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Gianna, as the man who is in here, let me just say that you did an outstanding job at drawing my OC! You copied every detail that you s...




Sesame Street is a show I barely talk about here. Not because I hate it, which I don't: I loved Journey To Ernie growing up, I saw the Cookie Thief a few years ago, I like the more modern segments called Elmo The Musical and Smart Cookies and, lastly, I think the parodies they did of things like the Avengers, Twilight and The Walking Dead is the best example of pop culture reference comedy. Which isn't easy for me to say, because I always considered that genre more miss than hit. However, I did stumble upon a new Sesame Street thing that, while is kinda meh at best for me, does hold a very neat message underneath it all. That thing is called "The Magical Wand Chase".

The Magical Wand Chase is an HBO exclusive special. It starts off in the middle of Sesame Street where Elmo, Big Bird, Grover, Cookie Monster, Rosita and Abby Cadabby are all meeting up for some sort of story time bookclub thing where Nina: a Latina character that was introduced in 2016, reads them a book about an explorer travelling the world in a hot air balloon. However, their book club is cancelled when Nina realized she forgot the book. So, Abby gets the idea of using her magic wand to make the gang their own hot air balloons and go on their own adventure. Only for Abby to drop her wand over the city and have it be caught and taken away by a bird, played by the lovely Elizabeth Banks, and cause a big chase around the city to find the bird, get Abby's wand and get home by dinner.

Now, if this was an actual segment in my Ruben's Review series, I'd go into deeper detail about this special.

I'd give it praise like how I love the designs of the hot air balloons or how Banks' bird character is CGI and yet is made to look like a Muppet with its big eyes and furry exterior.

I'd also give it a bit of criticism like how while everyone else's balloons are meant to be symbolic to whose in them (IE: Elmo and Abby's has a racecar for the basket and a flower for the balloon, Bird Bird and Rosita's has a bird's nest for the basket and a guitar for the balloon), Grover and Cookie Monster's is just a cookie for a balloon and a cup of milk for the basket which is more Cookie than Grover. Or talk about how while Banks did a good job on the bird, I honestly think the bird should've talked in rhymes 24/7, mainly because the bird kept accidentally setting off Abby's wand whenever she talked in rhyme since that's how magic spells usually work. :B But having her speak in rhyme a few moments in the film is really specific and too specific for the bird to not just realize what was going on.

Like I said, I could do that--even though I technically did--but instead I'm gonna focus on the special's moral. Like I hinted at earlier: the gang all get into hot air balloons and set off to go on a big adventure. But instead, they don't even leave New York City.

Yeah, side note here: Sesame Street apparently takes place in my hometown of NYC. Not just story wise, saying that the street is somewhere here in New York, but the show is also filmed there too. In fact, according to the Muppets Wiki page: this special is the first time the show was filmed on location since 1994. Which was before I was even dropped off at my mom's house in a basket via the Stork Delivery Service.

So, anyway, they technically don't even leave New York. During the chase scene with the bird, they focus on the street below and I see lanterns and dragons and Chinese writings and I openly think out loud "Are they in China Town or are they in actual China?". And then the actual special confirmed I was right the first time. Then they go to a Spanish neighborhood and then might up with some kids from Africa.

This is amazing to me! :D Most shows that try to do the world travelling thing usually fake it out. With either animated sets or fake studio sets that are meant to look like the places around the world. In fact, I think the closest thing I've seen to a TV show that took place all over the world for real were the Little Einsteins and the Wonder Pets. 2 shows that used real world pictures of the places for their backgrounds. :hmm: But this is way better. But, like I said earlier, it's mainly because of the moral of the story.

What is the moral, you ask? Well, to sum it up with a paraphrase from the great :iconjimathers:: "You don't need to go to another country to end up in another world".

This special teaches kids that you don't really need to get in a hot air balloon and travel half way around the world to go on an adventure like that. Different cultures, different people and different places could right around the corner of your block. And I love it. I love that concept. Ever since I was a kid, I've loved stories that focused on travelling around different worlds. Be them worlds grounded in reality, like the aforementioned Wonder Pets and Little Einsteins, or worlds fueled on imagination like Super Mario Odyssey and Blue's Clues.

But if I went back in time and showed my 6 year old self this special about how there's dozens of cultures and places like this in New York, I'd end up creating an alternative future where I actually get off of my ass and go outside more often.
I'm just gonna go out on a limb here and say that big comics and movie length stories isn't my thing. :facepalm: To the point where I'm closing all comic requests too, possibly forever.

Part of the reason why I haven't done a lot of stories here on DA for the past 9 years is because every single story I've dropped out of was a big multi-part story. Mostly because I went into a phase of making movie length stories based off of actual movies that I liked prior to even knowing what even was, let alone signing up for my own account. Thus leading me into this whole "start off with a bang" mentality that I've had for gob knows how long. Despite the fact that it doesn't work. Ever.

Especially when it came to this idea that my series NEEDS to start off with a prequel. Despite the fact that I've said numerous times that other options are that the series could have a prequel later on in its run, or just flat out not at all and it wouldn't be a problem either way.

Hell, during the last few years, the only story I've finished from beginning to end was my Totally Spies fan fic. And I always viewed that story as evidence of a Yahtzee quote: "99% of creators claim to loathe everything they made more than five years ago and the remaining 1% are liars". Mainly because the story has a lot of literary issues. But, for one thing: of course it has issues, it's the first story I ever wrote after Gob knows how long again. :grump: But for another: the fact that the only story I've ever finished her was in literary form instead of comic form should be considered a sign from my muses. :B

And I may hate it, but not a lot other people did. Hell, most of the comments I got in that story were some of the best feedback I got from anything. Including one from a certain someone (you know who you are :innocent:) who said he could literally feel how fun the story was. So, yeah, I think this is a sign that I should stick to writing stories. But not big scaled novels like before.

In fact, a very good friend of mine (you also know who you are. :innocent:) recently suggest that I should tone it down a bit and just do short stories. Short stories that qualify as "one shots". I.E.: short stories that don't break off into a long tiring arc. And even though my brain first saw that suggestion and went "Hey, let's do the opposite! :dummy:", I'm going to do it. Especially given the fact that I just recently went on that rant talking about how most modern day cartoons are fueled by the idea that cartoons should be more matured and always bomb because of it. And the fact that whenever I try to make my stories deep, I end up making my emotional funk deeper by reminding me of my shitty past.

I already have a few short stories ideas, some of which have been collecting digital dust because my focus has always been on the prequel. ^^;

But let's focus on those 18 words in the beginning of this post: the fact that I'm closing comic requests and art trades for--possibly--ever. Mainly because having to draw comic requests is part of the reason why I procrastinate on my requests a lot. Even though my face is saying "Sure, I'll draw your comic for you. :D", my insides are saying "OHMYGODWHYDIDIAGREETOTHATIDONOTWANTTODOTHISAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!". I'm not even kidding. Something about having to write comics has been driving me insane inside and I never got around to address that problem. :lonely: I think it has to do with the fact that, like I said before: all of my failed projects were comics. I don't even know why I went into a comic phase in the first place. My only guess is that I thought that if I was good at drawing pictures and writing stories then I'd be good at comics.

Yeah, I don't need to pull out a comedic analogy to address why that doesn't work. :lonely:

So, yeah: No more requested comics until further notice. I do have 2 requests in the works, so I'll get those done A-S-A-Saturday. But after that, I'm going to focus on a few short stories. I might do a few comic strips here and there, since just like the short story idea and it'll be a great way for me to work my way up. But no multi-pages, no big movies, nothing that's too much for me. If I really want to be a story writer, I need to pace myself. Otherwise, I'm never going to get over this hump.

And I'm nothing but grateful for all of the people who have helped pushed me to where I am when it comes to this problem, but I need to put some more effort into finishing this damn creative funk I'm in.
One question that floats around the minds of the Mario fandom involves 3 characters: Bowser, Peach and Daisy.

For those who don't know, Peach wasn't the only, or even the first, damsel in distress that Mario "Jump Man" Mario has saved during his roughly 30 years of being a game protagonist. In fact, his very first damsel in distress was Pauline in the Donkey Kong game, who later broke up with Mario to focus on her political career.

Then there was Princess Daisy in Super Mario Land. Who then dumped Mario for his brother Luigi.

And then there was Princess Peach during the Super Mario Brothers game, after getting kidnapped by King Bowser, and the rest is history.

However, the aforementioned question that involves these 3 characters goes as thus: "why doesn't Bowser go back to capturing Daisy after all of these years?". Followed by the assumption that Daisy is jealous of Peach because of all of the attention she has gotten as the main damsel in distress.

To answer the first question, try and follow me on this one.

The 3rd game in the Mario Party series contains a cutscene involving Daisy. Given the fact that I haven't played any of the Mario Party games, let alone the 3rd, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say it's the kind of cutscene you get depending on which character has won. :shrug: Anyways, Daisy wins but right before she gets her prize, Bowser comes bursting in, angry about how he didn't win and probably going to say it was rigged. Only for Daisy to get pissed and slap Bowser so hard, he flies off into the distance like Team, freaking, Rocket. Only to go right back to her cute princess routine.

To those who asked the question about why Bowser doesn't kidnap Daisy anymore, let me ask a question of my own: implying that you'd survive afterwards,  if someone did that to you, would you really want to mess with them a 2nd time? Didn't think so.

As for whether or not Daisy is jealous of Peach, I'm gonna go ahead and vote "No" on that front. Yeah, Peach is getting a lot of attention, but that's because a majority of her role involves sitting in the top of a castle waiting for Mario to defeat at least 5 game bosses to come and rescue her. Or worst: be forced into an arrange marriage which oddly enough didn't only happen in Odyssey, but I digress.

Daisy being jealous of Peach would be like the Bimbettes being jealous of Belle in Beauty and the Beast.

Because of the Beast.
Whatever you do, don't accept any offer from Cleopatra's real estate agency.

It's just a pyramid scheme.
In actual Net Neutrality News, you guys may remember during my last outburst, I mentioned that you can flat out Tweet to your reps. Well, roughly 10 hours later--yes, that is specific, shut up--I managed to get a hold of some of the phone numbers AND Twitter accounts of some undecided representatives.

Senator Flake | 
@JeffFlake | 202–224–4521

Senator Heller | @SenDeanHeller | 202–224–6244

Senator Hatch | @OrrinHatch | (202) 224–5251

Senator Gardner | @SenCoryGardner | (202) 224–5941

Senator Portman | @SenRobPortman | 202–224–3353

Senator Rubio | MarcoRubio | (202) 224–3041

Senator Murkowski | @LisaMurkowski | (202)-224–6665

Senator Graham | @LindseyGrahamSC | (202) 224–5972

I know it seems like I'm getting a bit antsy now, but let's be real here: we have less than 2 months to counteract the FCC's Net Neutrality repeal or it'll become law. And I know that I, and some actually credible people, have said that the FCC's chances in court are very slim, considering that they can't make their case without flat out lying. But no one should look at that and think that it's ok to sit back and do nothing.

So, use as many of these phone numbers and/or Twitter account infos as much as you can and get your voices heard before it's too late.

And lastly, I know a lot of you are probably mad at Senator Kennedy for betraying us and trying to pass another failed attempt at the opposing side to put out a fake version of N.N.

Here’s his number: (202) 224–4623 and his twitter handle:@SenJohnKennedy

Make your complaints heard to him and warn him that if he isn't on our side, he's going to regret it in any of his future elections.

This technically isn't a Net Neutrality News update, but it is something I really want to address. During the past few days, I've been seeing a lot of comments on videos, news posts and other things regarding the Net Neutrality fight. These comments always annoyed me more and more I saw it. And seeing those comments in my most recent N.N. News post felt like the straw the camel's back. That comment goes roughly as thus.

"Wow, [Insert State Name Here] should really get their own Net Neutrality protections too."

Here's the problem here: if you have enough free time to make that comment, you have enough free to actually call a rep. and tell them that!

The biggest problem I have with this is because it makes me worried that not enough people are taking this whole 
Net Neutrality seriously. And I always thought that not taking politics seriously is part of the reason why we now have an incompetent Oompa Loompato in the oval office.

And here's the thing: I know these people are saying how they want certain states to have their own N.N. laws is because they most likely live in a state that doesn't have them yet. That's literally the only reason.

Now, grant it, based off of yesterday's news of how Washington put their N.N. rules into law and how other states are most likely going to follow suit, I'm not THAT pissed off.

But my point still stands: don't waste your voice on Net Neutrality in random comment sections. Especially if it's a comment section of video, news article or status post from an artist whose name could mean "Head-Hurricane" followed by factors of the number 6. Because telling someone about Net Neutrality is going to be pointless if, chances are, they already know about the subject. :stare:

If you're serious and/or worried about the state of N.N., the best thing you can do is voice your troubles to a congressmen, mayor, representative or any of the higher-ups in your local area.

Hell, most politicians have Twitter accounts! You can just tweet them!
In other Net Neutrality News, Washington State had recently become the first of the 50 US states to implant their Net Neutrality state rules into law.

For those who are unaware; one of the biggest counterattacks the the FCC's repeal of NN is for certain states to have new rules that say "you mess with our freedom, we'll mess with your business". Saying that any internet provider that wants to do a deal with certain states has to file under what is essentially N.N. rules or else they won't do any deals with them. Other states like California, Jersey, Hawaii and even my home state of New York have been working on things like this for months but Washington seems to be the first state to put it into actual law.

"But Ruben, you healthy alternative to potassium", I hear you speak, "there are rumors that the FCC put out a law that says states can't even do that."

Yeah, and that's the funniest thing here. During a speech at the time of the new law's release, Democratic representative; Drew Hansen said out loud the following:

“Just because the FCC claims it has the power to preempt state laws doesn’t mean that it actually does. I can claim that I have the power to manifest unicorns on the Washington State Capitol lawn. But if you look outside right now, there are no unicorns.”

That flat out feels like the kind of comedic analogy that I would pull out of my ass. And the fact that a, freaking, pencil pushing politician said it made my, freaking, day. :XD:

But, yeah, that is a good point: the FCC flat out said that it blocked states from trying to do that but in reality it either doesn't have that much power or people are defying them the same way they defied us. And I'm honestly betting the former because the FCC isn't that big of a governmental branch as Pai would want to think it is.

Speaking of Shit Pai: there are certain news regarding N.N. that I, to be honest here, flat out ignore. Not because they're negative or anything, but because they have 0 effect on whether or not we get the repeal undone. And just the other day, a good friend of mine came up to me about the news that the NRA gave Ajit Pai an award for his "courage" of standing up to the common people and repealing N.N. anyways. And I told my friend exactly what that was: a pathetic gas-lighting attempt by not only the FCC but also the NRA to make people forget about how they hate both of them (which one more is debatable) for their recent screw ups. With the FCC, it's obvious in these segments, but with the NRA, it's because of their horrible response to the recent Florida shooting.

Anyways, during Conservative Political Action Conversation (which is pretty much a convention for Republicans) Shit Pai was presented the Charlton Heston Courage Under Fire Award, for his "grace and dignity" during the N.N. fight, despite people supposedly giving him death threats and abusive remarks. and th award came with a 
gigantic penis-extension gun, because of course it did, this is the, F-ing, NRA. :roll:

"But, Ruben, you random thing you said earlier" I hear you cry again, "if you thought this news was completely useless, why are you bringing it up?"

Well, for one thing, it's because less than a week after actually getting the award, Pai sent it right back because of ethics. Which is a fancy way of saying "I can't do this because I'll look bad". :unimpressed: Yeah.

Going against the overwhelming majority people: that's fine in Pai's eyes.

Possibly breaking federal laws: Sure, why not.

Doing a video where he said "don't worry, kids, you can still #theHarlemShake!"  to N.N. supporters: fine and dandy.

Laughing in his Democratic chairmen's faces during the actual vote to repeal N.N.: great idea.

Doing jokes about how he tries to play off how much of a shill he is in a speech: best idea ever.

But this? This is the place where Pai draws the line? This is when he suddenly gives enough shits to rub against each other about his rep?

Now, this isn't actually a shock to me, I'm being hyperbolic as usual. I've said before that Pai, AT&T and other 
supporters of the N.N. repeal have been trying to gaslight people into thinking they were always on their side. Because it finally donned to them that they might be screwed. And there is no reason other than that for Pai to give back this award. Had this happen, like, 2 months ago, Pai would've taken this award and bragged about it. He'd probably have it in his hands during that Harlem Shake video.

Pai, I say this in the nicest way possible when I say that when it comes to fixing your reputation after all of this, that ship hasn't sailed: it sank last November. :stare:

And despite all of that, and even though there are less than 60 days left until the FCC's repeal goes into effect, it doesn't really change that the FCC doesn't have that much of a chance here. Like I've said numerous times: they've been flat out sued by most of the country's 
states' attorneys general and various tech companies and grassroots companies. Not to mention that we still have mayors, state officials and other people across the country still trying to push the ones that aren't to follow through.

And that last part is what I want to end on. I know that we so many days left to counteract this repeal may be discouraging, but look at how far we've gone at this point. How many states have joined, how many companies have joined, how many people have made their voices heard. We can't just sit back and expect this whole thing to fix itself. We tried that during the election and look how that worked out. :stare:

We are way too deep to get lazy and back down. We still need voices in this fight. Call your representatives as soon and as often as you can. Because it was your voice that made us come this far and it'll be your voice that helps us get to the winner's circle.
During my coverage of Net Neutrality News, some of you may remember that I called for some of you to ask Senator John Kennedy to be part of the call to undo the FCC's N.N. repeal.

Earlier today, his response could've been summed up as "What's that? Sorry, I thought you said to make a copy of one of those fake N.N. bills."

Yeah, you read that right: Kennedy Fried Chicken over here tried to push one of the fake Net Neutrality legislation that a lot of Republicans and Internet Providers have tried to push past the works during this whole Net Neutrality ordeal. In fact, Kennedy's legislation is nothing more than a copy of Marsha Blackburn's bill: having the words "Net Neutrality" sloppily painted on the exterior but the actual meat of the bill pretty much does the opposite of what we want Net Neutrality to do. Grant it, this bill doesn't have a chance. It didn't have a chance when Marsha pushed it. It didn't have a chance when AT&T's bots pushed it. And it sure as hell doesn't have a chance now. And you wanna know why?

Because we are not idiots.

And I don't mean in the sense that one of the first bullshit arguments that Ajit Pai did in favor of his Net Neutrality repeal is that all of the real comments that were against the repeal when whole mess started was that most of the people aren't lawyers and therefore are too stupid to make an argument. No, I don't mean that. Although that is a factor here.

I mean in the sense that people aren't stupid in a much lower sense than that. The idea that we'd fall for a fake Net Neutrality bill simply because of the title and nothing it actually says in the meat of the paper is like thinking you can easily rob a bank by wearing a shit that says "I'm not here to rob a bank" and the guards won't do anything. In fact, a lot of people have flat out cried this whole "Trojan Horse" approach, as some have put it, is a massive insult to their intelligence.

And a lot of people are flat out hating Kennedy for this betrayal since, like I said before, a lot of people were hoping he'd be on our side. But now that he's decided to go onto the losing team, all I can say is that I'm adding Kennedy to the long, long list of people who will be suffering major political consequences during any of his upcoming elections thanks to this whole N.N. ordeal.
You know where's the best place to get a used clock?

At a secondhand store.
You guys remember Total Drama Revenge of the Island? If you don't, it was the 4th season of the series and the very first one to include an entirely new cast of contestants. And while I could talk about all of the contestants that come to mind: like how Cameron is the best nerd in all of cartoons, how Zoey and Mike's relationship felt like the control group for my least trope in the show, or how I secretly had a crush on Anne Maria (HOW DID THAT GET INTO EDITING!? :noes:) I'm going to focus on one character and one character only here.

That one character being Dakota.

For those who don't remember: Dakota was a rich little daddy's girl who outright admitted that she wasn't in the show because she wanted to win the cash prize. In fact, she was already rich, so it'd be pointless if she actually did win the prize. No, she signed up for Total Drama because she wanted to be a TV star. And is often seen posing in front of paparazzi rather than, you know, completing the challenges of the game. Which, sometimes, cost her team the win and thus lead to her elimination.

However much like Izzy and Eva from the orignal cast members, Dakota came right back. Less than an episode after actually. :B And begged Chris to let her be on the show. He was stubborn until Dakota's daddy called and gave Chris a butt load of money to change his mind and let Dakota stay on the show. As an intern.

And here's the thing, If Chris was an actual person, I'd ask the following question to him: "how much money did Dakota's daddy offer you?"

Because I'm pretty sure that after seeing episode after episode of you torturing his daughter through slave work, making her deaf, nearly letting her get eaten by sharks, throwing her through that elimination catapult again just for fun, and sending her through a mine full of radioactive waste to the point where she started out bald and ended up turning into the Dakotazoid, 
Dakota's daddy is going to want all of that money back.

And then some.
One of the things that gives me faith in the fight for Net Neutrality is hearing the opposing side's horrifically bad arguments. We've already seen it roughly a week ago when FCC chairman: Ajit Pai, tried to defend his repeal of N.N. by using data that not only was dated before the repeal but before he was even in charge of the FCC. And AT&T hasn't been any smarter. First they were in favor of the repeal but then tried to lie to us saying they're in favor of it all along. Then they were behind that failed online bot swarm that tried to gaslight lawmakers into making a N.N. law that basically had no N.N. in it. And just today, they added more logs onto the fire that is their crumbling reputation with their latest statement.

"Fast Lanes Can Save Lives!"

For those of you who don't know: the "fast lane, slow lane" argument is the idea that when/if net neutrality is officially gone, ISPs will be able to charge people more fees to get faster internet speeds. Leaving anyone who doesn't want to pay more fees to have incredibly slower internet.

Why did AT&T of all people make this argument? Well, for one thing, there has been rumors that AT&T is already pushing phone and internet plans that have the words 
"fast lane, slow lane" written all over it. Guess they didn't get the memo that, even as of last week after the FCC filled in the papers to make the repeal official, N.N. isn't officially going to be gone until April. And, again, that's under the very low chance that the FCC gets away with this with 0 interference. :roll: now, honestly, I'm not actually 100% sure that this hypothetical future plan of theirs actually involves fast and slow lanes, which is why I've never actually did an N.N. News about it. Even read a few commenters here and there (including one supposedly coming from Dr. Phil :confused:) that it really isn't. So, whether or not those rumors are true is something I'll need to get back to you on. ^^;

But if AT&T is seriously making this argument, then that's evidence that the future plan actually is fast and slow lanes, or they're at least planning on doing that in the future and either way, they're trying to make it seem like it's not that big of a deal. And this lie that they're trying to use to make their case is laughable pathetic to me.

Because, and I can't believe I have to explain this, you can't make the case that pushing a fee for fast lanes makes you a hero if someone is trying to make an emergency call and you're the reason that the lines are deafeningly slow in the first place!

That's like saying putting up a toll booth on the only road that leads to an emergency hospital makes you a hero. That's not gonna save anyone! If anything, putting up an arbitrary fee that slows people down for literally no good reason, besides your own financial befits, could be the kind of thing that costs a life!

Imagine dialing 9-1-1 and hearing your phone company say that you need to press your credit card info before you make the goddamn call. :stare:

Luckily, despite all of the bullshit gaslighting that Pai, AT&T and anyone else that drank their kool-aid has made as of late, it doesn't change the fact that an overwhelming majority of the country is against them. And that at least once a week, more and more states are either gaining up on the FCC to sue them in court or making their own net neutrality rules.

I've said this before and I'll say it again: Pai and his cronies spent a lot of time before they voted the repeal pissing people off. Be them average joes, internet companies, attorney generals, senate members and even people in their own goddamn agency. They kept burning bridges, ignoring rules and doing the Harlem shake. And not even 12 hours after their vote, they started getting the consequences for that and it's finally donned on them that they might be screwed. And they're trying to get people on their side.

Not happening. AT&T, Pai, and the rest of you bastards made your death bed and you're going to lie in it. 
Today is the Net Neutrality #OneMoreVote day!

For those of you who don't know: it's an internet wide event to call as many representatives and congressmen as we can in order to get the final vote we need in order for the democrats to push a CRA on the Net Neutrality repeal.

"What would a CRA actually do?" you may ask? Well, it'll force the congress to have a vote on whether or not to let the repeal go through or to drop the whole issue entirely and let N.N. stay how it is. Thus making it an electoral issue for this year's midterm election, because you might as well take all of the names of the people who voted for the repeal and put them on a list entitled "Vote these assholes out!".

So, what can you do to help the cause? Go to… and follow the on screen instructions to get you connected with your state's representative. And let them know that either they make sure Net Neutrality is safe, or they pack their bags around the next election.
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For those of you who don't know, Codename: Kids Next Door was a Cartoon Network series that focused on a secret organization of kids who fought against evil adults. They had code-names relating to numbers, treehouses for their bases of operation and my personal favorite: weapons, vehicles and all kinds of high tech gizmos seemingly made out of everyday items.

However, I didn't bring up the KND just for the sake of having a fangasam. I did it to ask a quick question: was the KND really a secret organization? :confused:

The main thing that I ask about this is that most non-evil adults who see the KND's actions don't really pay much mind to it. There's an episode where Number 1 is being arrested by the KND while he was in the middle of a fishing trip with his father. And instead of freaking out at he fact that the other KND members were riding on what looked like a house roof with giant rocket thrusters, Number 1's dad is either preoccupied with the fishing or thinks the KND officers are just playing a game. And it doesn't stop with just Number 1's parents. Most of the other operatives' families are oblivious to the KND's actions. Almost to the point where it was revealed that one of the KND operative's parents is a regular villain on the show and either of them knew about it. To the point where there were episodes were the kids burst into houses, guns a-blazing, and the adults react barely react to it. Saying "Hey there, kids. You want some cookies?" and so on. There were even episodes that would start out with outside people--some adults, some children--going to the KND for help.

For god's sake: there's a, freaking, museum dedicated to the KND!

The only thing I can think of that supports the idea that the KND is a secret organization is--and I know some of you were thinking this too--the fact that kids get decommissioned on their 13th birthday. Since 13 is the exact date that someone officially stops being a kid. And it involves a memory wiping process that makes them forget their time on the force. However, this doesn't work because Number 5's older sister, Cree, supposedly was a KND member and was decommissioned on her birthday. And yet, she knows it. She flat out said that she's not part of the KND anymore, and therefore remembers it.

So, the idea that the KND is secret organization doesn't make that much sense to me. But what do I know: I'm just a crummy adult. ;p

This concludes KND Operation P.O.S.T. (Pointing Out Show's Typos)
The biggest bit of Net Neutrality news going on now is the news that the FCC filed in the report to repeal N.N. today and that if everything goes their way, N.N. will be gone as soon as late April. This news has a lot of people freaking out, saying how the internet is good as gone, how the fast lane prices are looming over us and that the war is over. However, I, being I, am here to take an industrial sized megaphone, point it directly into your ear sockets and shout out "CALM THE FUNK DOWN ALREADY" because that isn't exactly true.

Like I said: if the FCC gets their way, Net Neutrality will be a thing of the past as of April 2018. But the keywords there are "if the FCC gets their way". As in, if they have even the slightest chance of winning a legal battle that puts them on odds against most of the country, and even the world.

And that's another thing: I've talked for months about how this whole FCC NN BS has triggered a legal war against half of the country's states' attorney generals, various grassroot companies, internet companies, several people within the FCC that have enough braincells to know this is bullshit and last but not least, people like you and me who were against this shit from the get go. And during those months, I've mentioned that none of us can actually sue Pai and the FCC for this until they take actual legal actions to get rid of net neutrality. And even if their repeal of N.N. won't be effective until a good 2 months, that still counts as legal action. Which means this isn't over yet by a long shot. If anything, Pai and his cronies just started a legal fight that they're most likely not going to win.

But I'll put a pin on that while I talk about something else. A lot of you may remember that one of the first actions against the FCC's NN repeal was the Congressional Review Act (or "CRA" for short) that would need support from all over the democratic party and at least one more supporter in order for it to fall through. If you think the fact that the FCC just filed in the papers for the repeal means it's too late, you'd be dead wrong. The CRA has a 60 day (In other words: TWO MONTHS) time span in order to be filled in and be of effect. Those 60 days have been up in the air for a while now, to the point where some people, myself included, got confused on thought it had either already started or already ended.

Those 60 days officially start today. And we already have all but one supporter to stop the repeal. This isn't over by a long shot.

Pulling that pin out now: I remind you that the FCC is going to face a massive legal battle because of their bullshit repeal. And there is a strong chance they aren't going to make it. Especially when it comes to the part of the repeal where the FCC says that states can't make their own N.N. rules over broadband. There's a strong chance they don't actually have the power to do that, and it would explain why several states including New York, California and Hawaii are all defying the FCC and are essentially doing it anyways. But that's not the real reason why I don't think the FCC isn't going to win this fight. If you've been paying any attention to all of the post I've been making over the past year, you'll know that Pai and his lackies are notorious for lying their asses off and us false information as a failed attempt tp gaslight people into thinking they're right. That isn't going to help them when this whole thing goes to court.

And it's starting to don on Pai that he might be in big trouble because he's been trying to cover his tracks as of late. Remember that cringe worthy comedy bit he did about how he's a puppet for Verizon? Not to be confused with that equally 
cringe worthy Youtube video of him doing the Harlem shake. :roll: A news company called Gizmodo tried to get some information on that comedy skit and Pai did the same thing he did when NYC's attorney general simply asked him for help on the false comment investigation: he blocked the right to see the information and is therefore obscuring justice.

Do it once, shame on you. Do it twice, more shame to you.

And remind you: this isn't a comedy skit that was done by another person, like Saturday Night Life, to make fun of the FCC. Those were jokes that Pai wrote himself. He made those jokes, he released them in front of a live audience and now he's try to back pedal all of that crap because it finally donned to him that he's in big trouble. And while I wasn't talking about his "Don't worry kids, you can still #harlemshake!" video earlier, I'll bet dollars to dick holes he's gonna end up back pedaling on that video too.

Except he can't. We aren't idiots. But he might actually be one because he's just been digging himself into a deeper hole the more and more N.N. becomes a government issue. Something that, ironically, probably wouldn't be happening if he did all of this shit in the first place.

And that's another thing: over the course of this whole ordeal, Pai has lied, blocked information, been a major contributor to that false comments debacle, tried gaslighting people to look away from his objectors and is now the prime suspect in several investigations, including one being done by the agency he is in control of. Do you honestly think that's going to look well for him in court? :stare:

Speaking of a court case, don't think that once those 60 days are up, this whole thing is going to be over. A court case involving something of this magnitude could last over several months. Maybe even years. And the Net Neutrality rules as we know it will stay the way they are as the court case continues, because they can't actually repeal the rules until the FCC has made their case the repeal is legally sound.

All I'm saying is this: the FCC filing in the paperwork to get N.N. repealed today is not the end of the world wide web. If there was ever a quick and easy way for those bastards to take the internet away from us, they would've done it years ago, let alone months ago. But then again, there isn't a quick and easy fix for this whole ordeal either. Like I've said before, this legal battle can last a very long time, and most likely not in the FCC's favor.

There was a point where Pai outright said that he hopes, and this is a quote "the third time's the charm".

To that end; I, you, the attorney generals of mutliple states, Pai's own FCC members and half of the senate all say "Go ahead, punk, make our day".
Did I ever tell you guys about my days in the donkey karate championship?

Let's just say I kicked a lot of ass. B-)
You guys remember the dad from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs? If you do, you'll remember that one of his main gimmicks, if not his main gimmick  was to talk in weird fishing metaphors and Flint could never understand what he was saying.

However, every time that would happen I would think "You can make monkey thought translation devices, but you can't understand a simple metaphor? :unimpressed:". I mean seriously, look at some of these.

"Not every sardine is meant to swim, son." Obviously meant that not everyone can be good at what they set out to do. Which is horrible advice to give a kid during the context of that scene in the movie.

"You can't keep throwing your net where there isn't any fish." Basically his own version of Einstein's definition of insanity. :hmm: Which I've been told isn't as credible as I first thought it was, but I digress and progress.

And finally "When it rains you put on a coat." Which means that if something goes wrong, you adapt to go against it.

I know this seems like a petty detail, but like I said before, this is one of Flint's dad's main quality traits. And they try to pull it off like it's part of the reason why Flint and his dad are so distant. Here's the thing though: if my own father wasn't dead for about 3 years, he'd vouch for me when I said that he and I had a better relationship than these 2, dispute the fact that we had an actual language barrier between us.
Net Neutrality News. It's still a thing, I just wanted to take a break from current event coverage for a while. Some folks say the stress was getting to me. ^^; And for those who're wondering: No, me changing my icon from that #StoptheFCC picture to my personal symbol does not mean that the worries of Net Neutrality are finally over.

And further more: unless the first words in a post are something along the lines of "Net Neutrality is safe forever!", do not ask me otherwise. Because whenever someone does it, feels as if they looked at the entire newspost that I spent a lot of research and time to type out and just went "Too long, didn't read" and just ask for a short answer. Which, as I've said before, is insulting. :stare: Got it? Good.

Truth be told, the last few weeks or so was a good time to take a small break for N.N.N. because there really hasn't been that much eye popping news in the world of N.N. as of late. Mostly the usual: more states are passing laws that basically say to ISPs "follow our terms for Net Neutrality, or don't do business with us" and even more countries are all gearing for ganging up to battle the FCC in the court. In all honesty, the 2 biggest stories I could find that happened these past few weeks are the following stories.

The first is the idea that Ajit Pai: FCC chairman and the man who wanted to (and this is not as paraphrased as you would think, if you're new to this whole ordeal) take a weed whacker to Net Neutrality. Well, now he's under investigation, by the FCC itself. So, yeah, agency that's suppose to be under Pai's authority is now investigating him, not just for this Net Neutrality debacle, but for all of the other nasty things he's done during his short year being in charge of the FCC.

In even more news in the category of looking at Pai and going "Nelson Ha Ha Emoticon ": Pai recently did a report for the evidence that his repeal for Net Neutrality is beneficial to the world. However, what he tried to pass on as evidence was several reports and documents that not only were dated before he repealed Net Neutrality in December 2017, but long before he was even made the chairman of the FCC in January of 2017!

That's the equivalent of trying to say that Trump is a good president because he chopped down a cherry tree and didn't lie about it. It's a blatant and incredibly laughable lie that does nothing but prove your own ignorance of how things work. Like, say, basic understanding of time. :unimpressed:

And while these 2 nuggets of Net Neutrality News seem kinda new, they aren't. Over the past year of so, I've been talking about exactly these sort of things happening: FCC members being against the Pai's N.N. repeal and Pai blatantly lying to our faces when he tries to make the case that the repeal is actually good for us. The latter of which is the main source of evidence to my idea that the best case scenario is that once the nearly-half-of-the-US-states actually sue the FCC for the repeal, they'll lose because of their lack of credible evidence.

And whenever I say that, I get one or 2 comments from people who say that it's not only the best case scenario, but the most likely case scenario. But I wouldn't take any chances.

But before you think this post amounts to nothing more than information I've already talked about, here's a good thing to end up on. Remember that #StopTheFCC icon I mentioned earlier? That was from an internet wide event called "Break The Net To Save The Net" or something along those lines. Where people were encouraged to make artwork and posts all at once to get the attention that this cause needed. I bring it up because a 2nd internet wide event is coming called #OneMoreVote. Where tons of people call all of our congressman and representatives at once to get the final supporter we need for the CRA bill that'll help undo the repeal of N.N. It'll be happening on the 27th of February.

Which, and I can't make this up, is also the 9th anniversary of my time here on! :la:

So, yeah, that's a nice note to end this post on. So, I hope to see that a lot of you have partaken in this upcoming event. That way, we'll show Ajit Pai what happens when you mess with our internet.
You know what's a cliche in the spy genre that I haven't seen that much of? Mistaken identity. I.E.: a scenario where an average Joe gets mistaken for a secret agent.

And I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that upon reading that description, some of you instantly thought of the 2nd Cars movie (Or as I like to call it "The only Cars movie that gets within the same star system as entertaining"). And I don't blame you, because that is a perfect example of what I'm talking about: Mater gets mistaken for an American secret agent, simply because he was carrying the actual secret agent's device. But, believe it or not, there are other shows and even movies that take that plot line long before and after that movie premiered. Skatoony, Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi, Mickey and the Roadster Racers.

It's such a weird way to start off a plot, isn't it? Most spy stories I've seen that start off with the protagonist not already being a spy themselves usually goes for the plot where government agents walk up to the average Joe and say that they need his/her/their help to save the world. Be it good shows like Jimmy Neutron, Johnny Test, My Life As A Teenage Robot, Peg + Cat to a certain extent and even that shitty Kuu Kuu show. Another common way to start a spy story is to just have the main character reveal that they have the resources to make their own spy gadgets. Shows like Dexter's Lab, Paw Patrol: Mission Paw, Yo Gabba Gabba and even this really bad  DVD sequel to the Swan Princess. And a 4th and final one here is one where an average Joe just gets roped into a spy adventure by running into the actual secret agent and then gets pulled into the danger. Like in that episode of Johnny Bravo, Be Cool Scooby Doo and, to a certain extent, Camp Lakebottom. But we're not here to talk about all of those plotlines, we're here to talk about the Mistaken Identity one.

One with a massive problem with this trope and that's the spy agency's apparent obliviousness.

I had a conversation about this with a friend once and he mentioned how whenever the average Joe flat out tells the government agents and/or real spies that he/she isn't a real spy and they just view that as a secret agent who is really dedicated to staying into character. Once again, Cars 2 is a perfect example of this. Whenever Mater says that he's nothing more than a tow truck, the British spy car goes "Riiiiiiight and I'm just an insurance agent. ;p" or something along those lines. And this is absurd because, it kinda shows that the people who're suppose to be world class secret agents--or worse: the people who are suppose to be running a world class spy agency--are people who tell when something obvious is right in front of them. And, as my friend said himself, any real world version of this kind of story would be the government agents heard them say they're not a spy the first time, go "Aw, f*ck" and do the whole Men In Black memory wipe thing.

And that's if they're lucky. :O_o:
Happy birthday, Abraham Lincoln. And thank you for all of the great things you've done throughout history.

Like killing all those vampires.
:squee: Ohmigosh! :squee: Ohmigosh! :squee: Ohmigosh! :squee: Ohmigosh! :squee: Ohmigosh! :squee: Ohmigosh! :squee: Ohmigosh! :squee: Ohmigosh! :squee: Ohmigosh! :squee: Ohmigosh! :squee: Ohmigosh! :squee: Ohmigosh! :squee: Ohmigosh! :squee: Ohmigosh! :squee: Ohmigosh! :squee: Ohmigosh! :squee: Ohmigosh! :squee: Ohmigosh! :squee: Ohmi--:cough: Ahem! Sorry. ^^; Kind--kinda hard to keep form here.

Hello, ladies and clues, boys and clues. This is Ruben Falcon and-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHA! I AM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW I CAN'T STAND--Slap Sorry! Sorry! I--I just--Ok, here's the deal. I know that my 2nd part of my Top 5 Nick Jr. Shows list, but I just came upon some Earth Shattering news that not only made my day, but quite possibly my year. :la:

Nickelodeon just did an announcement for a reboot of Blue's Clues! :la: And I know for a fact that that news has probably sent 1 out of 3 reactions into you guys. Either you're excited, nervous or some sort of mix of the 2. But you can pencil me down for the former. I am stoked to hear these news. Which should come to no surprise. And not just because Blue's Clues is my favorite TV show, not just on Nick Jr. but in general, but also because I'm one of the few people left on this planet that doesn't get their ass into 3 knots whenever a TV show gets rebooted or changed in general. I've been right before with how some reboots are good, like with the Magic School Bus Rides Again and I've been wrong and discovered how some reboots are flat out bad, like with Cloudy And A Chance Of Meatballs. But whether a reboot is good or bad isn't a coin flip, people. It's mostly a result of how much the creators of the reboot understand the source material. So, even with what little info we have, let's take a look at my first impressions of the Blue's Clues reboot.

Starting with the new look for Blue.

Now, like I said in my review of Blue's Clues: the show's animation had a unique style of having all of the animated characters and backgrounds look as if they were made up of arts and craft materials. Blue herself was made of a paper puppet, not unlike the characters of South Park when they started out. However, the article that I found regarding this new look, Blue looks less like a paper puppet and more like...well, like this:

She's so precious. :iconawwwplz:

I like about this look is that it feels like a mix between how Blue looked like on the orignal show and how she looked in the Blue's Room spin off series. I've gone over the spin off before, but for those who need a refresher: Blue's Room starts off with Blue discovering that she is part of some sort of prophecy involving fairies from the moon, golden keys, and a live action magical playroom where she is given the ability to talk. Yeah, I hated this spin off with ever fiber of my diet. :stare: Mainly because it pretty much mangled the show. The pacing was thrown out the window with almost every episode of Blue's Clues having to have a segment in Blue's Room, the overall prophecy has more and more holes the more you examine it and it pretty much threw out the main concept of learning through games that Blue's Clues always had and instead had the viewer play the exact same games over and over and over again.

Grant it, the live action puppets looked kinda cool. But if I've told you once, I've told you a kabillion times: if the only positive thing I can say about a show is "it looks nice", you've already lost. :unimpressed:

However, I bring Blue's Room up because, like I said before: this new look for Blue looks like they mixed her 2D look and her 3D look. She's standing on all 4's, has that cute widdle mouth and the same body shape and head like the orignal 2D look. But everything about her is furrier and detailed and looks more realistic, just like in the live action 3D look.

And it turns out this CGI look is just the beginning. Turns out, all of the animation is going to in CGI. Now, some of you are probably wondering "what the hell does the Blue's Clues creators know about CGI animation?".

The answer: a lot more than you think. :O_o:

When Blue's Clues was over, many of the show's creators went out to work on other projects. First off was Super Why: a PBS kids show about fairy tale superheroes. I've never really gone into detail about this show, so here's my opinions in 4 short works: "Yeah, I hated it." :unimpressed: And I hated it for the same reasons why I hated Blue's Room: every episode was the same, all of the interactive games were the same and it felt like the crew was trying to copy the Blue's Clues formula--with replacing clues with letters--without fully understanding what made the show fun to begin with.

Then Nickelodeon had Team Umizoomi: a show about really tiny superheroes that had math themed superpowers. And I loved this show. Mainly because it felt like Blue's Clues but with more of a plot. Every episodes would have the heroes running off to save someone or chase after a villain. And whenever the team came up to an obstacle, it would be a chance for them to use their math powers to solve it. Team Umizoomi was also a show that mixed live action characters in an animated world, just like Blue's Clues did, making the people that the team helped on a regular basis all be live action people. However, unlike Blue's Clues, Umizoomi also mixed 2D animation with CGI animation. Causing the 2 to mix in the world. And it was a great mix of styles, in my opinion. :D

Lastly is Blaze And The Monster Machine: a series that focuses on talking monster trucks and science topics. Now, this series is 100% animated--no live action people--and is completely CGI. This show started out proving that these animators can do great CGI. Especially when comes to designing new cheating gadgets for the villain, new vehicle transformations for the hero and not to mention truck based animals all over the world. This show is visually amazing in CGI. But it got even better during its current season. It's cleaner, it's sleeker, it's more detailed in certain areas like hair and lighting.

Just like what I said when Disney made that shitty Micky Mouse Clubhouse show and then made Mickey and the Roadster Racers.

So, yeah, based upon most of the shows Blue's Clues' team made after the show's orignal cancellation, I can say that this show is going to look fine. Not just from this picture alone. Although, I do love this new look for her. It reminds me a lot of this stuffed Blue doll I had ever since I was a kid. She also looks like she could pass as a Paw Patrol Pup now. :la: But in all seriousness, similar to my MSB Reboot review, I can't help but look at this as an attempt to not only emulate the original's style but also give it a more modern and unique look. And at that aspect, I say "Well done" with a gold star for animation.

But you know me and my stance with reboots, and visual medias in general, is that they can't stand on animation alone. So, let's take a look at what the show is gonna be about.

According to the article I've read on, the new series is...well, it's pretty much going to be what the orignal series was. The viewers pay a visit to Blue's house and play games while being accompanied by a live action host. And that the games will feature things like how to deal with emotions, basic math, geography, science and other topics that were featured on the show. This is pretty much what the original was. :confused:  So, in that aspect, there really isn't that much to say. However, you guys may remember that I mentioned the words "live action host", probably making you all guess if Steve is going to return. Let me answer that question with the following statements:

Auditions for the new host start later this month.

Now, I know for a fact that made a lot of you groan. Because it's going to be the same thing that happened with Steve going to college and leaving Joe behind. To which I say "grow up". :stare: Of course Steve isn't going to be the host for this reboot. Why the hell would he? The whole reason Joe existed in the first place is because Steve Burns: the actor who played Steve, wanted to pursue another career. That, and the whole balding thing, but I digress.

So, yeah, new auditions for a new Blue's Clues host have already started. And when I mentioned this news to one of the few dozen friends I talked about this, tonight alone, one said "Oh, you should audition for the show! :D". No idea whether or not she was joking, but my god, that would be a dream come true. :dummy:

However, I doubt me actually being on the show would stop the inevitable idiots who always cry during reboots nowadays. Saying about how the show is bad or different, not because of any actual qualifications, but because of bullshit standards they have. "It looks different!", "The voices are dumb!" "#mychildhooddied!" and other bullshit from such waffling idiots who think that a reboot is only going to be good if it looks, sounds and feels exactly like the show they watched decades ago when they were kids. Which, unless Nickelodeon has a, freaking, Tardis at their disposal, is flat out impossible.

I said this before during my MSB Reboot coverage and I'll say it again here: if that is your main priority of what makes a reboot good or bad, as appose to what actually makes a reboot good or bad, then you're the one who's disrespecting the creators. Not the rebooters.

In fact, I can't help but notice that I'm saying a lot of things here that I have said during my coverage of the MSB reboot. :O_o:

  • I'm excited because this is a reboot of a show I practically grew up on
  • The animation looks like the old style mixed with a new look
  • The idea of replacing the main character with a new one does not bother me
  • All of the people who whine about how the reboot is terrible, ironically, don't fully understand what made the orignal good in the first place.
And I think that's because this pretty much is that same as the MSB Reboot. I've said before that I've become a lot more open minded when it comes to the idea of reboots and spin offs more so than other people. Mainly because I'm not a critically inept fanboy, nor am I a hypocrite who whines about Teen Titans Go and Powerpuff Girls 2016 within one breath and praises Ducktales 2017 and Samurai Jack Season 5 with the next breath. However, that's not me saying that I'm positive that this going to be 100% good. Ever since I started reviewing the Equestria Girls series, I've been saying that the only verdict that matters when reviewing a show or movie is the final verdict when it eventually comes out. And you know damn well I'll watch this reboot when it comes out. But for now, I'm at least optimistic.

And before I finish this journal post, let me answer one burning question. I know a lot of you were probably expecting me to hate this news. Not because of the show's animation, or the announcement of a new host, or even because it's an overall reboot. But because the very first project I've tried to do here on was a Blue's Clues reboot of my own. And to answer that burning question, here's a quote from my personal favorite internet critic.

"That ship has sailed, realized it's forgot its keys, come back, then sailed again." - Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw, December 2014.

I've tried my best to make a reboot out of Blue's Clues for the first few years I've been here on And part of the reason why I stopped is kinda hard to explain. 

Try to follow me on this: have you ever seen that episode of iCarly where the web show gets turned into an actual TV show? And the show producers ended up making more and more changes to the web show and then the episode ends--spoiler alert for those who care--with the TV producers dropping iCarly all together and just uses the changes to make their own show? I speak no hyperbole when I say that's pretty much what happened with me. I tried to make a Blue's Clues detective series with the gang using secret spy gadgets as they found the clues to solve actual mysteries. Then I kept adding my own characters, my own villains, my own stories and before I had known it, I had dropped the whole Blue's Clues aspect all together and just decided to make my own original series on my own.

Yeah, the moment I replaced Ruben's sidekick of "Little Blue" to "Madame Rosewood", that was the moment any Blue's Clues aspect of my show died.

And, no, I don't need a pat on the back when it comes to the news of a Blue's Clues reboot. Like I've said, I'm really excited to see the reboot when it comes out. :aww: In fact, part of the reason why I stopped doing the Blue's Clues reboot is because I didn't really trust myself to make the reboot as good as the orignal. Mainly because unlike most fanbases (Looking at you, Bronies. :stare:) I don't think that my opinion on the show is more important that, say, the creators'. Or even the main demographic of the show, of which I could flat out not be in. And no, me being Blue's Clues #1 Fan doesn't make me an expert on the show. There were moments where I looked at a lot of the stories I made for the series and it was either too dark, too stupid or too full-of-plot-holes to make the final cut.

So, yeah, I trust Nickelodeon to make a better reboot of Blue's Clues much more than I ever could. Grant it, they're not using the actual mystery solving theme, but that's only because that idea is a more common than you think, but I digress.

So, yeah, again, Blue's Clues is going to be rebooted later this year. And I am really excited. Grant it, like I said, I'm not 100% sure on whether or not this is going to be good or bad. I may feel the same way here as I did with the Magic School Bus reboot, but that doesn't mean that this can't end with me being flat out disappointed with a bad final product.

And to end this with another Yahtzee quote: if that does happen, then I will remove three of my own vertebrae, curl my spine back, and eat my own arse.


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