t. Neon lights along everything from the seats to the roof and, my personal favorite; a dashboard that’s tricked out with high tech instruments, like a gigantic touch screen to control the Bus’ transformations. And then there are all of the transformations, gadgets and different features that the Bus has now. And that previous “Squash and Spin” thing I mentioned earlier is still a thing that Bus does. But the tornado “Spin” part just looks lot cleaner now than it did 20 years ago. Back then, they made the tornado seem like the Bus by making it look as if the Bus’ parts were swirling around the tornado. Here, they do that, along with making the tornado have separate layers of blue, yellow, black and all of the other colors that make up the Bus. And they do it so detailed that you can actually see the headlights! And the final burst of light in the end of the transformation sequence in the original: that’s better in the revival for 2 main reasons. Firstly, the looks cleaner because it looks like a burst of fireworks with little bits of magic in the air during the last few seconds of the burst. Almost as if the Bus is fueled by pixie magic. And lastly because, in the original, that flash of light was sometimes used to replace the tornado method of transformation in an attempt to save money on animation. Here, not only is the does that burst of light look better but it’s not always used. Sometimes the Bus just opens up and lets out a parachute, fold up wings, freeze rays, rocket engines, ice drills, crane claws, helicopter propellers and even mini-vehicles for each of the class to drive in. Which, yeah, the Bus did in the original, but not as often as you thing because, you guessed it, it would take a lot more animation.

So, yeah, the Bus is pimped out for the reboot. But that’s not even my favorite thing about the Bus in this reboot.

Even though the Bus is my favorite cartoon vehicle ever, I once mentioned in a review for Playhouse Disney’s Little Einsteins that the rocket ship character (simply named “Rocket”) was actually characterized, had a personality and was the focused in some episodes, including a one hour special. Meanwhile, the actual Magic School Bus didn’t have that much of a personality and the only episodes that had it in the focus were the ones that could be summed up with “the Bus breaks down”. And, no, this reboot doesn’t do that, but it does characterize the Bus a bit. There are moments where the Bus lets out some facial expressions that show it being a small part of the story: winking at Fionia when she does the classic “Bus, do your stuff” line, rolling its eyes when Ralphie got stuck to it once, sighing at a point where, if it did had a voice, it’d probably say “Eh, it’s a living”.

There’s even a moment where the Bus is jumping up and down to see the kids in the classroom and smiling from ear to ear--uh, fender to fender and it’s the cutest thing ever. Almost as if the Bus is like a giant puppy. :la:

So, yeah, the Bus’ sci-fi styled makeover looks amazing. And while I can’t say that the characterization of the Bus is exactly what I wanted, I can’t say I’m disappointed with what they have done with it.

But there’s still one final character we need to focus on and that’s the original Valerie Frizzle. Some people may wonder why they’d bother to bring Valerie’s original voice actor back to the show if she was going to be replaced with a new Frizzle with new voice actor. And I can answer that question by quoting another question:

“Hello, is this The Magic School Bus?”

Anyone who remembers that quote recognizes it from a sort of aftermath segment that happened at the end of each episode. During said segments, animated versions of the producers of the show (and even some one shot characters from the episodes, and also Phoebe) get calls from kids who just watched the episode and have questions to ask. Most questions regarded actual problems that the original episodes had with both the stories and the science facts around. Mostly regarding things like how you can’t travel around the solar system in a day, there are thousands of species of spiders but the episode only focused on 3, how things like electric charges are actually invisible. And other things like “Don’t try this at home” safety warnings and “Do try these at home” activities regarding the science topics.

I bring these up because, in the revival, it’s Valerie doing these Q and A sequences during her trips around the world. Every episode ends with Valerie driving around the world in this motorcycle version of the Bus (or as I like to call it, The Magic Scooter Bike) with her new assistant; Goldie the monkey. And Valerie talks about the episodes we just saw, tells us the difference between science fiction and science fact, gives the kids safety warnings and even gives a sneak peek of a clue as to what the next episode is going to be about. However, my first raised eyebrow regarding all of this was the idea that Valerie is aware of the 4th wall and knows that she’s a character in a cartoon.

That eyebrow sank a few seconds after the realization that, if any character in the Magic School Bus was aware it was a cartoon show, Valerie would be one of the 2 most likely ones.

The other one would be Liz, since she was always seen in the Q and A sequences just walking around in the background and doing things that would end up being related to whatever the caller and the answerer would be talking about. Like how talks to kids about how dangerous it is to work with electricity and gasoline, and we see Liz in the background working with those things but in the safest way possible. But in the revival, instead of Liz doing these cute little bits, it’s that monkey named Goldie I just mentioned. She’s the one in this place instead of Liz, since Liz is with Fiona and the class. And while I am sad that Liz got replaced in this sense, it’s a very minor part and Liz works better as the assistant in main show than in this regard. Besides, Liz may be almost as magic as Ms. Frizzle, but she can’t be in 2 places at once.

And finally, let’s talk about some of the episodes by doing this new thing I’ve been meaning to try for my TV reviews where I talk about the best and the worst episodes. And when it came to this reboot, the contenders for these positions came to me instantly.

Starting with the worst episode. And if you’ve payed attention to anything I’ve said is that a lot of the episodes in the reboot took a plot from an original episode and worked a spin on it. All of the episodes regarding D.A. learning to put down the books, Keesha being a director, Ralphie wanting to make a robot and Tim working on a comic have all be done in the original. But if you have been paying attention, you’ll know that I like all of these episodes because they do their own spin on it; like how Keesha was hard on the kids because the story was important to her and how Tim’s comic was in the focus and not the background.

But if those episodes were evidence on how to do it right, then “Monster Power” is an example on how to do it wrong. Said episode is about Arnold ruining a camping trip because he saw a scary movie about a monster whose feeds off of pollution and whose weakness is bright like. Leading him to waste the trip trying to power a shit ton of lights to scare off the monster. Thus leading into an episode where the class focuses on clean energy. This is an obvious spin on the original series’ episode about clean energy “Getting Energized”, but this episode takes too much from that. Just like in the original episode, the class makes water wheels and pinwheels to power up the lights after they discover wind and water power, just like in the original. But the problem is that the educational part of this episode is just that: just like in the original. Every other episode of this revival either focuses on a science topic the original didn’t focus on at all (the human brain, magnets, etc.) or only focused on a little (camouflage, the rock cycle and also etc.). But this episode just feels as if they plucked the clean energy episode and put it into a new story. Also, there was a point in the orignal energy episode where they tried manual power and realized quickly that it wasn't going to work. In the revival, they try man power, but they stretch it across several minutes, making the episode really, really boring. And that segways me to how the story is the other thing I hate about it; because the implications of telling a kid “you need to stop pollution or a monster will eat you” is just as fucked up as it sounds. And there’s no point in the story where Fiona or anyone tells Arnold that the movie was fake and there is no monster. It ends with him, and even the class, believing it. Luckily, that glacier episode starring D.A. I mentioned earlier works as a better anti-global-warming episode.

Now, that’s not the say the original didn’t send any bad messages; one that comes to mind is the aforementioned Q and A producer segments telling kids that animals are not friendly and they will attack, but I’d be lying out of all 4 of my nostrils if I said that this wasn’t worse.

As for the best episode of this reboot, I’ve already talked about it. Way back in the character section regarding Keesha, I mentioned she was the star of a space episode (buh dum tish). Said episode was called “Space Mission: Selfie” and it is, honestly, my personal favorite episode of this reboot. Now, people will argue that space is not the first frontier for the Magic School Bus, since the literal first episode of the original was about that, along with several others. But all of those episodes revolved around planets, stars, space rocks and the gravitational pull that those things create. And after seeing all of those episodes as a kid, most of which on my copy of the Space Adventures DVD, I once thought “Well, duh, of course there’s only 4 space episodes, they pretty much covered everything”.

Yeah, “Space Mission: Selfie” proved me wrong. The episode focuses on artificial satellites, how they work, how different satellites do different things, how there are different stages of orbit, and other things about satellites that even I; a 20-something year old tech nerd, didn’t know. And like I mentioned earlier, this is an episode that focuses on Keesha’s stubbornness. Her stubbornness to get a picture for her space camp application during a mission to fix Fiona’s Frizz Tech satellite. But during her obsession regarding the picture, Keesha ends up sending the space pod she was driving into a frenzy because she didn’t listen to Fiona’s instructions of “Don’t press the red button” and she ends up breaking all of the Frizz Tech satellites like an orbital pinball.

Now, a nostalgia driven fanboy could complain and say that Keesha would never ruin a field trip’s mission like that. But here’s the thing: she already had. In the original. Remember when I said that there was an original episode where Keesha was so stubborn with her money, she didn’t want to spend a cent on the star shopping channel until she saw the stars for herself? Well, that mentality of hers caused the class to miss their window of opportunity multiple times and having to find more and more stars because other star shoppers (including Arnold's cousin Janet) beat them to the punch.

So, yeah, Keesha would do that, because she did it before.

Still, I love this episode because of the satellite topic, but not just because I’m kinda a techie. It’s because this revival surprised me with a subject the original didn’t focus on entirely. Which gives me hope for this revival, if it gets renewed for a 2nd season. Although, the episode isn’t 100% perfect; at the beginning of the episode, Keesha daydreams about meeting her astronaut idol, but at the end of the episode, that exact same idol just comes floating into the Bus out of nowhere, in a very rushed attempt to end it on a happy ending. :unimpressed: So, this episode is an A- at best.

Ok, this has been a long review, so let’s wrap this up like a mummy on Christmas morning. I started off this review on the fact that this reboot’s title went from “Magic School Bus 360” to its current title “Magic School Bus Rides Again”, but you wanna know what I would’ve suggested for the title of this reboot? “Magic School Bus Season 5”. Because this doesn’t really feel like a reboot or a revival, it just feels like a continuation of the original. And if you've been paying attention to anything I’ve said so far (again(?)), you’d know that there really isn’t a lot of things about this revival, good or bad, that I can’t immediately turn around and say was in the original. And that mostly has to do with the fact that the crew behind this revival is made up of 50% people were on the original’s crew and 50% people who were such big fans of the original that they wanted in on the project. A lot of fanboys like to cry that the worst thing about reboots is that they aren’t anything like the original product, but when they usually say that, they mean in terms of the animation style and the characters voice acting. What makes a reboot like the original is knowing what made the original good on an objective level; focusing on the episodes’ plots, the characters’ personalities and other stuff that focuses on the story. Which, as I’ve said before, is the main important thing in any movie or TV show and is far more important than any animation style or choice will ever be.

“But, Ruben, counterpoint: reboots are bad, like Teen Titans Go and Powerpuff Girls 2016!”

Well, counter-counterpoint, asshole: if all reboots were bad, why is Ducktales 2017 and Samurai Jack Season 5 considered to be hits? The same reason why MSB Rides Again works; understanding the characters and the plot formats of the original and modernizing them to be both unique and entertaining.

Let me end this review with a tangent: I am sick to death of people hating on reboots nowadays. Fanboys and crybabies screaming out of every orifice because of the kind of changes that reboots need in order to function, like making the Ghostbusters girls or having Bob the Builder be in CGI animation. And especially here because most of the detractors to the reboot’s trailer were saying shit about how the original was great simply because of the animation, how the characters were great because of their catchphrases or how the fans liked to ship them and even now, I’ve seen people who looked at the reboot and said “Yeah, it’s as educational as the original, but who gives a shit?”.

That, that right here, that is a lot more disrespectful to the original product than any reboot could’ve been. Because that is actually disrespectful to the creators hard work in making the orignal Magic School Bus. And most of the people who said this shit claimed to be fans of the original Magic School Bus. I don’t buy it, because the original series--the franchise of a whole of the Magic School Bus--was created to help kids learn about the world on an objective scientific level and pursue into the unknown for the sake of knowledge and to take chances to experience something new.

Saying you’re an MSB fan and saying shit like that is like wearing leather while claiming you’re a vegan.

If you’re an actual fan of the MSB, you loved this show because of the class’ field trips as they ventured into the world of science in amazing and wondrous adventures.

If you’re an actual fan of the MSB, you loved the characters for being kind and smart kids who learned from their mistakes and solved their own problems as they learned a subject along side you.

And if you’re an actual fan of the MSB, you’ll love the MSB Rides Again just as much.

I’m Ruben Falcon. Thanks for reading.


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