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Gianna, as the man who is in here, let me just say that you did an outstanding job at drawing my OC! You copied every detail that you s...




You know what criticism I've heard about Totally Spies (AKA; my 3rd favorite show of all time)? That it's really conspicuous of the spy organization; W.O.O.H.P. to make their headquarters look like their logo.

But here are 2 major holes in that criticism.

1. The WOOHP Logo is just the letter W. That's it. And it's only visible from the very top of the building. No one is going to fly over that thing and think "Oh, hey, it's an international secret agent organization".

As far as most people will be concern, that W could stand for "Waffles Inc.",

And 2. If you wanna talk about conspicuous spy HQ designs, look no further than T.U.F.F. Puppy. The headquarters for T.U.F.F. is shaped like all 4 of the letters that make up their name.
If you guys are wondering why I've been so fascinated by common misconceptions, let me shed some light here like a lamp during molting season. During my recent college semester, I started watching episodes of Adam Ruins Everything in the background.

For those who don't know: Adam Ruins Everything is a TruTV series that stars Adam Conover; internet comic and subject of a lot of nerd girls' fantasies. In every episode of his show, Adam goes over how a common factor of everyday life; be it medicine, politics, social activities to even holidays, all have really f*cked up origins that people would rather you'd forget, is controlled by rip off artists who use your emotions to get your hard earn cash outta your hands or, at the very least, is fueled by common misconceptions. And this whole series started off on College Humor; a comedy channel on YouTube. In fact, one of the first videos I saw there involving Adam was entitled "13 Things You Think Are True, But Aren't", where he talks about a lot of misconceptions.

In fact, the posts I did about how we don't use 10% of our brains or how the Great Wall isn't visible from space originated from that video.

Why am I bringing this up? Because I wanna try it out myself. :D However, my only rule here is that I can talk about any misconceptions that Adam talked about in his video, or to a lesser extent, I have talked in my posts.

So without further a do; Hi, I'm Ruben Falcon, and this is "13 MORE Things You Think Are True, But Aren't".

1. O
strich don't poke their heads in the sand when they get scared. If they did that, they'd suffocate. In reality, they flop to the ground like Gmod rag dolls, so that their heads, necks and legs blend in with the color of the sand and their black and white feathers stick out and look like a bush. The idea that they stick their heads into holes come from the fact that ostriches bury their eggs into little holes for protection.

So if you see an ostrich with its head in the ground, it isn't because it's scared. It's because it's expecting.

2. Ever heard the phrase "As American As Apple Pie"? Well, that phrase is wrong because apple pie isn't American. Apples pies were being made in Europe long before the Americas were discovered. In fact, the Dutch were making apple pies as far back as the 1600s. In reality, Apple Pie is just a meal from another country that Americans fell in love so much that they made it a symbol of their culture.

In short: the saying might as well be "As American As Pizza". Because it'd be just as accurate.

3. Despite what Walt Disney would tell you, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum weren't in Alice In Wonderland. They actually made their debut in Lewis Carroll's 2nd Alice book: Through the Looking-Glass And What Alice Found There. In fact, you remember how in the movie, the Tweedle Twins were telling a story about a walrus and a man who wanted to trick a bunch of oysters into being a free meal? That's another reference to The Looking Glass story.

4. You know the Adam and Eve story, right? Well, that forbidden fruit that Eve eats to get all nasty; yeah, it's not really an apple. It's just identified as "forbidden fruit". People just think it's an apple because various translations of the story throughout the years used words that could mean "apple", "fruit" and "evil".

So, that part of the story was, literally, lost in translation.

5. The phrase "blind as a bat" doesn't come from the fact that bats can't see. They just can't see in the dark, despite being one of the poster children for nocturnal animals. Bats actually see with their ears instead of their eyes. Meaning, they let out a squeak sound and when they squeak bounces off something and back at them, it tells them something is in their way and they take evasive actions.

6. Twinkies are not eternal foods. In fact, they only have about 45 days until they expire. And when up on a store, any unbought Twinkie gets taken down after as soon as a week.

Just like almost any other food in the store.

7. Waking up a sleep walking person isn't going to shock them into a heart attack, brain damage or any other serious side effects to the body. In fact, most scientists and experts will tell you it's actually preferable that you wake them up. Why?

Because letting someone walk around when their brain isn't, for lack of a better word, in the driver's seat, can be a lot more dangerous than any side effect that misconception spouts. :B

8. There's this idea that when filing a missing person's report, you need to wait at least 24 hours. But in reality, that's 24 hours longer than you should be waiting to file a report. Because if someone is missing long enough for you to want to file that kind of report, that's the kinda thing you wanna deal with ASAP.

9. Apparently, in South Korea, there's the myth that leaving a fan on all night in your bedroom is incredibly dangerous and even deadly. However, this isn't a misconception that I can disprove with research like I've done with the others. I know first hand that this is a myth because I have a fan on in my room almost every night.

10. If you live in New York City, like me, you've probably heard the myth that if you drop a penny from a tall building, like the Empire State Building, it'd kill anyone it fell on. That is untrue. In fact, this was disproved by the Mythbusters and they concluded that a penny dropped off the E.S.B., even at their top speed of 64.4 miles an hour, can't kill you if it hit you.

Grant it, it'll hurt like Charles Dickens kicking your dick, but you'll technically be alive. ^^;

11. There's this really gross myth that people unknowingly swallow spiders in their sleep because they crawl into your open mouth. But, in reality, if a tiny spider was close to your mouth when you were sleeping, it would feel the vibrations from your snoring and the strong movement in the air from your breathing so much that it would be scared off.

That's like saying a lot of people walk into active erupting volcanoes.

12. Lightning does strike the same place twice. And to flaunt my "I Heart N Y" shirt again; the Empire State Building gets struck by lightning at least 23 times a year. And last I checked, the Empire State Building doesn't move around.

In fact, riddle me this: if lightning never strikes in the same place, what the hell do you think lightning rods are for?

13. Chameleons don't actually change their color to match their surroundings. In reality, they do it to display their moods to other chameleons and potential mates.  So, in reality, Chameleons are the reptilian versions of those mood rings your parents use to wear in the 70's.
It wasn't even 24 hours into the first day without Net Neutrality that I already get the news that Pai is headed to more hot water.

For those of you who don't know/remember: Pai tried to say that all of the comments that were against his repeal were just fake comments operated by a cyber attack. And just the other day, we got it confirmed that he was lying, along with the other shocking news that bears poop in the woods. Well, just today, I get the news that Pai was given a letter by some more senators; namely Broan Shatz and Ron Wyden, saying that he needs to give them information, confirmation and an explanation regarding this whole cyber attack claim he gave.

What makes this letter different than all of the other letters people have sent Pai in regards to the repeal? The fact that he has until June 27th--3 Wednesdays from now--in order to do it.

However, given the fact that Pai is the kind of idiot that thinks that upholding information from the public is a smart idea, and that obscuring evidence isn't totally illegal, I'm almost certain this is going to be another log in the fire that's currently burning a hole in the FCC that he's just too proud and/or stubborn to address.

The only other news I got today regarding the repeal was the fact that Pai was parading the media and different news sources, talking about how great the repeal is going to be through his fake plastic smile.

Despite the fact that no one believes him. And that today is the first day in undoing his damage.
With Net Neutrality on its way out, I wanna reassure something important.

No; the internet is not going to disappear tomorrow. I've said that before, as did various sources that I use for my NN News posts, like The Humanist Report and even Some of the die-heart-est NN advocates even think that the idea that the internet going away by tomorrow is a bit of an extremest point of view.

Also, as I've said before: any ISP company that actually pulls that shit tomorrow is an idiot. They have tried their damnedest these past view months to either bullshit us into thinking they're on our side, or doing incredibly shady shit to worsen our chances and doing a real shitty job of covering their tracks. Not only that, but they're away that internet companies like Google, Hulu, Amazon, Porn Hub (?), Netflix; several congressmen that don't have shit in their ears, and a goverment that is kinda jumpy regarding internet safety thanks to Trump and Mark Zuckerberg's respective scandals.

To put it bluntly: if those ISPs actually tried to charge fees for internet speeds by tomorrow, they'd have to be idiots.

But as I said a few months ago; just because the consequences aren't instant doesn't change the fact that there are consequences. If we leave the internet unchecked like this for a few months, or even years, it would slowly start to lead to the extreme view that everyone is worried about.

If you're worried or mad about the Pai's FCC pulling this shit, that's fine. What you can't is discouraged. Or think that just because it's getting repealed tomorrow means that this is the end of the NN war. If anything, it's the beginning of a new phase in the NN war. With the start of things like the lawsuits and state legislation laws, like California's Net Neutrality law that has been going strong ever since its conception.

And to repeat myself for the 4th time: regardless of the outcome of the repeal, Pai and his cronies are gonna face their own consequences, thanks to all of the unprecedented actions they've done.

So to summarize my response to everyone worried about NN being repealed tomorrow: COOL YOUR JETS.
Another example of Ajit Pai's lies coming back to bite him in the butt has come to my attention.

To set the scene; one of the major reasons why Net Neutrality was never repealed during the past is because of the FCC Website comment section. Plenty of people had commented there and told the FCC that they didn't want the rules of N.N. to be repealed. This was done by thousands of people at a time, mostly thanks to Last Week Tonight host and world's most British man: John Oliver, who brought attention to the whole N.N. ordeal on his show, not just once, but twice.

And some of you are probably thinking "Yeah, and that didn't work this time because Pai-Hole stole a lot of people's personal identities to make a flood of comments being in favor of the repeal, right?". Well, yes, but it turns out that's only half of it.

When the flood of comments went in during November, Ajit Pai tried to make it look as if the comments being against the repeal was a cyber attack. Claiming that the FCC site got hacked and that all of the comments were fake and therefore inadmissible. However, journalists, technicians and people who weren't born yesterday all kept asking questions about the attack, asking for evidence and so on. And we all know Ajit's method for that: silently telling people to f*ck off. However, months later, we now know that the FCC was in fact lying when they said that.

I've said this before and I'll say it again: regardless of whether of not N.N. stays repealed after the 11th--or whatever month Pai might push it to next time to save face--the FCC and all of its cronies is going to face massive consequences for their actions. Not just for going against the will of a majority of the American people, but also for obscuring justice, spreading lies, lobbying liars and also, you know, straight up breaking the law.
You know what's insane? Yesterday, I saw the Lego Ninjago movie with my brother (because, you know, it was my birthday) and after being reminded of how many Lego Movies have been made since the very first one, I had the thought "Hey, I wonder if they could make a direct sequel to the first Lego Movie, rather than using other franchises like Batman and Ninja Go."

Literally, minutes ago, as I was checking my phone during my morning routine, I found this:

And now I know what I got for my birthday: psychic powers! :la:
You know what common misconception I flat out don't understand? The idea that you can see the Great Wall of China from space. This made literally no sense to me when I first heard it.

Some would argue "Dude, have you see the Great Wall? It looks taller than the Statue of Liberty's booty!" And, yeah, they have a point to an extent. The Great Wall is tall. In fact, according to my research, it's somewhere between 20 to 23 feet. But its width is somewhere between 13 and 16 feet. Which means the Great Wall, despite how great it is, is basically shaped like a giant billboard. And if you were to hover above the Great Wall in a helicopter, it'd look like a squiggly line.

But from space, it's damn near impossible to see it. A lot of astronauts have flat out said that they tried to see the Great Wall from space. Same say they can't see it at all, some say you'd have to squint like you're looking at one of those stupid 3D pictures.

Now, grant it, that doesn't mean nothing can be seen from space. Astronauts have claimed that, even with binoculars, they can see things from cities, planes, ships to even canyons and reefs. And it doesn't mean no man made structures is visible from space, because there are. Like the Greenhouses of Almería; a greenhouse complex that stretches over 50,000 acres of land, from Almería to Spain.
Now that I've gotten more information and have been thoroughly tranquilized I can now go into more detail about this whole Article 13 thing, for those of you who didn't watch the video I linked.

On June 20th, the European Parliament will go into a vote on whether to let Article 13 pass into law. If it does, Article 13 will throw a wrench into fair use laws and how we pass information around the internet in general. It'll even make the mere act of linking something be impossible, because you would need to either pay a fee or have an actual licence in order to do it. Both of which are incredibly unjustifiably stupid ideas on how to stop internet piracy.

Yes, you read that right: this whole shebang is the EU's idea on how to stop internet piracy. :facepalm:

Now, there are a lot of ideas as to what would happen to the EU internet, and by extension: the overall internet, if this happens.

Some people are freaking out, thinking that if this passes, it'll case such a rift in how the internet works that it'll effect the US internet and other countries' internet because how we pass information across the globe.

Some people will think that websites will be more effected by the new law than website users. And claim that Youtube, Reddit, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. won't bother even trying to comply with that law, because how expensive or chaotic it'll be for them to use. And will just flat out block EU countries from their sites until the EU gets their shit in order.

Some people think that this will be such a shit storm that there will be mass riots and protesting from the people of the EU and will potentially force the Parliament to get their heads out of their asses and undo what they did.

And some people think that this law is so potentially destructive that the Parliament will take one look at it and just say "Yeah, f*ck that noise".

To quote the man who had to describe a baby after it played with a stick of dynamite: its' all over the place.

Also, I've heard a lot of people describe this whole affair as "Net Neutrality but worst", but honestly, this seems less like N.N. and more like S.O.P.A. Because just like S.O.P.A., this is a means to stop copyright infringement and internet piracy, but at the same time, it ruins the laws and rules that we already have to stop those things and just replaces them with something much, much worse.

I still don't know a lot of about this whole Article 13 thing. But just like N.N., I'll be keeping an eye on it as time goes on and even past the due date of June 20th. And I suggest you all do the same. You can start by going to, where you can send emails, make phone calls and write tweets to the people that'll be responsibly for voting "Yay" or "Nay" regarding this whole thing next month. Just like how we've doing regarding N.N. for the past year or so.

And don't give me that "I don't live in Europe, so it ain't my problem" bullshit. Like I said earlier, this could potentially effect how we get information. And if this does pass in Europe's stupid government, our stupid government could potentially get ideas to do the same thing. Which is bad, because it's gonna be hard to next to anything online--be it content creating, podcasts, memeing, texting, coding, school work, goddamn anything if we can't process some sort of information amongst ourselves.

And just putting up the excuse "Oh, we're doing this so that we can stop people from breaking the law" isn't worth shit, if you've already made it clear that you don't fully understand the system you're talking about.
Yeah, because Net Neutrality isn't enough to cause the destruction of the internet. We also need the EU's article 13.

If you don't know what Article 13 is (like I did, less than 10 minutes ago), then I suggest looking at this video. It goes into greater detail about the whole shebang than I can at the moment.

But if you want the short version, let me put it this way: if Article 13 becomes a thing, the mere act of me linking that video will be impossible. :facepalm:
And now here's Homer J. Simpson, here to give us an example of a quadruped.

Homer Simpson's Angry Emoticon Icon: "Doe!"
One of the first seeds planted in this garden of twisted thorny vines that is the Net Neutrality war is the fact that millions of people got their identities stolen in the slew of fake comments that were made in favor of the repeal. This obviously pissed a lot of people off, what with it being illegal, but congress haven't really done anything about it.

That is until now, about a year later, when senators Patrick J. Toomey and Jeff Merkley both find out that their identities were stolen as well. And now a lot of senators are pushing a lot of questions at the FCC about this whole shebang. Which, along with the push that Dems are doing to N.N. in order to fuel the Blue Wave, just furthers my point when I say that the only way to get these poltiican's attention is to make them realize "Oh, shit bubbles: this effects me! :noes:".

And shit bubbles it has. Because now Toomey, Merkley and several other senators to send messages to Ajit Pai and ask for direct answers to their questions as to what the shit bubbles he's actually doing. And how they're pissed off how the only thing he's done so far is either lie or avoid commentary.

I've said before that Pai's method of avoiding the law like he does was going to get him into more trouble than he would've been in if he just surrendered last year. And it looks as if that's finally coming to fruition.

Ain't I 
but a smart little shit bubble. :innocent:
Another common misconception is that matadors wave red capes because bulls get pissed off whenever they see the color red. However, saying that bulls get pissed by seeing the color red is like saying humans get pissed off when they see sound.

That is to say, they don't because they can't.

Bulls are actually color blind to the color red, just like all cows are. And when it comes to the matador's cape, the color of it has nothing to do with pissing the bull off. That cape could be red, blue, orange with green polka dots or a picture of an accordion and the bull is going to be equally pissed off by each one. And why?

Because it's the waving of the cape that pisses the bull off.
There's this common misconception that we humans only use 10% of our brains. Yeah, that is wrong. Way wrong. Hell, the first time I heard that myth was when it got debunked during an episode of Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman.

To repeat myself: the idea that we humans use only a 10th of our brain power got debunked on a PBS Kids show.

Yeah. That's sad.
You guys know how on Phineas and Ferb, the secret agency that Perry worked for was literally called "The Organization Without a Cool Acronym" (or OWCA for short)? I have a better idea for an agency name for them.





Yeah, Doof, I went there.
Good Net Neutrality news, everyone! Futurama - Professor Farnsworth 

Remember when I said that democrats were going to dig in their heals and force the senate to have a vote on whether or not to reinstate the NN rules? Well, that happened today. And ended with the majority vote agreeing to reinstate the NN rules. Not to mention also shame the FCC for their horrible idea, claim they're corporate whores (my words, not theirs), talk about how this is a problem revolving around discrimination and a few others things Pai would have rather they not say.

Now, grant it, this is good news--great news, even-- but it doesn't end here. According to a lot of political experts, and also myself; the next step here is to have the vote past the House and then eventually get to the White House where Trump will have to sign it. Both of those seemed impossible prior to today because;

A. A majority of the people in the House are Republicans.

And Z. Trump isn't likely to sign into N.N. because he doesn't know what the hell it is. And also because the NN rules that Pai and friends repealed were one of Obama's greatest political achievements. And we all know how much Trump hates that guy. ^^;

So, does that mean that this vote will lead to nothing? Well, no, not exactly. Some people have claimed that bringing the issue of NN into light via this vote will bring it to the attention of a lot of politicians. And make them finally realize that if they don't reinstate NN, they'll be screwed in the midterms.

Which, again, is the worst case scenario here: this vote doesn't work, ends up fueling the "Blue Wave" everyone is talking about and we'll have more people in the government fighting on our side. However, if you really don't want the worst case scenario to happen, then you can do what we've been doing all along: going to and following the on screen instructions to message your representatives about how much NN means to you and how much of a hell it'll be for them if they just let it slide.

Not to mention all of the lawsuits about to go off and state NN laws in the works. Including California's Monster NN rule, which is working so well that they're planning on using it in other states. Starting with New York. :innocent:

Look, I know that keeping on eye on the whole N.N. war is, freaking, exhausting. Not to mention an emotional roller coaster. But the whole reason why the FCC's past attempts to repeal NN didn't work is because we the people got up and replied with a whole hearty "FUDGE THAT!!!".

And as long as we keep doing that, they'll never win.
Almost forgot: if the FCC really is going to repeal NN on June 11th, then, according to an Ars Technica report, the Democrats have a bill that can restore the NN rules. And the senate will vote on whether or not to use the bill as late as June 12th.

Proving me even further that when and if N.N. gets officially repealed will be the day the NN war, not ends, but rather goes into the next step.
One of the things that made today a VERY stressful day for me was the fact that my phone blew up with messages regarding the fact that the repeal for Net Neutrality was pushed to June 11th: exactly one month and one day from now.

And just to remind you guys: no, the second N.N. gets officially repealed does not mean that the internet is going to instantly go to the World Wide Wasteland that people assume it's going to be once N.N. is away. Like I said: it would be a massive disadvantage to the ISPs for them to spend the last 6 months trying to convince us that they wouldn't block, throttle or just outright screw with us if NN were to go away, only for them to turn around and do exactly that. Especially with more than half of the country about to sue the FCC for what they did. If they actually went through with that now--as oppose to a few years later, when they pray that people finally forget about N.N.--it would be a major self-defeating action.

Kinda like what AT&T is trying to do with the FTC.

Look, I've mentioned AT&T a lot during my NN coverage. Starting with how they fueled that think tank of people trying to trick politicians to support that Trojan Horse N.N. bill that Blackburn made. Then I talked about how they tried to bullshit us into thinking they were always in favor of N.N., even though we weren't born yesterday. And now, they're doing this.

"This" being the fact that they're currently making a pley to the senate that the FTC; the government agency that is meant to be put in charge of the internet after the FCC pisses off, shouldn't be in charge. And according to my resources, they're only doing this to try and get them out of a lawsuit that the FTC has over them. Which is like saying "All I have to do is get this cop debadged before he can arrest me".

Now, luckily, there's a strong chance the senate won't actually fulfill AT&T's claim, according to the FTC themselves. And it's not just because the claim has more holes in it than Spongebob after losing a gun fight. It's more likely because, according to the FTC's calculations, the senate only replies to 80 out of the 8,000 requests they get. That's straight up lottery odds. But even it did go through: yes, it would leave ISPs potentially free to do whatever they want, with no political agency there to monitor what they're doing.

But it would also break a gargantuan hole in Ajit Pai's already-a-steaming-pile-of-bullshit logic that ISPs totally won't do horribly things to consumers, but even if they do, the FTC will take care of it. Which would either cause the FCC to become in charge of mandating the internet again (which, turns out, is literally why the FCC exists in the first place) or congress makes a whole new agency to take care of it. Or just makes a direct law that's basically N.N. but set in stone.

I've said this before and I'll say it again: when and if N.N. because officially repealed will be the day the NN war, not ends, but rather goes into the next step. The step where the FCC and all of its cronies pay the consequences for their actions through all of the lawsuits and karma headed their way. And what AT&T is trying to do for the FTC could potentially be another bit of evidence into how ill-prepared they are.

As for the repeal going into effect next month: I want to repeat myself and say the internet is not going to instantly go away. If these ISPs are smarter than we give them credit for, it'll be a few years until they try any shady shit. And with all of the lawsuits coming their way, it's not going to be easy for them. This could span into a few months, maybe even years, until we finally come to an solution to save N.N. once and for all.
Do you know what was Sir Isaac Newton's favorite TV show?

Gravity Falls.
For today's Net Neutrality News, we are going to see a lot of "Red Alert" signs throughout a lot of websites within the next few days. It's yet another mass internet movement to get the final rep. we need for the CRA vote happening really soon.

Now, don't want to discourage anyone, but according to a lot of political experts and also myself, the democrats' CRA vote is a major uphill battle. Because in order for the CRA vote to actually fulfill its duty, it needs to end up with a signature by Donald Trump. And it's more likely that Trump would disagree to sign it. Not because Trump wants the internet to be a deadzone from a lack of N.N., but because he's an idiot who doesn't know anything about the internet outside of Twitter. And it's been said before that there are only 2 kinds of people who are in favor of the N.N. repeal: shills working for money instead of the American people, and people who generally have no idea what the F N.N. actually is. Grant it, I'm not saying it's an entirely dead end. There is the possibility that Trump can be convinced by his babysitters to sign the bill once they realize just how much is at state with the repeal. In fact, a lot of republicans already know what's at state.

Which leads us to the real motivation for the democrats' CRA vote: starting the Blue Wave.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: the worst case scenario with the N.N. War is that it stays dead this year, we vote out all of the people responsible and get a vote in new politicians that all claim to be in favor of N.N. And that's what really at state here for the democrats. It's the reason reason why they're doing this vote. Chuck Schumer himself said that once this vote goes through, Americans will have a direct look at who gives a damn about their internet freedom and who doesn't.

And that's the real reason why we need to go into Red Alert for N.N. So when you see a site pop up about Red Alert, sign up to be in contact with your local reps and try and convince them to jump on our side.

And kindly remind them what's at state.
Surprise, Motherf*cker!

Hair dyes, Motherf*cker!

Neck ties, Motherf*cker!

W.O.O.H.P. spies, Motherf*cker!

Bus flies, Motherf*cker!

Blue's guys, Motherf*cker!

Pink Pies, Appleb*cker!
Ladies and jellyfish, boys and squirrels. I'm Ruben Falcon and this is the 2nd installment of my most recent Falcon's 5. ;p

The last time we did this, we focused on Nick Jr. series that were hot in the past. Having a dip in the pools of nostalgia is fine, but I've always thought that you need to get out of it and embrace the present as soon as possible before your fingers get too pruney. I know a lot of channels like Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network get a lot of hate nowadays because their modern cartoons and sitcoms suck more balls than a vacuum cleaner in a sports good shop, but I've always thought that kids shows were the exception to that rule. Especially in Nick Jr. Back in the day, Nick Jr. was known mostly or shows like Blue's Clues and Dora the Explorer. I.E. TV shows that talk to the audiences and help theme learn basic things like letters, numbers, colors etc. However, within the past few years or so, I think Nick Jr. has broken that mold. For one thing, a lot of the shows are focusing on telling an actual story, not just holding the viewers' hands in basic education. And the ones that do stick with the educational theme focus on subjects that were very uncommon back in the 90's.

So indulge with me, egg beaters of young and old, as I count down my personal take of the best 5 modern Nick Jr. shows.

Also, some of you may remember that I had a set of rules for myself last time. The only thing that's changing this time is the time frame, which should be obvious. Last time, I was focusing on shows in between the 90's up to the 2000's. While here, I'll be focusing on shows that started in between the 2000's and the 2010's. Other than that, all of the other rules apply.

  • 5 means I liked this show a bit.
  • 1 means my absolutely favorite
  • No shows from Noggin (even though nowadays it's just called "Nick Jr. 24/7") because that'd be a whole other list of its own
  • And lastly: if you're a regular fan of me, you can probably already know which is going to get the title for 1. ^^;
Everyone caught up? Good. Let's-a go!

5. Team Umizoomi!

When Blue's Clues originally ended, I was a bit skeptical about whether or not the creators could do another show. First there was Blue's Room: the spin off to Blue's Clues, and then there was Super Why: a PBS Kids show that was made by one of the creators of Blue's Clues. Both of these shows suck in my opinion and for mostly for the same reasons: not only did they try to copy the Blue's Clues formula, but they managed to make the formula boring.

Super Why involved a team of kids travelling into books everyday to solve the answers to their everyday problems. The show was incredibly formulaic because they tried to replace the Blue's Clues game formula with a hunt for "super letters" and then having the puzzles be something involving each of the kids' super literacy powers involving ABCs, rhyming, spelling and changing the story's ending. But problem there is that they did the exact same games in the exact same order over and over and over again. Thus making the series boring and repetitive. Same thing with Blue's Room during the first season. Instead of playing Blue's Room, Blue looked for magical puzzle pieces. And in between that, she'd play the same games over and over again with the same playroom characters.

"Why are you bringing up these 2 shows?" you may ask? To underline how Team Umizoomi is the moment I knew they how to do it right.

Team Umizoomi is another show from Studio Blue's Clues (name not final) that focuses on the titular team of tiny superheroes with mighty math powers. Each character has their own unique math based powers.

Milli, the team's leader, has ponytails that can stretch into measuring tools like rulers, thermometers and balance scales. And she wears a dress that can make any pattern, whether that's a fabric pattern such as green stripes and blue spots, or its a pattern of repetitive events that make for a good memory game.

Geo, Milli's little brother, has the ability to make shapes with his belt and then arrange those shapes in a way that can build just about anything. Be it vehicles, tools or robotic animals, Geo has the ability to make anything the team needs. He also has special tools that can cut shapes in half and a grappling-hook-like magnet that allows him to climb walls with certain shapes on them.

And lastly Bot, the robot of the team, has the ability to use numbers to save the day. This allows Bot to solve secret codes, determine which path the team needs to take or how far they are, all based off of numbers. And he has an array of gizmos and gadgets at his disposal, like any other true robot would. Also, he's voiced by Donovan Patton: the same guy who played Joe on Blue's Clues.

There's also their sentient car named Umicar. He doesn't technically have math powers, but he's just the cutest thing on 4 wheels. Yes he is!~ Yes he is!~ :iconawwwplz:

But you get my point: all of these characters may have had powers focusing on math, but that didn't mean they did the exact same thing every single episode. The show's interactive moments took advantage of how many different kinds of math there is in the world and made different games to teach those different kinds of math. Equations, puzzle solving, even learning about the process of elimination: this show did all of that and much more. Meanwhile, the only variety that Super Why's team had was the fact that 2 of the heroes uses their word powers letter by letter while the other 2 just use the whole word. :unimpressed:

And on a final note: this show has awesome villains. :D Excluding Lazytown, Team Umizoomi was one of the first Nick Jr shows that featured reoccurring villains. A cat bandit that stole certain shaped things, a mad scientist squid, a cheating dump truck, a team of troublemakers: all of these baddies and more were introduced to go against the team and a lot of them had fun personalities and interesting powers.

But at the risk of giving fuel to the idiots who think I'm just a Lily ":iconvalkyrstudios:" Peet groupie: the main problem I had with the villains was that almost every villain would end the episode with a sob story. Saying how they only did the bad thing because something about their life sucks.

  • The Shape Bandit stole Geo's shape powers and robbed a ton of stuff around the city because he wanted to make a house.
  • The Mad Scientist Squid kidnapped a mermaid because her glowing scales could've been used to cure his nyctophobia
  • The Stink Bugs stunk up the whole city because no one wants them to be around because they're so stink
And many other villains had their episodes end with the Umizoomis helping the villains promising to be nice from now on. Only for them to go right back to villainy during their next appearance. :grump: Because, you know, who needs consistency?

The only upside to this is that it probably ended up giving us the Troublemakers: the Umizoomi's worst enemies. The Troublemakers are probably the closest thing the show had to an evil version of Umizoomi. They were a pair of these goblin looking things that had ray guns that bent reality in a chaotic manner. They occasionally stole stuff and whenever the Umis tried to go after them, they'd use these Trouble Rays to set up booby traps, make obstacles and overall do anything and everything to block the Umis' path.

And none of the episodes ended with the Troublemakers crying and saying "Oh, we make trouble because we grief over our dead mom" or something, they ended up getting punished for it. Sort of. The Troublemakers would always land in a sort of poetic justice version of karma. Landing in a garbage pit, getting chased by a skunk, being tied to a hot air balloon that sends them who knows where. All of these happened to the Troublemakers and more during the end of each of their episodes. But instead of reaching out and helping them, like the Umis did with previous villains, they just went "Oh, well, sucks to be them :dummy:" and ran off. Because they knew the Troublemakers deserved it.

In short: Team Umizoomi was a show that proved to me that the people behind my favorite TV show were not going to be out of a job anytime soon.

4. Bubble Guppies

Speaking of TV shows made by the same people who made a Nick Jr. show from my past that I really loved: Bubble Guppies is a TV show made by the same folks who made the Backyardigans.

The titular Bubble Guppies are a class of mermaid and merman children who live in an underwater town called Bubble Tucky. Now, I know that description would probably make you think the Bubble Guppies live in the same kinda town like Spongebob does. But in reality, Bubble Tucky is pretty much an undersea version of any town you'd find in the real world. In fact, unlike its backyard predecessor, the Bubble Guppies is an interactive educational show that focuses on different topics everyday. But most of the topics are a bit unusual for kids shows. Like I said before, most kid shows focus on learning shapes and numbers, and yeah that does happen here. Mostly in the interactive puzzles. But the episodes focus on kinda broad topics, I guess I'm trying to say.

One episode could be about restaurants, one could be about flying a plane, one could be about camping in the woods, going to the beach, mailing letters, finding bones, going to Halloween costume parties, etc.

The aforementioned mer-kids had a lot of unique personalities to them. First there was Molly; the star of the show and the best singer. Gil; the clumsy guy who was constantly the butt of a lot of jokes. Deema; the energetic diva. Oona; the cutest thing since sliced baby seahorses. Nonny; the smart one who usually about as visually emotional as a fire hydrant. Gobby; a total bro. And then there's Mr. Grouper: a large orange fish (that can change his color) that acts like the teacher for the class.

And just like the Backyardigans, this is a show that has a musical theme. However, while the Backyardigans had 4 songs per episode, Bubble Guppies technically only had 1, unless you count those dancing segments where they sing about the dances they were doing (which, personally, I don't). But like the Backyardigans, the show had a special moment where they acted out a story. The "Time To Go Outside" segment of each episode involved a few of the characters playing a short story regarding the episode's topic. But in the same level of fantasy that the Backyardigans did. You may during my last Falcon's 5 that the Backyardigans had a habit of mixing extraordinary concepts with ordinary concepts. These Going Outside segments did the same.

  • Caveman Actors
  • Soap Superheroes
  • Farmers Vs. Giant Robot Rabbits
  • Monster Motels
  • Dinosaur Police Officers
  • Dr. Frogenstein's Monster
You get the point. And each of these story segments had at least one interactive educational puzzles. However,  just like Team Umizoomi: all of these story segments had one shot villains that got sob story redemption at the end. Now, grant it, Backyardigans did this too (minus the sob story bit :B.  It was just regular redemptions). And that's most likely because each of these stories in either of these shows were one shots and therefore didn't have sequels. Excluding the very last episode of Backyardigans, actually. :B However, this whole story segment ended up being the deal breaker as to why this show isn't higher up on my list.

And no, it's not because of the villains. :roll:

Besides these quick story segments that only lasted a few minutes, there were full length episodes of Bubble Guppies that involved them acting out in stories like the Backyardigans. First it started with a fairytale episode, then a Lord of the Ring parody, a Christmas episode, a Star Trek episode, an Indiana Jones parody and a few others. I honestly couldn't see this as the creators trying to slowly but surely make Bubble Guppies into a substitute for Backyardigans.

Remember when I said in my Totally Spies review that I hated The Amazing Spiez because it felt so similar to the original that it might as well have been? That isn't the problem with these later episodes of Bubble Guppies, but I'll be damned if it isn't in the ball park. And despite the fact that I still liked a majority of these episodes, it doesn't change the fact that the series started to lose its identity.

It's a good thing this is a show about school, because this gets a B- in my book. :meow:

3. Shimmer and Shine

Just a heads up: beyond this point, I'm gonna be talking about shows I've already talked about in the past. And Shimmer and Shine is a show I've talked about before, so I'll try to make this as short and as un-repetitive as possible. :B

Shimmer and Shine started out ok, what with the titular characters (you sick of hearing the word "titular" yet? :meow:) being a pair of twin genies that grant the wishes for a little girl. Like I said last time, it felt like a Fairly Odd Parents rip off just from hearing the concept. But watching the actual show will break any comparison from your mind. First off: the wisher; Leah, isn't a spoiled brat with a lack of common sense like Timmy Turner was. And the show's first season was great because it promoted the idea that making a mistake isn't the end of the world. And like I said before: if I saw that message as a kid, I would've been a lot better off.

Then season 2 happened. And holy butter biscuits in a blender. :iconawwwplz:

The cute 2nd animation turned into cuter 3D animation. The magical world of the genies was built immensely. And last but not least, I was introduced to what is now my absolute favorite female Nick Jr. character of the modern age: Zeta the Sorceress. First of all: Zeta is my favorite kind of villain. She's somewhere in between laughing at her silliness but at the same time I don't want her to actually win because she's an actual threat. Zeta wants to take over the genie world of Zarahamy Falls and overthrow the princess. She has at her disposal countless magical potions, a flying motorcycle and a pet dragon named Nazboo that acts less like a henchman and more like a cross between a puppy and a baby. Not to mention that Zeta is incredibly hot. :love: Which is insane to me.

Because when I officially became an adult, I thought the day I fall in love with a Nick Jr. character would be the day I get encountered by Chris Hansen.

So, yeah, I said all of that back during Shimmer and Shine's 2nd season. Now they're in they're 3rd season and the show has gotten even better-er. Now they're exploring another world called Rainbow 
Zarahamy and even more creatures, magics and friends are introduced. Heck, there was an episode where we meet a genie that basically has glitter based Green Lantern powers. And I loves it so muches. :la:

This show is the textbook example that a small change can lead a big explosion of the unexpected.

2. Rusty Rivets

Again, another show I've talked about before. But if someone pointed a gun to my head and forced me to sum up my thoughts on this show in 6 words, I'd say "A competent version of Jimmy Neutron".
The title character (because "titular" is on a coffee break) was a kid inventor. And most cartoon inventors usually follow in Jimmy Neutron's footsteps and have their inventions blow up in way that causes the story's conflicts. And I've mentioned before that I hate this trope. Not only because I'm pretty sure it goes against the main point of being an inventor, which we'll get to later. but because 99% of the time, it feels as if the invention goes wrong because the inventor is incredibly irresponsible.

Like I said in my review: there was an episode where Jimmy Neutron instructed his friends to steal gold from their parents to power up an invention and then later on they panicked when the gold burning invention shockingly came to the conclusion of all of their gold getting burned into ashes. :facepalm:

Now, grant it, there isn't an episode that doesn't involve Rusty making a mistake with his inventions. I've mentioned before that Rusty, his lab partner: Ruby and their best friend; Liam all have each had episodes where they use an invention that ends up making a big mistake. And more of those episodes have still happened after my review. But my main point is this: Rusty and his friends learned a specific lesson from each time it happened and they never repeated their actions because they learned their lesson. That's similar to what I said regarding Lincoln from the Loud House: making several separate mistakes is one thing, but making the same mistake over and over again is unforgivable to me. And Rusty Rivets didn't have that problem. But the main reason why Rusty never had that problem is because Rusty's inventions were always designed to help people.

And now we're getting to it.

Most episodes would start with Rusty hearing about a new event happening in town, or a friend come running into the lab asking them for help and the episode ends with them inventing something amazing to help them. Yeah, sure, there are episodes where Rusty causes the problem by accident, but I'm not saying that an inventor needs to be perfect. What I'm saying is that an inventor needs to be an inventor: someone who builds machines to help people solve their problems. And comparing Rusty to all of the other cartoon inventors I've seen is like saying "This firefighter is using a water hose, and every other fire fighter I've seen uses a flame thrower".

Not only that, but the gadgets and gizmos on this show kept getting bigger and better into the show's current 2nd season. Hell, the 2nd season started out with Rusty and Ruby replacing their lab with a giant truck that unfolds into a mobile lab. I was already sold at that point. :D

Now, before we get to the obvious pick for #1, let's look at some honorable mentions.

* Blaze and the Monster Machine is a show that was originally going to be in the 4th place, while Bubble Guppies was going to be here in the honorable mentions. However, I made the switcharoo when I wrote out all of the stuff regarding Blaze's show and realized I had pretty much said the exact same thing in Team Umizoomi. Sure, the overall plot is different: Blaze is the fastest monster machine in the world and along with his human driver; AJ and all of his friends, he goes on great adventures and competes in races. And the show focuses on science topics instead of math. And while Team Umizoomi and Blue's Clues used mixed media (I.E. live action humans with cartoon characters (not too sure if that counts as mixed media)), Blaze is 100% CGI animated. But that's where the differences end. Blaze was made by the same folks behind Blue's Clues, it focuses more on a plot rather than a formula which makes it better than Blue's Room, the science topics expanded as the show progressed and there's a great antagonist. I've gone on record liking his junkyard based Green Lantern powers and his dynamic with Pickle for similar reasons why I like Nazboo with Zeta. But Crusher's just one out of a few villains that appeared on the show. Light thieves, lizards with pigs as henchmen, a pompous falcon that totally didn't hit close to home :grump: : all of these villains appeared on the show and more. And just like Team Umizoomi, they had redemptions in the end and they ended up being good.

Wow, Team Umizoomi, Bubble Guppies, The Monster Machines: I'm starting to think all that stuff :iconvalkyrstudios: said about sob story redemptions isn't just an MLP problem. :B

* Wallykazam! was a show that recently got cancelled and isn't going to get a 3rd season. Ordinarily , I'd be upset, but I know exactly why did. During my few times reviewing the show, I've mentioned that the show's main gimmick was that Wally had a magic wand that used literal magical words to make things. As in he'd wave the wand and words would appear in midair. But the gimmick and learning curve of it was that all of the words had to start/end/contain the same letter/sound each time. Some episodes it would be the letter A. Some would be words that rhyme with "fish". Some would be the letter B. But the problem is that with so little choices, the episodes ended up reusing the same letters and sounds over and over again. That aforementioned letter B was used at least 3 times in the show. And this would cause a few opportunities for the animators to reuse certain props. Or worse: not use any props at all because they can reuse verse like "dash", "fly", "hop" and all of their synonyms.

To put it bluntly: I'm convinced that Wallykazam's main gimmick is the main reason why it got canned.

And my number 1 pick for the best modern Nick Jr. show is...not a surprise at all. :B

1. Paw Patrol

This. Show. Is. AWESOME! :la: The titular (#lovethatword!) Paw patrol is a team of sentient puppies that are led by a young gentleman by the name of Ryder. They work together to protect the city of Adventure Bay and the lands beyond. 

First of all; whenever I really talk about this show, I usually have a fangasam over the equipment that they use. And usually gush about how the show progressively gets better stuff. Kinda like this. The show started off with the 6 main pups having a job based off of your average neighborhood first responder and having a doghouse that would turn into a vehicle to that fit that job and have a backpack full of gadgets that also fit that job.

Marshal the firedog has a doghouse that turns into a firetruck and his backpack has water cannons.

Chase the police pup has a cop car doghouse and a pup pack with that has a megaphone, a spotlight and a mini cannon that can shoot nets and tennis balls.

Rubble is a construction pup with a bulldozer house and a pup pack with a shovel.

Rocky is a recycling pup with a recycling truck house and a pup pack full of tools.

Zuma is a water rescue pup with a scuba pup pack and a doghouse that can turn into a hovercraft.

Skye is an air rescue pup with a jetpack pup pack and a house that turns into a helicopter.

Also, Ryder has an ATV that can travel on water and snow, and he communicates with everyone via a Pup Pad tablet.

Then a 7th pup was introduced and turned into an ice rescue pup, complete with a grappling hook backpack, rocket powered snowboard and a snowmobile house.

Then the team got a mobile Headquarters for missions outside of Adventure Bay.

Then some pups got new jobs and near gear. Chase got a side job as a super spy pup complete with a helmet with night vision goggles, suction cup boots, a zipline pup pack and a spy car that has a drone system. Marshal got a sidejob as an EMT pup, got a first aid pup pack and an ambulance doghouse. Rubble got a jack hammer for his pup pack. And Zuma's house could turn into a submarine.

Then they got a 7th pup that works as a jungle rescue pup, complete with grappling cables, a Swiss army multitool and a jeep doghouse. While the rest of the pups got jungle vehicles and outfits.

Then the team got air rescue suits, jet packs and an Osprey helicopter.

Then they all became the personal secret service for a foreign kingdom's princess and not only did they get new spy packs and outfits but they got a stealth mode upgrade for the aforementioned 
Osprey helicopter, an underwater HQ, a mobile armored mission control, mini vehicles for each pup and Ryder got a spy skateboard and spy watch.

And finally; they became sea rescuers, got a seaside HQ that turns into a giant boat--a boat that can also grow a giant set of wheels--amphibious vehicles for each pup, scuba gear and, more recently: a, freaking, submarine that is about as fast as spaceship, has grappling arms, a suction cup launcher and supposedly can fly like a hovercraft!

:faint: I swear, there's more stuff every time I do that. But I've said this before and I'll say it again: the only place these can go now is by becoming astronaut pups, having spaceship doghouses and having a mobile space station. And if that does happen, I will not be the slightest bit surprised.

And just like a lot of the shows I've mentioned, Paw Patrol faces actual villains. First it was the mayor of their rival town, with his bizzaro cat version of the Pups. Then it was the royal pup of the royal kingdom that wants to overthrow the princess so she can be queen. And more recently there's a teenage pirate and his pet dog that travel around the world in a high tech pirate ship to steal stuff from people.

But this show is a lot more than just high tech gizmos and awesome villains. This show had awesome action sequences and rescue missions from the very start of the show. One of the first episodes involved Chase the police pup running up a moving train and saving a kitten all in one go. This show started off bad ass by Nick Jr. standards and went nowhere but up ever since.

And if you want more proof how good this show is, try this on for size: there's supposedly this unwritten rule in Nick Jr. where if a show is popular enough to get a 2nd season then it's not allowed to have anything above 4 seasons.

Given that Paw Patrol is currently in its 5th season, it's safe to say it's the exception to the unwritten rule.

I've already established that whether in the past or the present, Nick Jr. is a big part of my life. The shows went from being warm hearted and educational to being educational in ways that exceeded past exceptions and being so focused on things like action and story plots that they wouldn't look out of place in the main Nickelodeon channel 10 years ago. At this rate, I can't even imagine what the channel is going to be like in the future, but I know I'll always be keeping an eye on Nick Jr. to find out.

So until then, this is Ruben Falcon, signing off and reminding you to always floss your toothbrushes. :D


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Aw, it's ok. I've actually done a birthday pictures for my friends that were at least a day late. :shrug: It's not that bad.
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Happy birthday bud I hope you have a great day today bud:)
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Thanks, PKF. :D
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No prob bud:):):) 
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