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Gianna, as the man who is in here, let me just say that you did an outstanding job at drawing my OC! You copied every detail that you s...




This just in: bears shit in the woods.

And in other news, Viacom and Spectrum have stopped being babies and, therefore, life in cable land is all but safe once more.

Goodnight, everybody who gives a damn.
Do you know what's the best way to start a baseball game?

Just right off the bat.
Did I ever tell you guys about the time I pulled Victoria Justice from a burning building and saved her from a group of thugs?

No? Well, good, because that never happened.
2 days ago, I did a post regarding how Spectrum is going to drop Viacom channels like Nickelodeon, MTV, Comedy Central and at least 20 others. And I posted links to websites and phone numbers to file complaints.

Yeah, they're dropping the channels tonight. :grump: I'm still fighting this fight, though. I need my Paw Patrol after a stressful week at college (yes, I just said that, f*ck you).

And you know what's the worst part? According to my mother, this isn't the first time Spectrum tried to pull this crap. And that about a month ago, Spectrum tried to remove all of the Disney owned channels from Rhode Island's cable packages. It was revoked once it caused a massive uproar. So, I guess that gives me hope that Spectrum will get their head out of their ass about this once they see how pissed off people could be.

Side note here: in the previous post I did about this problem, most of the comments were people talking about how glad they were that they didn't have to deal with it. I understand that this isn't that big of a deal and the best case scenario is I won't see live Nick shows for about a week while the worst case scenario is Spectrum losing a lot of costumers.

But, still, guys, that is a really large dick move. :stare: No matter how much of a molehill of a mountain you think your friend's problems are, you should never respond to it by saying "Wow, I'm glad I don't have to deal with it". Because, big problem, small problem or no problem at all, you look like a dick while doing it.

So, to recap: if you have Spectrum cable and want to get your favorite channels back after tonight, call Spectrum at 888-250-5557 or you can go to a website called to file your complaints.
This one time in high school, my class went on a field trip to this big ice rink. It had been the second time I went there and just like the first, I spent 90% of my time trying to circle the rink once.

Because I have no coordination with my footies on ice.

Everything was fine, until my teacher announced that there were 2 options of going home; getting into a group so we could all get on the train together or just go home whenever you want by yourself. Now, despite living in New York City for at least 3 4ths of my life, I have no idea how to get around this place. I can't follow street signs for anything. My mom once said that if some people's sense of direction could be symbolized with a compass, mine could be symbolized by those spinner wheels you use in board-games (not in those exact words, obviously). The point is, the second my teacher said that, I knew I had to come home with them.

Next thing I knew, I fell asleep.

Out of, freaking, nowhere! All I thought was "Ok, the teacher's gonna take me home then. I'll just sit here on this nice bench and wait until--ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!" It's like I passed out or something! My only explanation is that trying to circle the ice rink and not fall flat on my face took way more out of me than I imagined. After dog knows how much time pass, I was woken up through the murmurs of a few voices. I open my eyes a little and see a group of kids; some I recognized from school, some I don't, just flat out staring at me sleep. Some said that I was drooling, some guy even said he thought my snoring was funny. Which is just as disturbing as it sounded.

I also noticed that the group of kids that were suppose to leave with the teacher already left. And I was stuck there. I ended up calling my mom and she gave me a subway route to get home and I ended up having to buy a Metro Card with my own money.

Skip to the following year, they announced they were going to do the trip again. And when a friend of mine asked if I was gonna go, I got a That's So Raven styled vision of everything that happened last time and I was like "...Nah, I'm good".
Apparently, Spectrum (formally known as Time Warner Cable) is going to drop a deal with Viacom.

For those of you who don't know; Viacom is the entertainment company that owns channels like Comedy Central, MTV and Nickelodeon. But for some reason, Viacom wants to close a deal with Spectrum which will cause all of these channels, and more, to be dropped from their service. Meaning if you have Spectrum, like myself, you won't be able to see the Daily Show, The Loud House of {Insert whatever the hell kind of show plays on MTV} anymore.

Much like that time FCC got a wild hair up their ass about Net Neutrality, there's something you can do. Call Spectrum at  888-250-5557 or you can go to a website called to file your complaints and find other ways how to try and convinced Spectrum to get their head out of their ass.

I'm only suggesting this because when I flipped my TV to Nickelodeon, besides the episode of the Loud House involving the "Sweet Spot", the first thing I saw was a bar that basically said the exact same thing I'm saying right now in this post.

So, unless you want to resort to very shady online video sites to see episodes of your favorite shows online (websites like watchcartoonshereandthiswebsiteisn' then I suggest clicking those links and dialing those numbers.
I just realized that when I laugh, I sometimes sound like a sad puppy.

That's messed up.
You ever been in a situation where you say something smart and then everyone in the entire room looks at you as if they're all silently saying "Since when were you intelligent?"?
Sometimes, a loss in communication can cause a bit of humor.

For instance: you guys remember Maya and Miguel? If you don't, it was this PBS Kids show from, like, 10 years ago where the title characters were a pair of Hispanic twins. Maya being a sister who already had big ideas for plans that would inevitably backfire and Miguel being the one that ends up getting inevitably dragged into it. I watched it casually as a kid but if I was a reviewer back then, I'd say that it's more of the kind of show I watch while I wait for a PBS kids show I actually wanted to see, like Cyberchase which came on afterwards.

Now, like both of the twins, I come from a Hispanic family. But unlike either of the twins, I don't know that much and whenever they said something in Spansih I would usually turn to the nearest family member, 9 times out of 10 was usually my mother, and ask for a translation. But here's the thing.

Maya's main catchphrase is that whenever she gets a big idea, she shouts "¡Éso es!" and her ponytail kinda lights up a bit (no explanation as to how, but whatever) but I didn't know what those words meant. Well, as a kid, I didn't know. Nowadays, I do know that it translates to "That's it!". But when I first saw the show, I didn't have access to a Google Translator, so I would always turn to my mom and say "What does 'Éso es' mean?"

You know what her answer was? "Save Our Souls". :XD:
Fun Fact: not all fun facts are either fun nor factually accurate.
Just yesterday, I was thinking about Jessica Rabbit. No, not in that way, you creeps. :stare: You know my heart belongs to Hello Nurse.

Anyways, I realized something; Jessica and Rodger share the same last name Rabbit because they're married. This isn't like Mickey and Minnie where "Oh, we both have the last name 'Mouse' but we're not married, we've just been dating for the past 89 years". No: Jessica and Rodger Rabbit walked down the isle.

Which made me wonder: what the name of sweet Jesus in a birch bark canoe was Jessica Rabbit's maiden name? As in, the name she had before she got a wedding ring made out of 24 carrot gold (buh dum tish)?

Yeah, I looked it up and according to some articles scattered across the Google results, her maiden name was "Jessica 
Krupnick". There was even some sort of deleted idea for the movie where we flashback into how Rodger and Jessica met during World War 2.

Like I said, they didn't use the idea. But I'm at least 100% sure that I saw a similar thing in an episode of The Looney Tunes Show involving Granny, Tweety Bird and the Eiffel Tower.
I remember my first funeral.

It was for the father of a close family member. I remember dressing all in black attire and feeling as if it was snuffing out all of the joy and humor that's usually bouncing around my heart. We walked into the funeral and I felt what I could only describe as "the exact opposite of the feeling you get when you enter a really fun and exciting party". People were crying, sulking and looking at the newly dead-ed family member sitting in his coffin and surrounded by an array of flowers and being the first instance where I see someone surrounded by flowers and I feel literally no joy at all. Before long, we were all sat in seats and,after a short speech, the priest ask for a moment of silence as we remembered the newly departed.

...Literally 3 seconds of silence in and my aunt's stomach lets out a growl so, fudging, loud that it is heard by literally everyone in the room. Next thing I know, everyone was laughing their asses off at the sheer shattering of the tone. :XD:
I am finally done with my back load of requests and am officially on what I like to call my Request Rest.

But, here are some bad-ish news to those of you who give a shit. Now, my orignal plan was to get all of these requests done during my first week of school and take the rest of September off and go back to work on requests in October. That obviously isn't the case now because it's literally the last day of September and October 9th; the orignal day I was planning on ending this rest, is about 2 Mondays away. And 2 Mondays isn't enough time for me to take a vacation from requests. But do you know what is?


Yes, you read that right, folks. My request rest will start, technically, now and will go through the entireties of October and November. And I'll go back into requests and art trades at December 8th. That's at least 60 days for me to recuperate myself and get back into drawing freely again.

Now, some of you may think that this is unfair, that I'm just being lazy and that  your grandma looks a lot like a walrus. But none of that is true except that 3rd thing because the reality is that I am suffering from major drawing fatigue. Like I said in a previous status post, it's been at least 3 years since I actually took a break from requests to work on my own art. And that I think the fact that I've been working so hard on requests was part of the reason why I went into such an emotional funk last year.

Because this website started to feel less like fun and more like an actual job. Less like a way to display my passion of artwork, and more like me working some sort of artistic equivalent to a fast food restaurant.

And if I don't get my mojo back soon enough, it's going to take me longer and longer to develop the energy to want to draw anything. And then it'll mean requests will come later and later and later. Or worse, I'll lose interest in drawing all together and will want to quit drawing and deactivate this account all together.

And that is the exact opposite of what I or any of you really want to happen.

Also, one major problem I have with requests is that I don't really have any rhymes or reasons to the limit of the requests. I always just say "Yes" to be nice, but then they keep accumulating, collocating and amalgamating into a big pile. And by the time I realize I've made another back load of work, it's far too late. I have come up with a system to prevent that for next time, but I'll explain it when the time comes.

So, to recap: I will be taking a 2 month break from requested work and art trades in order to work on my original work, relax and come back with a fresh state. The only work I'll be working on that'll be focused on other people will be gift artwork and birthday presents.

And, no, you can't cheat the system by telling me "Hey, Ruben, it's my birthday next week, and I really want--blah, blah, blah" trying to hide a request as a gift. That would be a dick-move maximums. :stare:

So, this is it. I'm finally on break and I'll be posting a lot more work soon, without my patented "Get requests done before you even think of doing your own work" mentality (or the "no cookies before you finish your veggies" rule) holding me back. I've already got some great doodles in store, sketch dumps and even a new draft of my comic that I and a close friend have worked on for a while now.

But until then, I wish you all good night sleep and give you a friendly reminder to anchor down your rice pudding.
Welp, guys, tomorrow's the big day. Tomorrow's the day where we see Netflix take chances, make mistakes and gets messy with the all new Magic School Bus Rides Again revival series.

If you've been keeping wraps of me for the past, say, 3 years, you'd know I'm incredibly excited about this. Not just because it's the Magic School Bus; number 2 on my top 3 list of childhood favorite shows, but because Netflix is one of the few channels, and I use that term fairly loosely, that revivals cartoons the best way, like with Inspector Gadget and Danger Mouse.

Now, that, along with that whole journal post I recently did where I debunked a lot of the criticisms of the revival's trailer, and I use the word "criticisms" even looser, does not mean that I think that this revival is going to be 100% perfect.

All I can say is this; by this time next week, I'll have posted a review of the revival. But for now I will go into the revival tomorrow with an open mind and will take mental notes for what made it good or bad, like I do with everything I review.

I thought the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs series ended up sucking because I did a post saying about how good it was and ended up jinxing it. In reality, the lesson should've been a reminder that, just like I did with all of the Equestria Girls movie, is to keep an open mind on it, watch at least half of the season and formulate an opinion on whether it's good or bad.

So, will the M.S.B. Rides Again be another great Netflix reboot or will all of those butt hurt fanboys crying about #killedmychildhood end up being right, and I say that the loosest of all?

Come back next week to find out.
This Status Update was brought to you by Smurf Paste!

Smurf Paste: it brushes the blues away!
Word of the wise: if you end up going to a party, and I'm there, and I ask you for a dance, make sure you have a paramedic on speed dial.
Like I said during my most recent journal post, I am sick and, fucking, tired of how whenever there is a reboot of an old cartoon, good or bad, one of the first responses people make is that it, quote, "killed my childhood".

And if you want to see the exact reason as to why that is, watch this: 
Speaking of Scooby Doo; did you guys know how many times they made cartoons based off of those meddling kids?

No, I don't mean all of the spin offs shows, movies and terrible direct-to-DVD crossovers starring WWE wrestlers. I'm talking about tons and tons of separate cartoons all based around the premise of Scooby Doo.

*Speed Buggy
*Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels
*The New Shmoo
*The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan
*Goober and the Ghost Chasers
*Josie and the Pussycats

All of these shows centered around a group of kids travelling around the world and solving mysteries with their cartoonishly odd sidekick. Whether that sidekick was a dog, a cat, a shark, a car, a caveman or whatever the fudge a Shmoo is suppose to be.

And the strangest thing is that Scooby Doo is technically part of that list because it itself is suppose to be based off of an existing cartoon: Archie, which was a cartoon about a bunch of kids in a garage band with their sheep dog who had adventures on the side. In fact, Scooby and his gang were originally going to be a band as well.

That's literally the whole reason why they drove around in the Mystery Machine van; it was going to be their tour van.

Oddly enough, I almost ended on this list of Scooby Doo knockoffs. See, my mother and I have always dreamed about travelling the world and seeing the sights. It's part of the reason why I loved shows like Wonder Pets and Little Einsteins growing up. So, I wanted to draw a story of my family travelling the world and solving mysteries along the way.

But since that seemed so much like Scooby Doo (and since characters like Rosewood and Houseware could be seen as rips off of Scooby and the Mystery Machine respectfully), I dumped the idea and stuck with the idea of me and my family being like Paw Patrol ever since.
One of the biggest pairings, if not the biggest pairing in the Scooby Doo fandom was to pair Daphne Blake and Fred Jones up as a couple. The mentality that sprung this ship was the idea that whenever the gang would do the "Let's split up and look for clues" trope, the camera would always focus on Shaggy, Scooby and occasionally Velma and leave Fred and Daphne on the wayside.

The theory was that while the rest of the meddling kids were being chased by the monster, Fred and Daphne would sneak off to the back of the Mystery Machine and start Scooby-Dooby-Dooing each other.

The reality of the situation is, if you actually asked the creators of the orignal show, was that they always shoved Fred and Daphne on the wayside because they believed that, at least when the first Scooby Doo series started, they were the least interesting characters in the gang.

And they were right. Because they were.
To all my fellow Paw Patrol Fans: this is apparently a thing that exists, and I love it.

Wow, it's been a while since I've been here, hasn't it? ^^; Hi, everyone, I'm Ruben Falcon and for those of you wondering why it's taken me at least 2 months to write another review (which I, technically, still haven't and I'll explain why later), I had to take college classes during the majority of this summer. So I didn't have a lot of time to look at any of the big block busters or summer cartoon premieres that happened this year. I'll eventually get to them and all of the other things I would've covered over the summer later this year. But right here and right now, I've got something important to cover.

And by "here" I meant "Netflix", by "now" I meant "September 29th" and by "something important" I meant--let's get this over with. ^^;

The Magic School Bus' reboot has been something I've been dying to check out since about 2014. And the fact that I didn't see a single shred of it during 2016 is on my list of personal reasons why that year sucked. But just last Friday, I was given a small glimpse of what the series looked like.

And thanks to my very good friend, :iconhunter-94:, I got a link to an even bigger glimpse of it today.

What you just saw is a 1.5 minute long trailer regarding the new Magic School Bus reboot that will be premiering later this September. One that is now named "The Magic School Bus Rides Again" instead of "Magic School Bus 360", but, again, I'll go into detail about that later.

This trailer shows us the overall plot of the reboot. Ms. Frizzle steps into her class of children only to tell them that she's leaving her younger sister: Fiona Frizzle (voiced by Kate McKinnon) in charge of the class, the kids and more importantly the Magic School Bus itself. Which means that this is a series that has a whole new look, a whole new cast and a whole new Frizzle.

And somehow, this didn't get a good first impression on a lot of people. :facepalm: And the worst part is I know exactly why.

And the main reason why is because it's different. You can look down into the comments of the video and see that people are bitching and moaning about how it's animated in flash, the kids look different, it's different from the orignal, and blah blah blah shoot it out your ass. If it sounds like I'm being too subtle on how I feel about all of this, it's because I've seen this before. Looking back on last year alone, a lot of people seemed to accept the idea that being visually bitchy before they see a new reboot of an old property is the best idea. Especially after things like the Emoji Movie and the Ghostbusters 2016 reboot movie. And whether or not you think that shitting was right isn't my point here.

Some of my usual watchers may remember that I once did a Status Post regarding my first impressions on the the Cartoon Network spin off series of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, where I said that the preview episode seemed nice, the characters were just like they were in the movies and it seemed promising. 2 months later, I saw that actual show and gave it a full review and talked about just how wrong I was. ^^; I bring this up because, looking back at the status post I did just last week regarding the 3 second glimpse into this show, I made it look like I wasn't getting my hopes up because I didn't want to jinx the series and ruin the chances of it being good.

Now, my mistake with CwaCoMB: The Series was the fact that I decided it was going to be good before giving the full series a look. But it wasn't because I jinxed it. It's because, and you guys should know this if you look into a lot of my other First Impression journals (especially the ones regarding the Equestria Girls movies) my mentality is that you can't judge something like a movie or a TV show from just glimpses of things like the concept art or just the trailer alone. Which is something I was reminded of during reading most of the comments in response of the new series. To which I will now like to say the follow:


I say this because 90% of the people who are bitching and moaning about how the reboot looks different from the orignal and how that is a bad thing are most likely people who are drunk on nostalgia for the orignal product. And I'm going to sum up all of the main negative points I see with their logic here. Keep in mind, I'm not saying all of this because I think this reboot is going to be 100% amazing. I'm doing this to be fair.


Actually, there kinda was.

One of the very first lines I read from one of the very first articles I read was that fact that The Magic School Bus is considered to be one of the most popular shows on Netflix today. Which should make sense, not because of the show in question, but because Netflix is, more or less, the only place you can really find MSB anymore. :B And Netflix is doing a lot of reboots and remakes with old properties like Inspector Gadget, Danger Mouse, Full House and so on. And they all end up looking pretty good.

So, Netflix thought it was a good idea to just make a reboot of the Magic School Bus because the ratings showed them that would be a good idea. I know a lot people like to joke that TV executives and movie producers only care about ratings and numbers, but the reality is that ratings are an important tool in the entertainment industry. They let the people in charge know what show is worth renewing, what show needs to be cancelled and how to make future decisions based off of that information.

So, yeah, just because you don't like the series doesn't mean you can decide that no one asked for it. Because they basically did.


W--What? Wait, what? What?! Are you going to tell me that a cartoon made in 2017 looks different from a cartoon made in 1994?! :wow: Oh, my god! What an ingenious discovery! What's next, you intellectual prodigies? You going to tell me that the Miraculous Ladybug character that dresses in all black and wears cat ears is the one named "Chat Noir"?!~ :faint:

Aaaaand, there's my sarcasm quota for this week. ;p

So, yeah, that complaint right there goes off the finish line by tripping and falling flat on its' face. Because of course the animation looks different from 20 years ago! The 1990's was heavily on hand drawn animation and nowadays in 2017, a lot of studios use Flash animation. And a lot of people really hate on Flash because the only examples they seem to remember Flash being used are very cheap and lazy looking animations, like the later seasons of shows like Johnny Test, Arthur and Cyberchase. Some people even tried to compared the animation to GoAnimate!; a website where people could use pre-animated puppets to make their own animations, with the help of Text-To-Talk programming. But here's the thing: Flash has done a lot of great shows as well. Just to name a couple:

  1. Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends 
  2. Total Drama
  3. Jimmy Two-Shoes
  4. My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
  5. Anything involving the Equestria Girls movies
  6. Gravity Falls
  7. Archer
  8. T.U.F.F. PUPPY
All of these series, and plenty more and long with dozens of movies, all used Flash animation at some point in their production. So, do you guys just hate Flash in general or do you hate it when it's crappy enough for you to notice it's Flash?

Let me put a scenario in your head: you're an art teacher and you ask your 2 students to make a statue of a human out of the blob of clay you gave to each of them. At the end of the class, one of your students makes a statue that looks like an actual real life person, almost similar to Auguste Rodin's The Thinker while the other one just makes what looks like a melting 3 dimensional stick figure. Riddle me this; are both statues bad because of the material or is one of the statues bad because of the person who made it? The answer is the obviously the latter, and that's my point with all these people who bitch about Flash animation.

At the end of the day, Flash animation is just like hand drawn animation, CGI and clay animation: it's just a method of making pictures move. Sure, there are a lot of shitty Flash animation out there, but there's also a lot of shitty hand drawn animations, CGIs and clay animations out there. But all of those animations usually look terrible because the animators in charge of it are either people who aren't as skilled as the people who can do it well or people who just go through the motions and just ask for a paycheck.

Meanwhile, the animation behind this trailer looks fine. It doesn't look amazing, mind you. But it doesn't look any different from most shows that use Flash (including the ones I brought up on that last (especially the 2nd and 5 one)).

And let me state something for the record here: I don't really care about animation quality. Looking back at most of the reviews I've done these last few years, I only remember talking about the animation of the project in 2 scenarios.

A. The review I did on the 2015 Peanuts movie, where I talk about how amazing the 2D to CGI process of the film is and also have very rare it is that I talk about animation alone.

And Z. My extremely negative review on the poo poo doo doo that is Kuu Kuu Harajuku, where I said that it's cutesy adorable "literally everything has a chibi face" style was amazing, but it also made me notice the show's biggest disadvantage: it's terrible writing and hordes of animation errors. 

Whether or not a TV show or a movie or any form of animation is good or bad should not be dictated by the animation alone. Just like books and plays, animation is usually used to tell a story. That's why 99.99% of the reviews that I do focus on the story. Now, I'm not saying criticizing the animation is a stupid idea. What I am saying that making it the only thing regarding of whether or not you like or would recommend a show or movie is a stupid concept.

Because it's kinda like saying "This book is poorly written, but the font looks pretty".


First of all; no she's not.

Yes, the first few seconds of this trailer talks about how Ms. Frizzle's sister is going to take over her part as the class but there are a few clues scattered around the trailer that makes me think 2 things: Ms. Frizzle is going to go on her own adventures and these butt hurt babies were too busy crying out of every orifice to really notice.

When the titles drop, the very last one is "With Lily Tomlin as Professor Frizzle". That gives off the idea that the whole reason Ms. Frizzle is leaving her class in the hands of her sister is because she's going to be a college professor now. And during the last few seconds of the trailer we see what looks like Ms. Friz--Sorry! ^^;-- Professor Frizzle sitting in a drive-in movie theater with 2 new friends: a baby orangutan by the name of Goldie and what looks like a scooter version of the Magic School Bus.

I'm gonna call it the "Magic Scooter Bike". :meow: Because I can.

Anyways, all of this tells me that while Fiona Frizzle is taking care of the class Professor Frizzle is going to be going on her own adventures. Maybe it'll be like a side-plot sort of thing, where the class is on their field trip while a normal person is somewhere doing normal things and has next to no idea that the class is right next to them. They did that all the time in the original series and this reboot is said to be written by some of the main writers on the orignal show.

And 2nd of all; when it comes to Fiona, I like her. :aww: First off, like I said in that status post, she's really freaking cute. And Kate McKinnon does a good job portraying the character. From this trailer alone, I can see that Fiona is going to be extremely giddy and excited to jump into field trips with the class. However, her behavior is less like an actual teacher and more like a student. She's casual, she's lively, she's a lot more emotional than her older sister was, which is saying something, and I love how she drives the Bus and has the mentality of "Dee Dee Icon 1 Ooh!~ What does this button do?~" when trying to figure out what the bus does because it all gives her her own personality, one different from the original Frizz. She may be a Ms. Frizzle, but that doesn't mean she has to act exactly like the orignal Ms. Frizzle.

All and all, this whole hatred towards the new Ms. Frizzle is what I like to called "S.A.J.S. (Steve and Joe Syndrome)"; where people get bitchy and complain how some actors or characters are replaced with the originals and claim that as a main downside. It isn't, it shouldn't be seen as one and if you think it is, your opinion is about as valid as that of a kindergartner's, because that's the same level of maturity you show when you make stupid claims like that. :stare:


A lot of people argued that having Ms. Frizzle's orignal voice actor be in the series but not be the actual teacher in the class. And a lot of people ask why didn't they just recast the entire cast as the orignal voice actors from the orignal show and just have it look and sound like an updated continuation of the orignal.

If you think getting all of the voice actors is just as easy as that, you're a terrible casting director. It was probably a struggle just to get just Lily Tomlin, let alone every single voice actor that voiced each of the kids. Also, no one said Lily Tomlin is the only voice actor. According an interview with Stuart Stone; the orignal voice actor for Ralphie, said that there are plenty of the original voice actors in the project. However, after seeing this trailer a couple thousand times today alone, I can definitely tell that most of the kids in this class neither look nor sound like the originals.

Ok, so the kid in the red hat at the very beginning kinda sounds like Ralphie, but it that's 1 out of 8. :B But, yes, either way, the orignal voice actors will be in the series, so this complaint is null and void.

However, it does bring up something I noticed in the trailer: not only do none of the kids sound like the orignal kids, but they also don't look like them. I mean, they kinda have a few similarities, but they also have a ton of differences. Which makes me think that this series takes place in a future and that the class of kids we're talking about here are all the kids of the orignal kids.

It would make sense out of why they changed the title from Magic School Bus 360" to "The Magic School Bus Rides Again". It's probably a sequel series!


Gee, I don't know, maybe it's because they're 2 different shows made by 2 different crews of people working for 2 completely different companies? :stare:

Don't get me wrong; I'm about as excited for the DuckTales reboot as much as the next mallard. And I thought the 2 parter premiere was amazing.

HOWEVER. Why the flying frigid fishy fudge fucks are you idiots based a cartoon that you haven't fully seen yet based on a cartoon that you have? Do you have any, freaking, idea how stupid it is to judge something that hasn't happen yet over something that has?

Also, to all of you guys saying this: are you in love with the DuckTales reboot now just from the trailer alone? Or did you love it because got to see the first episode, formulate an actual opinion of it and then decide whether it was good or bad?

Because if it's the latter, and it most likely is, you guys are hypocrites because you're giving one show a chance and the other one not.

Also, how do we know that Ducktales isn't going to be like the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs series, or that Power Puff Girls reboot: starting off with what looks like a promising episode only for it to immediately go downhill as a trap? We don't. And that's because we've only seen one episode of Ducktales. And I'm not saying that's actually going to happen to Ducktales, nor am I ruling out the possibility for this Magic School Bus reboot to be the same way.

What I am saying is what I said in the beginning of this whole thing: how about we watch the final product, formulate an opinion and then decided whether or not these reboots are bad or not?

And some people might argue based off of some past reviews I did where I said I watched only a few episodes of shows like Scooby Doo; Mystery Inc. and Kuu Kuu Harajuku before I decided I hated it. But I only reached that conclusion because I actually saw the final product. Not just from the trailer alone.

Speaking of comparing it to other shows...


...How, fucking, dare you. :stare:

Ok, smartasses, tell me how the fucking hell this trailer is just as bad as those horrific pathetic excuses for cartoons? Tell me? I, fucking, dare you.

The only string to that bow is the mentality of "It's new, therefore it's bad" and not only has that mentality already been debunked during the majority of this trailer so far, but it doesn't even address the real reason why Teen Titans Go and Power Puff Girls 2016 sucked and the biggest reason why The Magic School Bus Rides Again actually has a fleeting chance.

To address this point, I want to you to read this quote from the voice behind The Escapists' Zero Punctuation and my personal favorite critic of all time; Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw.

"It doesn't matter if A Tale of Two Cities is printed on the side of a horse or if every other word is in Greek; what matters is that Sidney Carton sacrifices himself for Charles Darnay at the end (spoiler alert)!" - Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw. 2010

And that right there sums up my point. What people seem to forget is that Cartoon Network is in a state where, as :iconmrenter: once put it, they don't have that much respect for cartoons anymore. And most of their reboots are just cases of them sacrificing everything that made the orignal shows good for the sake of stupid ideas. Be it with Teen Titan Go's crude humor and mocking its critics rather than putting effort to perfect itself, with Power Puff Girl 2016's pretentious declaration about how they understand the characters so well and yet managed to do almost every single thing wrong while they manage to piss of the LBGTQ and female community while trying to say that they're in support of them, or with the fact that both of these shows are reboots of superhero programs and yet neither of them actually has the heroes actually doing heroic things and just lounge around like everyday schmucks.

Meanwhile, this series is going to feature scientific topics regarding molecules, the forest, monkeys, the arctic, fish, the ocean, outer space, inner space, plants, rocks, history, volcanoes, the mountains, the weather and tons more. Which is what the orignal series was all about: teaching kids about science.


Because. It's. A Reboot.

Look, no one more than me gets pissy at reboots, revivals and live action reimagings than me. I've had tons of rants, reviews and word diarrhea about how things like the Cat in the Hat movie, Teen Titans Go, the Power Puff Girls Reboot, Blue's Room and so on and so forth. However, after seeing the Peanuts movie, the Captain Underpants movie, Be Cool Scooby Doo and more and more movies and media over these last view years, I have been convinced that a reboot of a past product can be made good.

And that all started with Inspector Gadget 2015 and Danger Mouse 2015; which are both Netflix series. So that shows me that this does have the chance to be good.

But you can't be pissing because this is different from the orignal! Because that's what a reboot is suppose to be: different from the orignal! Whether the reboot is bad, brilliant, a bomb or a blockbuster, the main purpose for a reboot is to show an old property in a fresh new way for a fresh new generation. Which is what the Magic School Bus Rides Again is going to do!

And it's also what Ducktales 2017 is, technically, going to do, so shut up.

So, all of this complaints show me what these pissy babies really want: they want a reboot that is voiced by the same actors in the orignal, has the same characters in the original, looks just like it does in the orignal and feels just like the original. To that end, I bring up a question of my own:


Like I said before, the whole point of a reboot is to show something old in a brand new fashion. Just making everything look and sound like the orignal, which would be impossible, would be pointless! Because if you're so bitcy about wanting to keep the orignal, go and watch it and stop crying.

Also, and this is a biggie: you can't just say that this being different is a bad thing. Because, if it was, we wouldn't have the "orignal" Magic School Bus to begin with.

I used sarcastic air-quotes because what a lot of you guys seem to forget is that the Magic School Bus originated from a series of children books. And the show producers made dozens of changes in order to make it into a TV show: making the characters look more cartoon like rather than realistic like in the books, having the class be only 8 kids instead of at least 20 and so on and so forth.

You can't have the mentality that it being different is bad because if we all had that mentality, the first cartoon series would've been a bomb.

And now for the last and the least credible complaint:


So. Fucking. What? This isn't a series for you anyways!

And I know this because most of the people who have their heads up their asses about this trailer are 20 something year olds who watched the orignal series as kids. And who, just like those who bitched about Ghostbusters 2016, think it's their responsibility to instantly hate anything that reboots what they liked in the childhood. Except with cases like Ducktales and Samurai Jack, because those things ended up good and they're fucking picky bastards.

At the end of the day, this reboot isn't meant for the people who grew up with the orignal. If that was the demographic Netflix wanted to please, they'd just stick with having the orignal MSB series. The fact of the matter is they made this show for the new generation. They made this for the kids of today, not for the kids of yesterday.

But just because this is made for the kids of today doesn't mean that the people who grew up watching the show can't like it. And while people will say "Um, obviously they can't like it because of all of the dislikes this got!~", I want you to reread this journal if you actually think that's the case because you obviously haven't been paying attention. :stare: And I doubt this is going to hurt the reboot or make Netflix want to can the project because:

A. Like I said; the majorty of the people whinning are the people who aren't even in the main demographic for this reboot.

And Z. PBS Kids did a Bob The Builder reboot a few years ago and people had the same reaction to that as they did here: there was much pissing and bitching about how Bob looked different, how the CGI style looked new ugly and yet PBS didn't give a D-A-M-N about it and now the show is on its 2nd season and is probably on its way to its 3rd soon enough.

So if your childhood really did die because of this reboot, no on fucking cares and there will be lots of people pissing on its grave.

So, yeah, those are my thoughts and response against a lot of the criticisms if one can call them that regarding the trailer. The trailer looks fine, but you're not going to see a final verdict out of me until after I see the series. That's my routine when it comes to reviews. And that's why reviews and first impressions are 2 separate series for me: one involves what I think before seeing the final product, the other involves after. Those can be 2 vastly different opinions and one usually involves facts and backing up information from the show itself while the other involves just speculating and assumptions. I did a lot of assumptions during this journal and a lot of them can be wrong. But I still think people are wrong to have their bagels in twist right before we even see the actual series. And I'm not just defending this trailer because it's the Magic School Bus: one of the 3 TV shows that pretty much turned me into the person I am today (right under Blue's Clues and right above Totally Spies). I'm doing this because, like I said multiple times, you can't just base your opinion on first impressions alone.

You'd think what I'm saying is "don't judge a book by its cover". And you would be right, but not in the way you think. See, the back covers of most books usually include a small summary of what the story is about. And basing your entire opinion on this series over just this trailer alone is like basing your opinion by that. Grant it, it's more information than the front cover, but it doesn't tell you how the story begins, ends or if it's any good or not.

And I'll bet the farm that all of this hatred is going to either blow over and just be ignored once the actual series comes out and people see it for themselves. Especially if the series ends up being just as promising as this trailer presents it to be.

But until then, this is Ruben signing off saying how excited I am to start taking chances, making mistakes and getting messy once again.


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